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South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club
Powerlifting & Olympic lifting gym in Gowanus area in Brooklyn
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december 2013 by stantont
Franz Kafka, J.P. Müller: The exercise system that swept Europe in the early 1900s. (VIDEO) - By Sarah Wildman - Slate Magazine
Born in Asserballe, Denmark in 1866, J.P. Müller was, for a time, as famous as that other Danish export, Hans Christian Anderson. Maybe more. At the turn of the last century, Müller's wildly popular cult of physical fitness swept Mitteleuropa, turning parlor-sitting dandies from Copenhagen to Berlin to London into ironmen. Müller's My System was published first in 1904 as little more than a long, bound pamphlet graced with an image of the Greek athlete Apoxyomenos naked and toweling himself. The exercise guide, which promised that just "15 minutes a day" of prescribed* exercise would make "weaklings" into strong men (and women), was ultimately translated into 25 languages, reprinted dozens of times, and sold briskly well into the 20th century.
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