Knowledge Manager - Idealist
In this role, you will have the opportunity to learn about design and innovation techniques from seasoned design professionals, help us shape and plan innovation projects for success, and learn the ins and outs of the strategic and operational aspects of innovation projects. 
8 weeks ago
Operations & Development Assistant - Idealist
requires spanish, but has a bunch of interesting ideas and concepts
8 weeks ago
The Zuckerberg Follies | Dave Denison
To be political is to be engaged, to have a stake. To remove yourself from having a stake is to be apolitical. Facebook demands political responses. And these—I hate to even use the word boycotts—these soft, individualistic removals, or recusals, are not boycotts. They’re not politically organized; they’re not intended to deny a powerful force something valuable in a systematic way, they don’t really put pressure on anybody who matters. They’re simply self-satisfying moves. They’re acts of moral indignation and not relevant political actions.
9 weeks ago
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