Smart Helmet® - DAQRI
Supremely intelligent, highly efficient and ultra productive. A new era of workforce has arrived. DAQRI Smart Helmet® delivers real-time data based on the environment, direct to the user, enabling them to visualize and understand their world in ways never before imagined.
smart  helmet 
Dialogs modeled as finite state machines ? – Giorgio Robino – Medium
I describe briefly my small study to model chatbot conversations as a finite state machines. I present here a personal project ((dialogs)), and I also mention great aBot open-source project, but…
finite  state  machines  dialog  chatbot  conversation  flow  scripting 
Bitcoin Price with Real Time Bitcoin Chart
View the latest Bitcoin price with our interactive and live Bitcoin price chart including buy and sell volumes.
bitcoin  price  realtime  graph  charts 
4 days ago
OptionPlan | Index Ventures
Index Ventures is a Europe and San Francisco based global venture capital firm, focused on making investments in information technology companies.
opionplan  stock  options  offer  value  startup 
7 days ago
First Search
The best tactical advice in tech
firstsearch  tactical  advice  tech 
7 days ago
Pixologic :: Download Center
Find ZBrush Retailers, and stores that offer prodcuct sales, pricing and purchase.
zbrush  matcap  library  free  downloads 
8 days ago
How do I extract the matcap images from ZMT files?
I'm trying to make some matcaps using Ben Simmonds matcap generator, from blendswap, using some zmt files. I got here by following some stack exchange threads and stuff that indicated this would be possible?

Also am I correct in understanding that a matcap is basically just an image that the program uses as a reference do quick shading? If I painted over by hand in photoshop a custom matcap would that make my sculpting clay look kind of hand drawn and stuff?
matcap  zmt  zbrush  blender 
10 days ago
How Slackbot Forced Us to Work Out – Brandon Shin – Medium
As a software developer, I noticed that more and more of my days were spent sitting, and I started noticing the effects of this increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The results have been pretty neat. If…
exercise  bot  office  lifestyle  teambuilding  team  building  hot 
15 days ago
Firefox 55: first desktop browser to support WebVR – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Firefox on Windows is the first desktop browser to support the new WebVR standard (and macOS support is ready now in Nightly!) You'll find many new features for developers, as ...
firefox  vr  webvr  jordan  graffiti  hacks  blog  iota  scrawl  gif 
15 days ago
Page 11 - Body-pillow Coversあなたにぴったり添い寝するお気に入りが見つかる品揃え - BOOTH
booth  body  pillow  daki  dakimakura  cover  anime 
22 days ago
商品 > 「抱き枕中身」検索結果 | ゲーマーズオンラインショップ
gamers  online  shop  japan  daki  dakimakura  pillow  body 
23 days ago
Homemade Cannabis Lubricant: DIY Weed Lube | Wake & Bake
Heard of Foria - the cannabis lube? This DIY Whipped Weed Lube works the same way, but it's much cheaper, totally organic and a ton of fun to make... and use.
coconut  oil  lube  recipe 
april 2017
Kaiyodo [Revoltech] - Queen's Blade ‹ Lists ‹ Community - MyFigureCollection.net (Tsuki-board.net)
Kaiyodo [Revoltech] - Queen's Blade by fadester, Full Set List of Revoltech action figures.
april 2017
Noiszy | They're listening. Make some noise.
fake  data  news 
march 2017
Download Quill Burst - Functional Monster Hunter Generations prop by Agustin Flowalistik
This is my design for the Monster Hunter contest hosted by MyMiniFactory in collaboration with Raise3D and Capcom. This is my version of Quill Burst, one of the best weapons available in Monster Hunter Generations. 
The videogame's weapon is approximately 2 meters long. I decided to make my own version, keeping the same shape but with a real world size. The best thing about this design is that IT'S A FUNCTIONAL PROP!
I've made a video explaining how I designed, adapted it to 3D print...
monster  hunter  monsterhunter  gun  quill  properties 
march 2017
Vue.js - Intuitive, Fast and Composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces.
vuejs  vue  framework  progressive  riotjs  reactjs 
march 2017
VRList - WebVR experiences
VRList curates the best WebVR experiences. Explore virtual reality on the web.
vrlist  webvr  experiences 
march 2017
The Summit Account | Aspiration
With Summit you can earn more with a high interest rate, gain peace of mind with no monthly service fees and get free access to any ATM in the world.
digital  banking  good  experience 
march 2017
Holacracy – A complete system for self-organization
The traditional hierarchy is reaching its limits, but “flat management” alternatives lack the rigor needed to run a business effectively. Holacracy is a third-way: it brings structure and discipline to a peer-to-peer workplace.
structural  organization  management  business 
march 2017
The community that helps you build the app or bot of your dreams
glitch  app  slack 
march 2017
Collaboration app for UI designers and frontend developers
collaboration  app  designer  developer  frontend  workflow  front  end 
march 2017
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