Launching in 2015: A Certificate Authority to Encrypt the Entire Web | Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF, Mozilla, Cisco, and Akamai are launching Let's Encrypt, a certificate authority to encrypt the entire Web
3 days ago
How I Track My Expenses: Next for iPhone and iPad – MacStories
In March, I started using Next by @noidentityApps. Eight months later, my review:

How I Track My Expenses
3 days ago
The Nerds on Draft Podcast [Link]
The Nerds on Draft Podcast [Link]

My friend Jeff Hunsberger runs TechnologyNotes.net, works in software development and is a complete and utter nerd like me. A lot of our conversations end up focusing on the geeky stuff we love, like computers, iPhones, pens and the sociology experiment that we call the Internet. We also both love craft beer and home brewing.

Since we like to talk about this stuff, we decided to get coordinated and record a new weekly show called Nerds on Draft. Each show focuses on craft beer and our general nerdy infatuations.

It's hard to believe, but Apple approved this podcast in one day. Here's the iTunes link.

The show will be weekly and released on Monday nights. The first episode is up now and we drink two of the best Double IPAs around while talking about mobile computing.
NOD  blog 
4 weeks ago
Evernote - Packages - Package Control
An awesome Sublime Text package for Evernote users.
blogit  sublime  evernote  sublimetext 
4 weeks ago
A command-line tool for displaying the CPU temperature, fan speeds and battery information on your Mac, all at once or separately (great for GeekTool, Übersicht, etc.).
osx  status  blogit  ruby 
4 weeks ago
Tiny Robot Software
Cool little utility for Yosemite that pipes input from the command line to a visual selection and returns output to STDOUT.
yosemite  blogit  cli 
4 weeks ago
How to Clean Install OS X Yosemite
How to Clean Install OS X Yosemite
5 weeks ago
Stock Up
Search the best free stock photo websites in one place.
5 weeks ago
Release Material Design Icons · google/material-design-icons · GitHub
We've open-sourced 750 Material Design icons, now available in SVG, PNG & as Spritesheets
5 weeks ago
How to make a bootable OS X 10.10 Yosemite installer drive | DanFrakes.com
First post on the blog: How to make a bootable Yosemite installer drive: (custom theme on the way…)
5 weeks ago
cli 1password
6 weeks ago
A Home Maintenance Checklist: An Incredibly Handy Tool to Keep Your House in Tip-Top Shape | The Art of Manliness
"Just like regular oil changes for your car keep your engine happy and healthy, keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks will keep you from future headaches and wasted money."
maintenance  diy  home 
6 weeks ago
Experience Plastc | Home | Plastc
Super duper cool. “@greenstuff: The future of our wallets looks super cool: ”
6 weeks ago
xlwings - Make Excel Fly!
instead of VB in spreadsheets
excel  python 
8 weeks ago
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