Six Colors: How I stopped using RSS and didn't even notice
Here's @GlennF writing about how he's abandoned RSS. I'm right there with him!
4 days ago
LibreBoard is an open-source kanban board that let you organize things in cards, and cards in lists. You can use it alone, or with your team and family thanks to our real-time synchronisation…
4 days ago
Sqawk - an Awk-like program that uses SQL and can combine data from multiple files
Sqawk is an Awk-like program that uses SQL and can combine data from many files. It is powered by SQLite. Usage sqawk [options] query < filename sqawk [options] query filename1 [filename2 ...]…
shell  minimalism  sqlite  programming  opensource  sql  interesting  toolkit 
11 days ago
District Data Labs - Simple CSV Data Wrangling with Python
I wanted to write a quick post today about a task that most of us do routinely but often think very little about - loading CSV (comma-separated value) data into Python. This simple action has a…
ETL  data_cleaning  python  csv 
11 days ago
Using Python to Parse Spreadsheet Data
When you work on web applications for large organizations and enterprises, I am sure you have faced this unique problem. Organizations often store data in spreadsheets and you need to provide an…
excel  python  data  ETL 
11 days ago
How to get ETL horribly wrong
ETL ( Extract, transform, load) doesn't have to be like a spell on hell. To make a success of  ETL systems, you need the freedom and ability to make graceful U-turns when you detect a mistake in…
ETL  sql  database 
18 days ago
Home - parsley - GitHub
"a simple language for extracting structured data from web pages"
text  web  programming 
18 days ago
Turf: GIS for web maps | Mapbox
turf: gis for web maps, see what @morganherlocker's been cooking at @mapbox
5 weeks ago
Sublime Text as a Multi-Tool
Sublime Text as a Multi-Tool

A couple of nice posts about Sublime Text over at TechnologyNotes. I use the heck out of Sublime Text, because it's ubiquitous and powerful.

In Jeff's posts, he highlights his awkward dance with Sublime Text and how he settled into it by replacing a bunch of other applications. That's a pretty good reason to make the move. His write-up of using Sublime Text for task management describes more or less how I do it.

The Filter Lines plugin for Sublime is a major bonus. I love the Fold by functionality. Instead of filtering the text by tags, it simply folds all other text to hide it except for lines that match the search terms.

I also really like the HighlightWords and Persistent Regex Highlight plugins. The Persistent package uses some simple settings to set a lot of callouts. One nice thing about using it in Sublime Text is that the highlights work in any text file if it applies.

"regex": [{
"pattern": "(@waiting|@hold)",
"color": "00CD09",
"ignore_case": false

The HighlightWords package is more of a quick and dirty way to highlight some text. It supports simple string matching or regular expression matching. I use it for a variety of things, including quickly flagging tags.

There are certainly gaps with the plain text task management approach when compared to a platform like OmniFocus. Everything to do with active alerts is harder with plain text files. Dates work fine in TaskPaper if you stay on top of your list. But, if you need a reminder to get something done, then that reminder needs to be set in another application.

After many months with the TaskPaper format, I've come to appreciate the separation between a project outline and the alerts that enable the work. Or at least that's what I tell myself. Managing large projects in the latest versions of OmniFocus is too much effort but handling small collections of tasks is effective. I miss the fluidity of working in the old OmniFocus but shifting to plain text has improved many more aspects in my daily entry and review. I still really love the ease of mixing notes and tasks in plain text.

I'm anxiously waiting to see how this experiment works out for Jeff. I'm positive I'll hear about it.
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5 weeks ago
Workflow Tips for Beginners
I’ve been tinkering with Workflow for the past few days to see how much tasks I can automate with it. Surprisingly only a few workflows I’ve created manage to stay in the setup. Since…
@tips  @workflows 
5 weeks ago
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