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K3OS: A Kubernetes OS Distro for Edge Computing - The New Stack
On the heels of its release of k3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution designed for the edge, Rancher Labs has announced an accompanying operating system called k3OS.

The k3OS preview release is available with support for x86 and ARM64. With k3OS, Kubernetes cluster configuration and the underlying OS configuration are defined with the same declarative syntax as other Kubernetes resources, meaning both can be managed together.
k8s  kubernetes  light  weight  distro 
april 2019 by sschank
Getting Started with Microservices using Go, gRPC and Kubernetes - Outcrawl
This article aims to provide a simple introduction to building microservices in Go, using gRPC, and deploying them to a Kubernetes cluster. It shows how to set up two containerized, scalable services, talking to each other using request/response mechanism.
go  grpc  kubernetes  k8s  microservice 
february 2019 by sschank
Linkerd is a service mesh that adds reliability, security, and visibility to cloud native applications
service  mesh  kubernetes  k8s 
july 2018 by sschank
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