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Panda.js - Free HTML5 game engine
Free open source HTML5 game engine for mobile and desktop with Canvas and WebGL rendering.
html  game  engine  mobile  desktop 
may 2014 by starpause
Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing and Viral Linkbait Consultant | Brent Csutoras
Brent Csutoras is an Internet Marketing Consultant who specializes in Social Media, Viral linkbait and Search Engine Marketing.
seo  viral  marketing  social  media  search  engine 
february 2009 by starpause
Flash music visualization Engine - PhobosLab
the complete Flash and ActionScript source for Venetianization. It is, potentially, a framework for simple yet very powerful and accurate music visualization movies.
flash  as3  visualization  music  engine  source 
september 2008 by starpause

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