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Substance Designer - Material Creation Software
Substance Painter is a 3D Painting Software, allowing to texture, render and share
substance  designer  3d  graphics  texture  material 
january 2017 by starpause
8i | Create
8i - Making Virtual Reality Human. Our technology brings virtual experiences to life with the highest fidelity, most realistic volumetric video recordings of real people.
3d  scan  realtime  video  capture 
november 2016 by starpause
Avametric - Fashion through technology
Avametric technology enables brands to deliver accurate rendering of their apparel & accessories. The texture, shape and form of the clothes map to each and every customer.
ava  metric  3d  scan  fashion  design  shopping 
june 2016 by starpause
Yiffalicious - A dynamic yiff engine
Yiffalicious is a furry porn game and dynamic yiff engine.
yiff  furry  3d  sex  tool  anime  modeling  graphics 
april 2016 by starpause
3D Builder app for Windows in the Windows Store
Learn more about 3D Builder by Microsoft Corporation and download it from the Windows Store
3d  scanning  scan  modbod3d  modbod  codame  kinect  v2  microsoft 
march 2015 by starpause
Hentai Games (R=18) - /v/'s Recommended Games Wiki
No eroge novels (aka 'erotic visual novels') in this list: there are so many of them that we...
hentai  3d  cd  game  anime 
march 2015 by starpause
3D Printer Shootout - $600 Printrbot vs. $20,000 uPrint SE Plus - Scott Hanselman
g any other known manufacturing process. Or to actually get anything of Emmett's to print well ;P
I do agree that as far as filament FDM is concerned you are not getting all that much more as price increases, steep dim
3d  printer  comparison  contest 
february 2015 by starpause
3D Printing Adds New Dimension to Marketing | News - Advertising Age
3D printing ads new shape to campaigns from Coke, Muji, VW and more.
3d  printing  marketing  advertising 
january 2015 by starpause
3D Models To Help You Build Better, Faster! | Ghost Capital's 3D Kitbash
Ghost Capital's 3D Kitbash: Professional 3D Resources, Basic Kits, Pro Kits, 3D Art, 3D Graphics, Free 3D Models
3d  printing  model  printable  giraffe  skull  launcher  horns  monster  parts  doll  toy 
january 2015 by starpause
fantasygraph - 3D Printer Shop | MakerShop
othar 3D printer designs shop. Download 3D models for your 3D printer.
fantasygraph  3d  print  printing 
november 2014 by starpause
First Selfies, Now Shapies? Scanning Booths Capture the Moment in 3-D - Bloomberg
Those bobble-heads on your desk may soon get some competition -- from you.
3d  printing  scaning  modbod3de 
september 2014 by starpause
TWINKIND | The world´s finest 3D photo figurines
TWINKIND creates custom-made life-like 3D-printed photo figurines - 3D speed scans in Hollywood quality.
3d  scaning  scanner  model  printing  modbod3d 
september 2014 by starpause
Support - Manuals - Ultimaker
We design 3D printers for the best user experience. Imagine it, Make it, Easy.
3d  printing  software 
september 2014 by starpause
Never.. - 3D Printer Design | fantasygraph
I told you to never call me babe ! now i'm angry.
3d  print  model 
september 2014 by starpause
Avatar - Sketchfab
Sketchfab is a web service to publish and display interactive 3D models. No plugin required: upload your model, embed it, share it, done.
3d  model  upload 
september 2014 by starpause
Yobi3D - Free 3D Model Search
Yobi3D is a 3D search engine service that helps quickly find 3D models on the interenet. It also provides a 3D preview interface for you to see the models right on your WebGL enabled browsers.
3d  model  search 
august 2014 by starpause
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