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Customizable API wrappers for social platforms | OpenShare
Declarative and customizable API wrappers for social networks and platforms. Zero styling, maximum flexibility. No retargeting of your users. Your data is your data.
social  sharing  widget  open  custom  facebook  js  twitter  api  tools 
august 2016 by starpause
Search Scopes (Web Developer edition) | Searchy
Collection of search scopes to quickly search through Web Development things.
search  documentation  api 
july 2016 by starpause
Free Speech-to-Text, Intent Recognition and NLP for IoT -
An API that voice-enables your device. Add speech to text or full voice interface to Android, iOS, or websites. Integration done in hours with open source SDK.
voice  enabled  conversational  interface  api  speech  text 
april 2016 by starpause
SMS API & Voice API - power your Web & Mobile Apps | Plivo
Plivo's SMS API and voice API help companies communicate with their users on a global scale to 200+ countries. Sign up for Free instantly.
sms  api  webrtc  voice  chat 
june 2014 by starpause

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