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Victim Blaming
Castiel breaks free from his bonds while under the effects of Rowena's curse, finds Sam, and overpowers and rapes him. Sam fights back at first, but then dissociates after he has flashbacks to the same thing happening at demon!Dean's hands when Dean broke free while Sam was curing him. When Dean comes in to rescue him, he stays in position and tells Dean he's ready for him, horrifying Dean.

Afterwards, Sam is mostly quiet and timid around Dean and Cas, but friendly. If they try to apologize, he turns it around and comforts them. It's not their fault. They weren't the first - there was Lucifer, of course, and Lucifer, and Lucifer. But before that there was Ruby, and those rednecks in Hibbing who put him in a cage afterwards, and Tyson, and maybe others before him. In his mind, it must be something in his blood, or maybe just that he's Lucifer's vessel, that calls out for others to fuck him.

Sam's surprised to find out Dean didn't realize this already - he figured he instinctively knew. He's been calling him "bitch" for years now, after all.

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Motel Porn and Guilt
Thirteen-year-old Dean is getting kind of bored with masturbating to Dad's porn. He'd really like a cute girl to suck his cock, but they're stuck out in the middle of nowhere in some shitty motel. Guess Sammy will have to do.

Dean doesn't exactly FORCE his brother to do anything - he bullies him into it instead, telling Sam that this is what brothers do for one another, and doesn't Sammy want Dean to feel good? Maybe he throws in the whole "blue balls" thing, like if Sammy doesn't give him a blow job, Dean could DIE, or at least lose his testicles permanently.

Afterwards, Dean can't believe what he's made Sammy do. Over the years, he is completely wracked with guilt over it, but Sam seems to have blocked it out of his memory. Dean wants to apologize, but he doesn't want to make Sam remember it, either. Bonus if, at some point, Sam DOES remember it.
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