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Just Between Us
Being on the receiving end of a specific sex act* makes one of the boys extremely aroused and horny but he refuses to let the other one do it to him because he finds said act nasty and embarrassing. But tonight, his brother wrestles him down and forces him to do it. Of course he loses it and begs for more.

*Suggestions: rimming, felching, fingering, spanking, anal beads, ass to mouth, sex in front of a mirror or camera, sexual position... It's more about breaking the 'no no' than about the act itself.
Please no fisting, bestiality, scat or bloodsports.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:bottom!dean  kink:wall-sex  kink:vulnerability  kink:begging  kink:mirrors 
april 2014 by spnkink_meme
Need Your Sway
PROMPT: Sam/Dean, sickness/vulnerability kink.

Dean is feverish, pink-cheeked and glassy-eyed and just kind of miserable and gross, but Sam thinks he's never been prettier. No dub-con or anything, but bonus points if Dean isn't really up to messing around but Sam puppy dog faces him into it.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:sickness  kink:vulnerability 
july 2009 by spnkink_meme

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