Google Fonts + 한국어 • Google Fonts + Korean
Great typography makes the web more beautiful, fast, and open. Using machine learning and the latest web standards, Google Fonts now offers the open source Korean fonts showcased in this website.
font  awesome  typography  cool 
11 days ago
TinEye Labs - Color Extraction Lab
TinEye is a reverse image search engine. Search by image: Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web.
codame  color  pallet 
22 days ago
Supplyframe Sourcing Intelligence
Accelerating Hardware Innovation. Delivering the best information, tools and technology to millions of engineers around the world. Changing the way new hardware products are designed and built.
sourcing  information  electronics 
27 days ago
AWS Tips I Wish I'd Known Before I Started - W(e)blinks
A collection of random tips for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that I wish I'd been told a few years ago, based on what I've learned by building and deploying various applications on AWS.
aws  tips  advice  administration 
27 days ago
SageThe13th's most recent Flickr photos | Picssr
Browse this user's recent photos tagged lego, mecha, frame and more! Picssr is a new & refreshing way to browse Flickr photos!
29 days ago
Game Boy Zero - Handheld Edition from Gameboy Zero on Tindie
Game Boy Zero - Handheld Edition from Gameboy Zero on Tindie
gameboy  zero 
4 weeks ago
Playscii by JP LeBreton
An open source ASCII-based art, animation, and game creation tool.
ascii  art  converter  generator  beautiful 
5 weeks ago
Wantonbot - Gustavo Huber
Tiny snail-size robot who just wants to find a dark place to rest.
artist  discovery 
5 weeks ago
Jalaka Dual Collection – Jalaka USA
Jalaka Dual Collection Free shipping on all U.S. and Canada orders
phone  stand  shopping 
6 weeks ago
ShakaCode Open Source
We build web and mobile applications using React, React-Native, and Ruby on Rails.
shakacode  resources  opensource  projects 
8 weeks ago
Nanobox - Get Your Head Out of the Cloud. Any App, Anywhere.
Simple app deployment and management. Run a modern cloud infrastructure with power and peace of mind.
devops  deployment  application  management 
8 weeks ago
ChordChord: Chord Progression Generator
ChordChord is the best chord progression generator for your future songs! Generate progressions with one click...
chord  progression  finder  generator 
8 weeks ago
A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web.
blotter  javascript  text  effects  web 
9 weeks ago
Free Sample Packs Archives - TriSamples
Download free sample packs to use in your music productions in genres like Hip-hop, Trap, Future Bass & much more. Created especially by TriSamples
free  download  sample  package 
10 weeks ago
Orchestral Hits Sound Pack | SoundPacks.com
Orchestral Hits Sound Pack is a library of orchestral hit samples I have saved for a hip-hop track I was making, but never finished it. These high quality
orchestral  hits  sound  pack 
10 weeks ago
Electro Hop Hop Loops Acid Loops Apple Loops Recycle Loops | FL Studio, Fruityloops, Reason, Wav, MPC + MORE!
Professional Sample Libraries, Samples, Sounds, Beats, Loops & Music Tools for Musicians Worldwide!
electro  sample  kitchen 
10 weeks ago
Original Business Cards | Unique & Creative Designs | MOO
Are you looking to make a statement or spruce up your branding? Our original business card designs will create a great first impression. | MOO (United States)
original  business  cards 
10 weeks ago
Moe Market Dakimakura Store
Online Dakimakura Japanese Anime Toy Store
moemarket  dakimakura 
11 weeks ago
Custom Made Dakimakura Hugging Pillow Cover
<ul> <li>
<B>Color:</B> Your Provided Picture</li> <li>
<B>Packaging:</B> Individual packing with plastic bag</li> <li>
<B>Note:</B> Only Pillow Cover - Pillow body sold separately, Price include printing on both sides, pillow cover with zipper o
custom  cover  printing  dakimakura 
11 weeks ago
Amazon | 抱き枕 CMD9000 ハイクラス (160cm × 50cm) - COMODOオリジナル [日本製] | アニメ・萌えグッズ 通販
抱き枕 CMD9000 ハイクラス (160cm × 50cm) - COMODOオリジナル [日本製]ほかアニメ・萌えグッズが勢ぞろい。ランキング、レビューも充実。アマゾンなら最短当日配送。
comodo  dakimakura  pillow 
12 weeks ago
conferCal – Conference Calendar
An easier way to find creative and tech conferences.
conference  calendar 
12 weeks ago
Discord Bots
Discord Bots - Supercharge your Discord servers through our diverse directory for Discord bots.
discord  bot  list 
12 weeks ago
Easy guide on how to lvl up - Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Message Board for Xbox 360 - GameFAQs

The easiest way to lvl up is to play Story on Nightmare with the first 4 characters, and Arcade on Nightmare difficulty with everyone else. All you have to do is try to get as far as you can, collect all the red gems and then you'll probably die with a weak character.

In story mode, you get to skill up after each lvl or when you die, so the first 4 should be done in no time.

In Arcade, you have to go to the skill up menu, so do that each time you die (sorry for being basic but you...
phantom  breakers  howto 
january 2018
12 Best window managers for Windows as of 2018 - Slant

AquaSnap Window Manager: dock, snap, tile, organize your screen
window  manager  windows  divvy  aquasnap  spectacle 
january 2018
Online Booking and Scheduling Software Pricing | Omnify
Omnify has everything you need to run your business online. Try our platform free for 14 days
meditation  app  studio 
january 2018
Music Visualisation Video Creator | Renderforest
Upload your music tracks and create professional audio visualiser videos which you can use on youtube and other video sites.
automatic  music  video  creator 
january 2018
Make A Box
Create a perfect design for your laser-cut box of any dimensions, and save it to your computer as a PDF, instantly and for free! Sides snap into each other using automatically created notches. Use acrylic, wood, or any other material that can be cut with a laser-cutter.
parametric  box  generator  laser  cutter 
january 2018
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