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Online Booking and Scheduling Software Pricing | Omnify
Omnify has everything you need to run your business online. Try our platform free for 14 days
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january 2018 by starpause
The community that helps you build the app or bot of your dreams
glitch  app  slack 
march 2017 by starpause
Collaboration app for UI designers and frontend developers
collaboration  app  designer  developer  frontend  workflow  front  end 
march 2017 by starpause
Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework
Ionic makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS.
html5  framework  frontend  app  angular  angularjs  development  ios  mobile 
october 2014 by starpause
Waterlogue for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Waterlogue for iOS: iPhone and iPad. Innovative photo app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch distills photos into artistic watercolors.
ios  photography  water  color  app 
april 2014 by starpause
5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: Sencha Touch | Modus Create
Very few technologies have made such a breakthrough to bring mutually incompatible platforms together as HTML5 has. HTML5 is the most popular choice for enterprise mobile developers (Forrsights 2013) with the capacity to grow even stronger. If you are in the market for a good mobile web UI framework, you are probably overwhelmed with the […]
sencha  touch  review  mobile  app  responsive  webapp  development  js  shootout  comparison 
march 2014 by starpause

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