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5 weeks ago
Let’s have a good-faith argument about socialism - The Washington Post
I think it makes sense to think of socialism on a spectrum, with countries and policies being more or less socialist, rather than either/or. It’s fair to say, for example, that single-payer health care is a more socialist policy than private, market-based health care. But that doesn’t mean that single-payer is the most socialist health-care policy one could dream up, nor that any country that uses such a system is de facto socialist. Certain policies will lean more in the direction of decommodification and social or cooperative ownership of certain goods, and others will incline toward commodifying certain goods and relying on market devices to decide their distribution. Along these axes, we can determine whether policies are more or less socialist.
8 weeks ago
There Is No Such Thing as a Smart City - The Atlantic
AI facial recognition into all the town’s police security cameras.
11 weeks ago
Bill McKibben: Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing - Rolling Stone
Policy to address "predatory delay"
The planetary futurist Alex Steffen calls this tactic "predatory delay, the deliberate slowing of needed change to prolong a profitable but unsustainable status quo that will be paid by other people eventually." It's not confined to the moneybags at the oil companies and the utilities – he's written extensively about the otherwise-liberal urbanites in his home state of California. "A lot of cities are happy to talk about providing their power cleanly, but reducing cars, densifying, spending on bike paths, raising building standards – those things are all so contentious they're not even discussed." Ditto the folks who block windmills out of fear of chopping birds, thus helping lock in the next great mass extinction.
february 2018
Millennials Want a Third Political Party, Poll Shows | National News | US News
By affiliation, independents and Democratic or Democratic-leaning millennials were more likely to think a third party is needed at roughly 75 percent each, while 67 percent of Republicans or Republican leaners agreed.
february 2018
Why America Is Stuck With Only Two Parties | New Republic
Thus, there were very few barriers to entry: Candidates didn’t have to petition to appear on a ballot, and new parties were free to endorse candidates from the more major parties, so their nominees ran less risk of being labeled spoilers. Essentially, parties could contest for power just as soon as they had backers and supporters.
february 2018
Priced out no more: how a London community defied gentrification | New Internationalist
Community Land Trusts, or CLTs, are a radical form of community housing whereby the community acquires land (usually from the local authority), and then offers homes at genuinely affordable long-term leases, linked to median local salaries rather than market value.
american_socialism  housing 
january 2018
ICE has struck a deal to track license plates across the US - The Verge
It started with poor people. The 21st century had proven that digital surveillance would be prototyped on America's undefined lowest caste. The policy came for the middle class once the algorithmic inquiries were well trained.
january 2018
It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech | WIRED
policy around dissemination of information--working group perhaps?
american_socialism  democracy 
january 2018
Big tech is built on predatory pricing. Why aren’t we talking about it?
Policy on regulating multiple business lines to prop each other up

Instead a look at these numbers suggests that he’s using AWS to try and fund monopolisation of an e-commerce company.

Here’s the thing: that’s a practice which is largely illegal. It’s called predatory pricing and companies do it to try and create artificial markets.
january 2018
Washington Monthly | How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us
Thanks to the U.S. government’s laissez-faire approach to regulation, the internet platforms were able to pursue business strategies that would not have been allowed in prior decades. No one stopped them from using free products to centralize the internet and then replace its core functions. No one stopped them from siphoning off the profits of content creators. No one stopped them from gathering data on every aspect of every user’s internet life. No one stopped them from amassing market share not seen since the days of Standard Oil. No one stopped them from running massive social and psychological experiments on their users. No one demanded that they police their platforms. It has been a sweet deal.
american_socialism  tech 
january 2018
America, They’re Stealing Your Wages – Civic Skunk Works
As Nick Hanauer explained in 2015, stock buybacks are one of the biggest levers through which the top one percent keeps money out of the hands of working Americans. By repurchasing huge swaths of stock from shareholders, he argued, corporations ensure that “trillions of dollars of windfall profits are being sucked out of the real economy and into a paper asset bubble, inflating share prices while producing nothing of tangible value.”
january 2018
American Democracy Is an Easy Target – Foreign Policy
Instead of looking to punish attackers, policymakers need to start thinking about strengthening the system of democracy itself.

In America, more than in most other Western countries, there is a basic failure of democratic knowledge. In a well-functioning democracy, citizens agree broadly on facts and have some trust in the democratic system, allowing democracy to harness different perspectives and put them to good use. In America, in contrast, distrust and profound disagreements over facts have led to a kind of crisis of democratic knowledge that leaves democracy open to outside manipulation.

Over the last two decades, the common knowledge of American democracy has been undermined.
january 2018
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