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Jared/Jensen, Somnophilia
As above, Jared drugging Jensen so he can fuck and pose his pliable, sleeping body while filming/taking pictures.

Other bonuses include: Jared putting things in him, seeing how far open he'll stretch, prostate play, bringing him to the brink of orgasm again and again without letting him come, listening to him mewl and moan without being able to restrain his reactions, already planning to do all of this again soon, Jensen waking up sore in the morning with no clue why, and any other kinks you like.

"Could we add a beer/liquor enema, OP?
A small one, as Jensen is coming out of his haze, diluted but strong enough to have him thoroughly drunk before he passes out so Jared can continue?

And maybe Jared leaving a hickey in a very out-of-the-way place on Jensen's body, or just someplace Jensen wouldn't notice? Like... The skin between his balls and hole?"

"OP here, and all of those sound great!"

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