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I recommended “BREAKING NEWS: Second Anonymous Op-Ed by Senior WH Official Published” on @Medium https://ift.tt/2ObRYlo
8 days ago
Trump Is Turning the Enemies of Civil Liberties into Liberal Heroes
I recommended “Trump Is Turning the Enemies of Civil Liberties into Liberal Heroes” on @Medium https://ift.tt/2MfdR1A
11 days ago
Baidu has created a 'no code' platform to make building AI models easier - SiliconANGLE
Hoping to make up ground in the hotly contested artificial intelligence battleground, Chinese Internet giant Baidu Inc. is releasing a tool that … via Tech and Science https://ift.tt/2Jna5qr
IFTTT  Tech  and  Science 
17 days ago
Fasting, Intermittent or Otherwise, Will Destroy You
I recommended “Fasting, Intermittent or Otherwise, Will Destroy You” on @Medium https://ift.tt/2Nc93P1
17 days ago
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