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Lessons in Each Other
based on the ep. after the car crash where dean in in a coma. slightly AU.

Sam and Dean loved each other more than brothers since they were young. they start a relationship once Sam becomes legal. something happens, they break up and sam leaves for stanford.

years later, every thing happens as normal (dean comes and gets sam, jess dies, they looks for john, carcrash) except while dean and sam have been looking for their dad, they have been slowly rekindling their relationship.

sam is distraught when dean is in the coma and tells coma! dean everything; how he felt when they broke up, how he felt before the crash, how he feels now. sam wants to be with dean and he will die without him. sam doesn't know that sorta-ghost! dean is standing next to him and listening.

when dean wakes up he doesnt remember anything, but he does have this strange feeling of understanding towards sam. he understands him and forgives him (whatever happened, leaving for standford etc) and finally gets closure. they move on with their relationship and are together
fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:established-relationship  kink:coma  kink:hurt/comfort 
november 2011 by spnkink_meme

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