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Jared/Jensen - AU, Evil!Jared, dub-con, cbt, gags, bondage, nipple play
Jared wants to break Jensen to his will. He wants Jensen highly dependent on him - trained to not even be willing to take a step without looking to Jared for permission. Jared wants Jensen eating only from his hand. But most of all Jared wants Jensen submissively gratefully for any and all sexual attention Jared deems him worthy to receive that day.

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The other side of puppy play

You're choice you would be the pup.

I've been loving the puppy play stories, believe me, but I would like to see a story that focuses a little more on the puppy part of the puppy play. The pup is expecting extremely hot sex, and is completely turned on by the tail, collar, leash, etc, but the "master" doesn't do anything. The pup tries, very hard, hinting as much as possible without speech (much whining and begging ensues), but the master is trying to teach him a lesson, by showing rather than telling, treating him like a puppy, like a pet.

Once the pup gets the lesson... all bets are off, and the master decides to reward the pup for his patience. :)

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J2 Sex Class
The art of sex is taught in a school class like any other subject (this is nothing like sex ed and involves alot of hands on) by one of the J's (which ever your pref). The pupils in the class have to pair up (usual cast) and follow instructions. The other J due to their extreme hotness is chosen to demonstrate with.

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