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Matthew Wilkens, "Digital Humanities," Graduate, Notre Dame
This course focuses on new methods and new objects in cultural and literary study and ways to use tools to make arguments. It opens with media theory but spends most of the course using tools to make arguments on large bodies of text.
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Anouk Lang, "Introduction to Digital Humanities," Undergraduate, University of Strathclyde
This course gives an introduction to the digital humanities by evaluating what that term means, what tools count as digital humanities tools, what is the usefulness of those tools, etc. It promotes itself as a "hands-on" course.
2012  EnglishDept  DigitalHumanities  sstutsmansyllabi  undergraduate  WhatIsDigitalHumanities?  MarcPerry  PatriciaCohen  SusanHockney  MatthewKirschenbaum  ChrisForster  SocialNetworking  GoogleNgram  datamining  GregoryCrane  TedUnderwood  JeanBaptisteMichelEtAl  distantreading  FrancoMoretti  maps  DavidBodenhamer  NicholasCarr  literacy  tools  hypertext  RobertDarnton 
april 2013 by sstutsman

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