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Normal for Us
I want a whole family to have special relationship. It can be John, Mary, Sam (4-6) and Dean (9-12), Adam (2-3) and Jo (a few months).

Sex for them is something normal, they doing this with each other all the time. Sam and Dean sometimes are too lazy to wear anything.
I want Sam to lay naked on the sofa, watching tv and someone (John, Dean?) start to rimming him.
I want Adam to make something with Jo, I want Mary with Adam and Dean with John.

They have really normal life, they have jobs and friends in school.
They have "special" friends too and sometimes invite them.

And they are very careful. Always, when they know that someone will come, they have a special warning sound. And soundproofed door.

And ah you can add family dog too. I'm 100% ok with bestiality.
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