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Scalable PostgreSQL with Real-Time Analytics | Citus Data
Citus transforms PostgreSQL into a distributed database for demanding big data applications, delivering a unique combination of massively parallel analytics and real-time reads/writes
database  postgresql  scalability  performance 
march 2016 by stantont
DailyJS: LevelDB and Node: What is LevelDB Anyway?
This article will cover the LevelDB basics and internals to provide a foundation for the next two articles. The second and third articles will cover the core LevelDB Node libraries: LevelUP, LevelDOWN and the rest of the LevelDB ecosystem that’s appearing in Node-land.
database  nodejs  javascript  leveldb 
may 2013 by stantont
Sundry MySQL Scripts and Docs
Includes script to create config recommendations.
mysql  database  sys-admin 
january 2012 by stantont

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