Little date commands redux - All this
March 16, 2015 at 3:50 PM by Dr. Drang Back in December, I wrote a short utility called ago, which calculated the number of days between a date given on the command line and today. It’s been…
programming-languages  perl  programming  logic 
11 days ago
MultiMarkdown Quicklook plugin 1.1
MultiMarkdown 4.7 was recently released, and I decided it was time to catch my Quicklook plugin up with it. This version of the MultiMarkdown QuickLook plugin allows for custom styling when…
11 days ago
Estimates? We Don’t Need No Stinking Estimates! — Backchannel — Medium
Should software developers stop trying to estimate how long their work takes? In @backchannel I look at #noestimates
27 days ago
Graylog.org | Enterprise Log Analysis
Store Any Data. Any Format. Create your own extractors or choose from our vast community library. Process
logging  graylog 
4 weeks ago
Six Colors: How I stopped using RSS and didn't even notice
Here's @GlennF writing about how he's abandoned RSS. I'm right there with him!
8 weeks ago
LibreBoard is an open-source kanban board that let you organize things in cards, and cards in lists. You can use it alone, or with your team and family thanks to our real-time synchronisation…
8 weeks ago
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