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Jensen/Jared Mpreg Jared, Sick Jared, Angst
This is so cliche but, oh well, I'd really love to read something like this:
Poor Jared meets rich Jensen, they date for a short time, fall in love, have sex and happy BUT Jensen's parents don't like Jared because he doesn't have money. So Jared goes back to his family, then find out he's pregnant but Jensen never finds out about the baby util one day when Jensen sees a boy buying a gift for his sick daddy.
I don't care how but Jensen finds out that this boy is his son and that Jared is sick(serious illness, please)and doesn't have money for a proper treatment(I told you, this was really cliche) so he won't fight for the custody. Jensen's parents see their mistakesa and help Jensen get jared back.

Make it a happy ending.

And thanks in advance if you write this for me.

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