The scientists persuading terrorists to spill their secrets | News | The Guardian
»Expert interrogators know torture doesn’t work – but until now, nobody could prove it. By analysing hundreds of top-secret interviews with terror suspects, two British scientists have revolutionised the art of extracting the truth.«
16 days ago
Natalie Czech, Critics' Bouquets
Cool exhibit and all-round nice work with a book etc.
4 weeks ago
A Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes - Vox
Nice way of calling someone an asshole:

»Sean Illing:
Well, I’m not going to call the president an asshole here, but I will say that he’s checking all the asshole boxes you’ve set forth in this book.

Robert Sutton:
Yeah, I won't call him one either, but I agree with your assessment.«
assholes  book 
5 weeks ago
Engineer With No Soul - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2017-09-13
»… this was, I won’t feel so bad when I motivate him with emotional abuse.«
8 weeks ago
Intelligent Tracking Prevention | WebKit
I like the anti-tracking sprit and enjoy that it makes creepy ad-people scream a little. (whatever Apple’s motivation behing this may be … let’s see where it takes us)
8 weeks ago
Crossref DOI display - Crossref
Interesting: DOI should now be displayed as links. With a shorter domain name and https no less.
10 weeks ago
Agnes Denes - documenta 14
Quite good »old« art for design/geometry lovers at this year’s documenta
documenta  art 
12 weeks ago
Roee Rosen - documenta 14
Definitely among the favourites at this documenta
12 weeks ago
Apple: Ein Song ohne Töne steht in den iTunes-Charts | ZEIT ONLINE
An attempt to work around a problem in iOS Bluetooth handling which Also drove me mad in some rental cars. Still doesn't solve the problem you have when needing the connection for navigation I guess.
ios  bluetooth  bug 
august 2017
#HPF17 Time Table
Nice web-based mobile friendly readable timetable for Haldern 2107. (The official PDF is none of the above … as far as I can tell neither readable on screen nor when printed with a crappy printer)
august 2017
xkcd: Emoji Movie
Love the Unicode references they have in xkcd.
unicode  cartoon  fun 
july 2017
SUPERLOON: Flos floor lamp model
Probably the first time I saw a LED lamp and thought »oh that’s nice bright light«.

At least you’ll get something when paying north of €3500 for a lamp.
june 2017
Vitra | Akari 10A
Japanese Paper lamp by Isamu Noguchi
design  lamp 
june 2017
xkcd: Refresh Types
Ctrl-Shift-Hyper-Esc-R-F5 – Remotely cycles Power to Data Center
june 2017
Recycling: Voll daneben | ZEIT ONLINE
Reflects my impression that in the past decade – despite not (consciously) changing what I eat – the volume of trash I need to carry out seems to have increased. Unfortunately the article lacks an explanation why this is happening.
monkey  business  trash  lang:de 
may 2017
Leitkultur: Komplimente an den Hund | ZEIT ONLINE
Fantastic stream of consciousness on what is »German«.
lang:de  germany 
may 2017
Close Encounters of The Java Memory Model Kind
Whew, crazy stuff in that JVM … and a lot more complexity than one would hope for. Go, immutability!
may 2017
Content Security Policy CSP Reference & Examples
Seems like a good idea to ensure more technical integrity in websites.
web  w3c 
march 2017
Johnny-Five: The JavaScript Robotics & IoT Platform
node Library for tiny computers and their hardware
march 2017
Tessel 2
Mini computer with pins, supported by node libraries.
march 2017
Let’s Stop Ascribing Meaning to Code Points - In Pursuit of Laziness
Good points about font rendering, vs editing, vs the underlying codepoints in Unicode strings and their encodings.
unicode  via:jerakeen 
march 2017
Vomiting Emoji
for us Unicode lovers
unicode  fun  cartoon 
march 2017
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