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Oil industry legend Rich Kinder thinks we're in a 'sky is falling' market that makes no sense
REUTERS/Richard Carson Rich KinderIt seems that stocks have been plummeting on a crashing wave of bad news all year. First it was China fears. Then oil prices. Then European banks. It's as if every
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february 2016 by stantont
Employee Equity is Broken, Here's Our Fix - Amplitude
Equity compensation for startup employees is broken. Ownership of a company is supposed to be one of the biggest upsides of joining an early stage startup, but it
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december 2015 by stantont
The 6 most influential business books of 2015 - Business Insider #SmartNews
Ruben Sprich/Reuters"Unfinished Business" author Anne-Marie Slaughter.The Financial Times and McKinsey & Co. collaborated for their eleventh annual Business Book Awards and announced…
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september 2015 by stantont
Million-Dollar One-Person Businesses Allen Walton, 27, lives a life many Americans can only dream of: He is on track for seven-figure revenue in a business that has been a one-man show until very…
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august 2015 by stantont
How the No-Management Trend Could Disrupt Everything
It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time when silicon valley companies did not serve free meals to employees.  Back in the first .com boom, even lunch was not a typical perk and…
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july 2015 by stantont
TMBA281: An Episode For Those Who Like to Read
books that I think people might enjoy reading for inspiration or pleasure
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february 2015 by stantont
Holacracy | Social Technology for Purposeful Organization
Holacracy is a real-world-tested social technology for agile and purposeful organization. It radically changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed.
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august 2013 by stantont
Project Blowfish: Look like the brand you want to be — Tech News and Analysis
Call it the enterprise startup conundrum: how do you earn legitimacy if no one will give you an opportunity to become legitimate? The enterprise world is different from the consumer world: barriers to entry are higher, switching costs away from incumbents are bigger, and the risks for failure (for both buyers and sellers) are greater. And while there’s definitely no single right answer, an enterprise startup that can’t crack this conundrum is a dead enterprise startup.
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october 2011 by stantont
Document Driver | Founder's Workbench
Document Driver — our legal document generation solution — will allow you to produce the following suite of documents to form your start-up as a Delaware corporation:
* Certificate of Incorporation
* Consent of Sole Incorporator
* Subscription Letters
* Founder Stock Restriction Agreement
* Contribution and Assignment Agreement
* Bylaws
* Consent of Board of Directors
* Common Stock Certificates
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october 2010 by stantont

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