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Detect and disconnect WiFi cameras in that AirBnB you're staying in
Published: Fri 18 December 2015 By Julian Oliver In Log. tags: Linux Networking Privacy Context There have been a few too many stories lately of
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december 2015 by stantont
FreedomBox Foundation
We're building software for smart devices whose engineered purpose is to work together to facilitate free communication among people, safely and securely, beyond the ambition of the strongest power to penetrate. They can make freedom of thought and information a permanent, ineradicable feature of the net that holds our souls.
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december 2013 by stantont
What is FreedomBox?

Email and telecommunications that protects privacy and resists eavesdropping
A publishing platform that resists oppression and censorship.
An organizing tool for democratic activists in hostile regimes.
An emergency communication network in times of crisis.
FreedomBox will put in people's own hands and under their own control encrypted voice and text communication, anonymous publishing, social networking, media sharing, and (micro)blogging.
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december 2013 by stantont
A project to help users self-host their websites, email, files and more. Decentralize your web and reclaim your privacy rights while keeping the conveniences you need.
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december 2013 by stantont
Securing an Ubuntu Server «
In this post, we are going to meet the security challenge in with multi-pronged effort that will include: system analysis, changing settings for additional hardening against attack, installing a firewall maintenance system, scanning for rootkits, and offering a regular maintenance regimen.
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march 2011 by stantont

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