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Ryan Cordell, "Technology of Texts," Undergraduate, Northeastern University
This undergraduate class is structured by questions of: what is the book? what is text? how does the digital change this? in what ways does it remain the same? It also briefly teaches digital tools that students can use to help make sense of the literary texts they might encounter.
sstutsmansyllabi  undergraduate  2012  EnglishDept  NewMedia  AlanLiu  Plato  TimCarmody  JohnWard  MarshallMcLuhan  WhatIsTheBook?  tools  WalterOng  Bede  Chaucer  html  StephenFry  PeterStallybrass  ElizabethEisenstein  TEI  WilliamBlake  illuminatedprinting  SocialNetworking  identity  DavidHenkin  Emily  Dickinson  MereditchMcGill  NathanielHarthorne  JamesGleick  Thoreau  Art  WalterBenjamin  StephenRamsey  JorgeLuisBorges  FrancoMoretti  TSEliot  hypertext  historyofthebook 
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Jim Brown, "Digital Rhetorics", Graduate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This course explores alternate means of rhetorical expression, specifically comics and videogames. In studying these spaces, the students will produce their own rhetorical artifacts.
DigitalHumanities  EnglishDept  graduate  sstutsmansyllabi  comics  gaming  SharonCrowley  Rhetoric  IanBogost  ScottMcCloud  2012 
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Jim Brown, "Writing and Coding: Composition, Computation, and New Media Studies," Undergraduate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This courses teaches undergraduates what it means to write with different modes of expression, namely games and algorithm. They learn to author interactive fictions as well as explore the rhetoric of video games.
sstutsmansyllabi  NewMedia  DigitalHumanities  EnglishDept  2012  composition  computerscience  literacy  gaming  Interactivity  IanBogost  DanielHills  Matsumoto  CathyDavidson 
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Matthew Wilkens, "Digital Humanities," Graduate, Notre Dame
This course focuses on new methods and new objects in cultural and literary study and ways to use tools to make arguments. It opens with media theory but spends most of the course using tools to make arguments on large bodies of text.
graduate  DigitalHumanities  sstutsmansyllabi  2012  AlexGalloway  FrancoMoretti  StephenRamsey  MatthewKirschenbaum  MarshallMcLuhan  NetworkTheory  quantitativemethods  SocialNetworking  tools  GoogleNgram  DanCohen  TanyaClement  JeromeMcGann  datamining  hypertext  Database  LevManovich  topicmodeling  TedUnderwood  visualization  MatthewJockers  EnglishDept  MatthewGold 
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Annette Vee, "Literacy and Technology," Graduate, University of Pittsburgh
This graduate class explores what it means to read and write in a digital age and the rhetorical possibilities of various new media. It encourages students to use new tools to present their ideas.
graduate  DigitalHumanities  2012  sstutsmansyllabi  EnglishDept  SeyMourPapert  ChristinaHaas  StuartSelber  LisaGitelman  literacy  engagement  historyofthebook  printingpress  ElizabethEisenstein  DavidVincent  NewMedia  visualization  composition  Rhetoric  MatthewKirschenbaum  tools  EspenAarseth  WhatisReading?  NKatherineHayles 
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William J. Turkel, "Digital History," Graduate, University of Western Ontario
This class briefly discusses many topics such as different digital tools, different visualize or create aural outputs of data and theorizes questions about inclusion, copyright, and censorship.
2012  graduate  sstutsmansyllabi  HistoryDept  DigitalHumanities  DanCohen  blogging  RoyRosenzwig  MarkUpLanguage  AllenRenear  JulieMeloni  SocialNetworking  Learning  engagement  Weitz  Visser  modeling  3d  inclusion  DigitalDivide  Access  BethanyNowviskie  Lepore  Posner  visualization  copyright  censorship  NetNeutrality  Interactivity  sound  oralhistory  gaming 
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S. Sinclair, "Reading Digital Texts," Graduate, McGill University
This course focuses on examining texts (and building a corpus to examine) with digital. It teaches programing and topic modeling.
2012  DigitalHumanities  sstutsmansyllabi  graduate  LangLitCultureDept  MatthewJockers  tools  closereading  archive  topicmodeling  datamining  visualization 
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Anouk Lang, "Introduction to Digital Humanities," Undergraduate, University of Strathclyde
This course gives an introduction to the digital humanities by evaluating what that term means, what tools count as digital humanities tools, what is the usefulness of those tools, etc. It promotes itself as a "hands-on" course.
2012  EnglishDept  DigitalHumanities  sstutsmansyllabi  undergraduate  WhatIsDigitalHumanities?  MarcPerry  PatriciaCohen  SusanHockney  MatthewKirschenbaum  ChrisForster  SocialNetworking  GoogleNgram  datamining  GregoryCrane  TedUnderwood  JeanBaptisteMichelEtAl  distantreading  FrancoMoretti  maps  DavidBodenhamer  NicholasCarr  literacy  tools  hypertext  RobertDarnton 
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Cindy Royal, "Issues in New Media," Texas State University, Graduate
This graduate course traces what it means to write and engage in a digital era, especially in correlation to social media, blogging, and alternate forms of journalism. It has multiple units exploring who owns content online and the way to prepare students for jobs in the contemporary and future landscape.
NewMedia  graduate  sstutsmansyllabi  Communication&JournalismDept  Hacker  VannevarBush  MarshallMcLuhan  Medium  Interactivity  news  SherryTurkle  HenryJenkins  convergence  HowardRheingold  SearchEngines  SocialNetworking  gaming  LawrenceLessig  copyright  NetNeutrality  Remix  Journalism  blogging  curriculum  2012 
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Rita Raley, "Bookwork after New Media," Graduate, UC Santa Barbara
This course, which blends new media, digital humanities, and history of the book, primarily addresses the question of: what is the book in relation to new media and our contemporary moment? How does our current levels of attention and expectations align with various media, specifically the book?
NewMedia  sstutsmansyllabi  graduate  EnglishDept  Interactivity  ArtistBooks  JessicaPressman  JuliaPanko  NKatherineHayles  JohannaDrucker  WhatIsTheBook?  SteveTomasula  MarkDanielewski  GarrettStewart  AlanLiu  remediation  LeahPrice  LisaGitelman  BonnieMak  AlbertoManguel  Screen  JosephEsposito  RobertMoor  CraigMod  CaitlinFisher  Attention  CathyDavidson  WilliamBogard  JonathanCrary  NetworkedBooks  GaryHall  KathleenFitzpatrick  2012 
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Kevin Michael Foster, "Black Studies in the Age of New Media," Undergraduate, University of Texas at Austin
This class primarily concerns itself with the study of identity, privacy, and ethics in relation to new media, audience participation, and social networking.
AfricanStudiesDept  sstutsmansyllabi  Foster  undergraduate  Communities  identity  SocialNetworking  audience  ParticipatoryCulture  DigitalDivide  CrowdSourcing  2012  NewMedia 
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Stephanie Bluestein, "Seminar in New Media," Graduate, California State University
This class briefly addresses ethical questions concerning audience participation in media and news and spends a great deal of time learning how to use new media tools in relation to online journalism.
2012  graduate  Communication&JournalismDept  tools  audience  ethics  multimedia  mashup  news  blogging  SocialNetworking  consumers  MobileComputing  NewMedia  NewMediaForms  Journalism  JamesFaust  sstutsmansyllabi 
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Lance Weiler, "New Media Producing: Building StoryWorlds," Undergraduate, Columbia University
In this course, Weiler focuses on teaching and practicing l tools that will help students create transmedia or cross-media stories. He extends this course online at
sstutsmansyllabi  2012  NewMedia  LanceWeiler  immersion  OpenSource  transmedia  storytelling  business  failure  PeterSims  HenryJenkins  undergraduate 
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