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Jensen/Jared - knife play, possessive, roll play, dirty talk,
While attending a halloween party Jensen let it slip to Jared that he has a thing for Freddy Kruger. Jared's a little bit annoyed because dude he was in Friday the 13th. but yeah it has to do with the hand, it just doesn things to Jensen that he wouldn't ever talk about...but he's had some freaky halloween punch that might have had too much booze in it, and he's mouth to brain censor seems to be broken. So the next weekend Jared decides to have some fun with Jensen and puts on his best Freddy Kruger costume. Don't care if it's the whole works or just the hand, or if it starts off as the whole thing and the only thing left when things get fun is the hand and hat. Things get sexy and there is knife play (hand play), dirty talk, bottoming from the top Jensen, possessive slightly jealous controling Jared, with a side order of schmoop.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:costumes  kink:knife-play  kink:possessive  kink:possessive!jared  kink:roleplay  kink:dirty-talk  kink:jealousy  kink:jealous!jared  kink:top!jensen  kink:bottom!jared  kink:topping-from-bottom  kink:schmoop  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Misha/Jared DP spitroasting
Jared invites them over for a Halloween party but they are the only two coming, would love Jared and Jensen to be dressed as a policemen who tie Misha up and fuck him rough, totally consensual.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared/misha  kink:double-penetration  kink:spitroasting  kink:costumes  kink:bondage  kink:rough-sex  kink:bottom!misha  kink:top!jensen  kink:top!jared  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Sandy - cheating, secret idenity
Sandy has wanted Jensen since the first time Jared introduced them. Now at the WB party in her costume (something slutty) it's the perfect chance to make her move, he wouldn't know it was her. Jensen sneaks off with her and hot dirty bad wrong sex happens and she doesn't regret a thing. Up to the author if Jensen knows it's Sandy and goes along anyway or if Jensen's just horny and loves a good set of tits. Any and all kinks welcome. Bonus points if in the middle of it they almost get caught by Jared who's looking for one of them, it only makes them hotter.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/sandy  kink:non-au  kink:cheating  kink:hidden-identity  kink:anonymous-sex  kink:costumes  kink:any  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/(O)MC & Jared/Jensen - mistaken identity, oral
Jensen thought it would be funny to dress up like trade for Halloween, but he never figured that he would get propositioned quite so much on his walk to the party. Jensen is a little shocked - why would anyone actually think he was a real hooker on Halloween night, when most everyone dresses up as something slutty.

It's a shame too, because some really hot guys, who obviously have money judging by the cars they drive, keep pulling over.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:costumes  kink:mistaken-identity  kink:misunderstandings  kink:oral-sex  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
J2 dubcon/non-con costume transformation
This is another twist on the Halloween haunted house party where rather than everyone changing into their costumes only Jared does, perhaps he touched something magical (authors choice). Jared went as a puppet master and he discovers he can control anybody. It just so happens he's been harbouring a huge crush on Jensen, maybe this is his opportunity to take what he's always wanted. With power like that anything can happen ....
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:non-con  kink:dub-con  kink:costumes  kink:curse/spell  kink:control  kink:crush  kink:magic  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen Bestiality?, Girl!Jensen Gender bending
For Halloween this year Jared and Jensen decide to pick out each others costumes. Jared chose the costume of a woman for Jensen, long blond hair, ample bosom, sexy dress and high heels. Jensen chose a Sasquatch costume for Jared. What they don't realize is that the two of them they bought them from a store run by a witch who hates Halloween and cursed her costumes to become real on Halloween. When they do Jensen becomes a woman...a typical horror movie type of one. Jared changes into the Sasquatch...a sasquatch who sees Jensen as a good mate....

Any and all kinks can be used!
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:genderswap  kink:girl!jensen  kink:bestiality  kink:creature!jared  kink:curse/spell  kink:cursed!jensen  kink:cursed!jared  kink:costumes  kink:transformation  kink:any  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
role-play, D/s, costumes, aftercare, sub-drop, sub!Jensen
It starts out as just bit of jokey role-play in their costumes after the halloween party; Jared or Jeff is dressed as a Roman Centurion, Jensen as a Roman slave (costumes can be changed to whatever anon-writer thinks would work!)but then Jensen starts to get fully immersed in the sub mindset in a way he never really has before.

Would love to see the fully-consensual and enjoyable sex they have, but really, really want to request the afterwards, where Jensen gets caught in subdrop and doesn't really understand what's going on with him, and the boyfriend (Jared or Jeff) takes excellent care of him.

Please can everything be fully con, and really intense but nothing too sadomasochistic for this one, more about the mindset than anything. Thnx!
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/jdm  kink:d/s  kink:sub!jensen  kink:dom!jared  kink:dom!jdm  kink:roleplay  kink:costumes  kink:roman  kink:sub-drop  kink:aftercare  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Jared - D/s, Bestiality, reluctant
For Halloween one of them (Annon's choice) dresses the other up as his 'bitch/dog/pet' complete with collar and leash. While in public they play it off as a joke. They're in a D/s relationship already but at end of the night the Dom pushes the subs limits but instructing him to let a dog fuck him.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jared/omd(s)  pairing:jensen/omd(s)  kink:bestiality  kink:dub-con  kink:d/s  kink:dom!jensen  kink:dom!jared  kink:sub!jensen  kink:sub!jared  kink:costumes  kink:pet-play  kink:puppy-play  kink:leash  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
J2/OMCs, gangbang, consensual, bareback, dirty talk
- Jared and Jensen are Lovers/Boyfriends/BFFs with a side of benefits (author's choice) who discover a shared kink; They both want to be the bottom for a big, kinky gang-bang.
- So they decide to throw a Halloween party with two rules; "Come in costume. Come in us." Inviting friends/cast & crew/industry buddies/whatever (author's choice).
- Additional kinks can totally be added if the author would like, I just really like the idea of the two of them sprawled out on a big bed, getting off on getting fucked senseless and watching each other get off.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  pairing:jared/omc(s)  kink:gang-bang  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:bottom!jared  kink:barebacking  kink:dirty-talk  kink:costumes  kink:party-favor  kink:exhibitionism  kink:non-au  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen - food porn, bottom Jared, Crack
Jared is a little bit too obsessed with his candy, so when he sees the commercial for the new pretzel M&Ms he decides that would make perfect costumes for Chad's Halloween party. Jared dressed up as the M&M and he made Jensen dress up as the pretzel. Something goes wrong, maybe they get cursed, but they end up turning into their costumes...only way to break the curse is if Jensen gets inside Jared, like he's suppose to.

Make it as cracky as you like, maybe Jared has just had to much halloween candy and has a nightmare...I don't care. LOL

(clearly I spend too much time on this comm if a M&M commercial make me think of J2 kink. 0_0)
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:costumes  kink:curse/spell  kink:cursed!jensen  kink:cursed!jared  kink:crack(fic)  kink:bottom!jared  kink:top!jensen  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen - D/s, bondage, toys, orgasm denial, nipple clamps, gags
One of those 'You Become Your Costume' spells was was cast over the party that Jared and Jensen attended this Halloween. Unfortunately, this year, as a joke, Jensen and Jared dressed as a Dominant with his submissive. Neither of them had ever played in scene before, but with their costumes they were shoved head first into thinking they were in the life.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:d/s  kink:bondage  kink:toys  kink:orgasm-denial  kink:gags  kink:costumes  kink:curse/spell  kink:cursed!jensen  kink:cursed!jared  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen, OMCs, groping, possibly noncon, (bondage, toys, forced orgasm)
Jared and Jensen are invited to a halloween party and they decide to dress up as cavemen (so only a little cloth that covers there groins). But they are given the wrong address and they end up in a gay bar (or maybe even a bdsm club).

Lots and lots of groping, fondling and harrasment and of course the guys in the bar/club won´t let Jared and Jensen go...

(the author can go as far as he/she wants; if you want you can make it really dirty!!!; if there is penetration to one of them then bottom!Jensen or both)
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  pairing:jared/omc(s)  kink:non-con  kink:groping  kink:bondage  kink:toys  kink:forced-orgasm  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:bottom!jared  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/OMCs, Jensen/OMCs, kidnapping, gangbang, bondage, blindfold, toys
Jared and Jensen are kidnapped by a few men on halloween.

They are brought to a warehouse. There they are forced in costumes (up to the author)and left blindfolded and tied up in the middle of the warehouse. After that the kidnappers leave the warehouse... and then there are footsteps, a lot of footsteps!
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  pairing:jared/omc(s)  kink:non-con  kink:kidnapping  kink:gang-bang  kink:bondage  kink:blindfold  kink:toys  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen, dirty talk, voice kink (accents), public sex, costume play, Top!Jared
It was seriously THE most uncreative Halloween costume Jensen could think of. I mean, come on, Texan boy dressing up as a cowboy? Might as well just be himself for Halloween...except for the part where he knows that Jared damn well loves him in a pair of leather chaps, a cowboy hat and boots. Oh yeah, let's not forget Jensen's Texan drawl whispered right into Jared's ear.

Jared can't take the teasing anymore when they're at a pretty packed Halloween party held by Misha and decides to throw all caution to the wind. He needs Jensen in those tight jeans and chaps NOW.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:dirty-talk  kink:voice  kink:public-sex  kink:costumes  kink:top!jared  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:cowboy  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/JDM, d/s, voyeurism, bondage, orgasm denial, toys, coming dry, spreader bars...
In their favourite bdsm-club costumes are required on halloween. So JDM dresses Jensen up and then shows him off. From there everything goes. Insert as many kinks as possible.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jdm  kink:d/s  kink:bdsm  kink:voyeurism  kink:bondage  kink:toys  kink:orgasm-denial  kink:coming-dry  kink:costumes  kink:any  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Jared, Jensen/OMCs, crossdressing, public sex, humiliation, bondage, toys
It´s the main event: the award for the best costume. The only catch is that the winner is the party favor for the rest of the evening. And as Jensen hears he is the winner this year he cursed Jared and his idea to dress him like a cheerleader!!

(OMCs could be JDM, Chris and all the others)
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  kink:crossdressing  kink:public-sex  kink:humiliation  kink:bondage  kink:toys  kink:costumes  kink:cheerleader  kink:party-favor  kink:sex-toy!jensen  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen - crossdressing, high heels, oral, dirty talk, fingering
It was a joke, a way to get into the Halloween concert of his favorite band for half price, getting really good seats in the process - all women who showed up at the concert in a "Slutty" X (doctor, firefighter, police officer, . . . ) costume got in to the concert for half price. SO Jensen had to dress like a woman and pass, on top of wearing his Slutty Police Officer costume.

Jensen never thought he would look that good as a woman - all the hands on his ass give lie to that thought, and he never thought he would catch the eye of his favorite singer, Jared, and be invited backstage. Shit! How is he supposed to me Jared dressed like a woman.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:crossdressing  kink:costumes  kink:oral-sex  kink:dirty-talk  kink:fingering  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen, Toys, Humiliation, Top!Jared
I feel bad already, but nevertheless:

Jared dresses Jensen up (maid, cat, kinky shit etc., author's choice), sticks something (again, author's choice) up his ass, and Jensen HAS to beg for candy (either from others, or Jared himself, or like, Misha) otherwise he doesn't get to come.

/shifty eyes
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:humiliation  kink:toys  kink:object-insertion  kink:costumes  kink:top!jared  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:begging  kink:orgasm-denial  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Misha, light D/s, oral fixation
Misha uses candy as a sort of reward system. Jared is extra good for him on Halloween.

light D/s with D!Misha, Jared with an oral fixation, other kinks welcome (maybe some costumes since it is Halloween!)
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jared/misha  kink:d/s  kink:dom!misha  kink:sub!jared  kink:oral-sex  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2010-October 
august 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen (Jensen/Chris implied): kissing booth, costume, mistaken identity
Stop me if you've heard this one:

Jensen (co-head-cheerleader) and Chris (quarterback) are part of the popular clique. Student council. A real power couple. Their school has a carnival to raise money for a new football field. Jared is newer. He started at their school at the beginning of the year and was immediately shunned as a NERD. He quickly scaled the ranks of the Mathletes, helping win meet after meet, but as it stood, the pretty people not only made fun of them but actively picked on them and sabotaged their efforts to raise money for themselves. Jared can't help but find Jensen attractive, and think that underneath it all (and away from Chris), he could be a good guy.

At the carnival, Chris and Jensen are the stars of the kissing booth. All the kissing is getting Jensen horny and he says so to Chris, who basically tells him to take a cold shower. Jensen huffs off to be alone and beelines for the abandoned moonbounce. Jared and Chris' costumes were similar and with a little fudging (and Jared stealing Chris' mask while Chris was busy at the kissing booth) and beelines after Jensen who is excited that Chris changed his mind. Jensen tries to take off the mask, but "Chris" shakes his head no. Detailed sexing needed! As much as you want, but please no scat or watersports. Orgasm denial, begging, whatever you want. After the sex session of his life, Jared reveals that it was him and Jensen is delightfully pleased.

fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/chris  kink:kissing  kink:costumes  kink:mistaken-identity  kink:hidden-identity  kink:orgasm-denial  kink:begging  post:2010-September 
july 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Jared Forced feminization +Daddy!kink
This is one of my old unfilled request hopefully this time someone will write it:)
This one is SUPER kinky it has Jensen/Jared Forced feminization +Daddy!kink.
Jensen is Jared's daddy and Jared's is jensen dirty little girl.Jared in a school girl uniform and cheerleader's uniform.Jensen calls Jared's asshole a pussy and says "your pussy's all wet for me,look at it so hungry for my cock." "Such a dirty girl but only daddy gets to have you like this don't I sweetheart,only me gets your sweet pussy."
Bonus if there rape fantasy with Jared in a cheerleader's uniform Dub-con + bondage.
Both Jared and jensen get off on this kind of play a lot.
Extra Bonus if there's a mention of a safe word.

Bottom!Jared or both bottoming:)

fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:rape-fantasy  kink:forced-feminization  kink:dub-con  kink:daddy  kink:non-au  kink:cheerleader  kink:costumes  kink:dirty-talk  kink:bondage  kink:safeword  kink:bottom!jared  kink:top!jensen  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:top!jared  post:2010-September 
july 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Jared, jousters at a Ren Faire
Just like it says-- it's a big, summer-long Ren Faire, employing hundreds of actors. Jared & Jensen are the new joust performers, along with their big, beautiful horses. Hose, codpieces, leather gloves & jingling tack!

Throw in Misha as the pickle wench and I will love you as long as a very long thing.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:roleplay  kink:costumes  kink:historical  post:2010-September 
july 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Danneel - pegging, crossdressing
At a Halloween party, Jensen goes as Marilyn Monroe and Danneel goes as JFK. Danneel's costume includes a strap-on underneath. She grinds it into Jensen's ass on the dance floor, then takes him to the bathroom and fucks him with it. Jensen's so turned on he comes all over his pretty dress.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/danneel  kink:pegging  kink:crossdressing  kink:costumes  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:top!danneel  post:2010-September 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Misha, dub-con, rough sex, partner betrayal
I love the example request post above - did anybody ever actually request or fill that? If not, please.

Between takes, Jensen just can't help himself and shoves Misha between two production trucks for a quickie. He really wants to rumple that damn trench coat. Misha isn't really in the mood.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/misha  kink:dub-con  kink:rough-sex  kink:betrayal  kink:costumes  kink:manhandling  kink:non-au  post:2010-August 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Richard - Doctor!Kink
Jared's ridiculously hot for Richard's doctor costume while filming Changing Channels.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jared/richard-speight  kink:costumes  kink:medical-play  post:2010-August 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
J2, plus female, bestiality...
Jensen and Jared pick up a woman dressed as a sexy little red riding hood at a Halloween party and take her back to their place, joking they're gonna help her find 'grandmother's place'.

They take turns fucking her, each of them totally getting off on watching the other one fuck somebody.

Jared gets her all worked up and horney again, but then stops right before she's about to come and says to hold on, there's one more boy in the house she needs to please and brings in Harley.

At first she's like, hell no, but Jared starts stimulating Harley until his dick is showing and starts teasing her about how much she needs a cock inside her right now. He left her on the edge of orgasm and she can't help but get hot as she watches Harley's dick get bigger. She says fine, she'll do it, but the boys continue to tease her, saying they have to be sure this is what she really wants, and if it is, she's gonna have to tell them so...in detail. Which is both humiliating and sexy as hell.

And the more she says she wants, the more the boys push for more ("And what about his spunk, huh? Do you want his doggie cum squirting inside you?").
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/ofc(s)  pairing:jared/ofc(s)  pairing:harley/ofc(s)  kink:bestiality  kink:vaginal-sex  kink:voyeurism  kink:voyeur!jared  kink:voyeur!jensen  kink:costumes  kink:humiliation  kink:begging  kink:dirty-talk  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
J2 Halloween Costumes, Jensen as a naughty nurse
I'd really like to see Jared and Jensen get some costumed sexing at a Halloween costume with Jensen in drag as a very scantily clad naughty nurse.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:costumes  kink:crossdressing  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen, both in drag, bottom!Jensen
They both dress as female characters for Halloween (I'd like something over the top, like Jensen dressed up as Scarlette O'Hara, and Jared dressing up as Queen Catherine the Great of Russia or Queen Christina of Sweden). They fuck in drag too.
bottom!Jensen only please.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:crossdressing  kink:costumes  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:top!jared  kink:transvestism  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
J2 roleplay, cheerleader, staircase
Either of Jared or Jensen dressed as a cheerleader, they can be younger or what you wish, they do it as a roleplay and really try not to fall out. The one dress as a cheerleader tempt the other and in the house they do not get up to the bedroom, instead have hot, intense and hard/rough sex.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:rough-sex  kink:cheerleader  kink:costumes  kink:crossdressing  kink:roleplay  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Jensen/Misha, character switching
Jensen/Misha. The cast go to a Halloween party dressed as each other's characters. Dean!Misha and Castiel!Jensen have in-character roleplay sex.

(Recaptcha says 'thrall romps'. Exactly what I would like in the fic, please. Enthralling romps.)
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/misha  kink:non-au  kink:roleplay  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Teenage J2, costumed sex
I'd love to see something where a 17-19 year old Jensen somehow crosses paths with a 13-15 year old Jared at a Halloween party. Neither know each other or learn the other's names and their both wearing costumes of your choice. They do hook up. Either full out sex, blowjobs, whatever. Completely consensual. Bonus points if Jared lies about how old he is.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:underage  kink:costumes  kink:anal-sex  kink:blowjob  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
june 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Request Dean/Cas
Spoilerish for 5.04

Past Cas is sent forward in time by Zachariah and meets Future Dean, who has really missed his old angel. Rough dub-con sex ensues *flutters eyelashes*

Can this please be set around Halloween where Past Dean has dressed Past Cas up in his own clothes, thankies x
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:dean/castiel  kink:dub-con  kink:rough-sex  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
may 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
J2 - Costume role play, Little Red and Big Bad Wolf, rough sex
I don't know why but I'd love to see some roleplaying with Jared and Jensen dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood (Jensen) and the Big Bad Wolf (Jared). Have fun with it. If you could work in some actual bestiality as well that would be a big plus but not needed as long as Jared knows it's Jensen's kink.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:bestiality  kink:top!jared  kink:costumes  kink:rough-sex  kink:roleplay  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
may 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Dean/OFC - Mummy sex
People say on Halloween that the dead can walk the earth and look like anyone.I'd like to read something where Dean (possibly pre-series?) picks up a girl at a Halloween party (costumes are up to author) and brings her to a motel. They have sex, during which, at the stroke of midnight she starts to turn back into what she actually is, a mummy. Dean for whatever reason though, doesn't stop even as she's changing.
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:dean/ofc(s)  kink:necrophilia  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
may 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Sam/Dean - Bloodplay
Sam and/or Dean dresses up for Halloween as a vampire. A little roleplaying and bloodplay ensues.
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:blood-play  kink:vampires  kink:costumes  kink:roleplay  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
may 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Sam/Jess spanking, dirty talk, nipple/breast torture
Jess always dresses up in some sort of slutty costume on Halloween. Sometimes, she convinces Sam to go where she really wants-- a BDSM party.

Sam is a more than willing Dom, but only takes Jess out to parties like that if she's been very, very good, because Jess is such a masochistic slut.

I would love this to be the second time they're going to the party, with Jess knowing just what's in store for her. Spanking, pussy spanking, nipple clamps, or weights, suction-- general torture to Jess and her bits.

Super bonus for multiple orgasms for Jess, and Sam adding in a new form of "torture" for every one she has before he's finished.
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:sam/jess  kink:dom!sam  kink:pain-play  kink:d/s  kink:nipple-torture  kink:spanking  kink:dirty-talk  kink:punishment  kink:pussy-play  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
may 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Any woman
Jeff is dragged to a costume party. All he's got around the house is the sherrif costume from Dead and Breakfast. There's a woman at the party dressed like an Old West saloon floozy. They have hot, wickedly dirty sex in a semi-public (coat room?) location.

Can I get some consensual het up in here? OFC or actress, I don't care which.

And if there's some other set of costumes that gets your noodle going, by all means, go for it.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jdm/any-female-character  kink:public-sex  kink:exhibitionism  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
may 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Neigh Neigh Neigh
Sam and Dean dress up for a highschool Halloween Dance as a horse, one as the front and the other as the back...as the costume is very warm the don't bother with clothes. The brother in the tail end sucks on the brother in the head end of the costume. (Bonus--Dance is in a farmer's field and a real horse takes the brother in the tail end) Doesn't matter who's in the tail vs who's in head position.

(Sorry forgot the Request part before)
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:dean/sam/horse  kink:bestiality  kink:exhibitionism  kink:rimming  kink:oral-sex  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Bestiality, PuppyJared, Harley/Jensen/Jared...
Jared dresses up as a puppy for Halloween. When he and Jensen get home from a party, they start to fuck semi-clothed and Jared is amused when he realizes he still has on his puppy ears and tail--especially since he's fucking Jensen doggy-style. He comments on this and mentions this makes Jen his bitch. Jen moans at that, so Jared starts to roleplay a bit, talking like he's a dog and Jensen's his bitch ("You like having a dog fuck you, don't you?" "You gonna take my knot?", etc.). When they finish, he's so blown away by just how hard Jensen got off when they played up the dog thing that he decides Jensen should try the real deal.

Jensen is hesitant and embarrassed at the prospect of letting Harley fuck him--but what he's most embarrassed about is just how badly he wants him to. Jared coaxes him into it, even holds his ass open so Harley has easy access.

Lots of Jared dirty talking and sloppy kissing as Jensen gets fucked.

If you want Jared to have a turn afterwards, that certainly wouldn't be unwelcome either.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/harley  pairing:jensen/jared/harley  kink:bestiality  kink:puppy-play  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:top!jared  kink:doggy-style  kink:roleplay  kink:costumes  kink:dirty-talk  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Jared/Jensen - Roleplaying
Jared and Jensen go to a costume party as Sam and Dean - with Jared as Dean and Jensen as Sam. They both start getting into their costumes and teasing each other a bit as their characters. They eventually find a room at the party and hook up. Any other kinks welcome.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:roleplay  kink:costumes  kink:character-bleed  kink:teasing  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Sam/Jess Costumes
Jess likes to choose skimpy and/or slutty costumes in an attempt to get Sam to enjoy Halloween. It never works, but Sam does enjoy getting her out of the costumes at the end of the night.
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:sam/jess  kink:costumes  kink:stripping  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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underage preseries wee!Dean
Pre-fire. John takes little Dean out trick or treating (Mary dresses him in adorable costumes), where he catches the eye of the friendly neighborhood pedophile.

The rest is up to you, anon.
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:any  kink:underage-extreme  kink:voyeurism  kink:stalking  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Jared/Jensen, costumes, aphrodisiacs, teasing, loud-and-fucked-out!Jensen
Jensen and Jared go to a costumed Halloween party (preferably Jensen as a pirate and Jared as a vampire, but whatever the author wants is good) and have a couple of cups of punch. Jared spikes Jen's punch with an aphrodisiac and teases Jensen until he's practically climbing out of his costume, then takes Jensen to a room and fucks him loudly until Jen's a shaking mess.

Go, go anon! Please? :D
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:exhibitionism  kink:drugged  kink:top!jared  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:loud-sex  kink:costumes  kink:teasing  kink:fucked-out  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Jared/Jensen - Mpreg
Jared Padalecki has been out of the public eye for months. Why? Because he's now very heavily pregnant with Jensen's baby and doesn't want to cause a media circus (pregnant men aren't really something that is heard of after all). So Jared is beyond thrilled on Halloween because he can take the opportunity to dress up and actually go out. J2 cuteness is always appreciated. Jensen is ver protective and doting. Jared pretty much acting like he hasn't been out in years and just getting ridiculously excited over everything. Cravings. Etc. The whole experience should make him really horny by the end.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:mpreg  kink:pregnancy  kink:costumes  kink:pregnant!jared  kink:protective!jensen  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Sam/Dean/OMC, OMC/OCs, Pedophile rapist, watersports
Dean and Sam decide to take up a non-supernatural mission by hunting down a killer. The killer lures young children into the woods on Halloween and has sex with them, kills them, and pees on them (not necessarily in that order!!!). Each year he has a unique costume. Dean and Sam are taking up this mission because they were once almost victims of his crimes...Bonus points for graphic scenes!

(My parents would kill me if they knew I suggested this, Halloween is against my religion!!!)
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:sam/dean/omc(s)  kink:non-con  kink:watersports  kink:costumes  kink:revenge  kink:serial-killers  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Jared/Jensen - AU-ish, cross-dressing, corsets, light bondage, dirty talk, nipple play
Jenny doesn't get to come out and play a lot - there's too much at stake. But Halloween gives him a free pass; there are so many parties full of people who don't know him. He can give Jenny free reign.

So he picks a new outfit for the night - panties with little bows, garters, stockings, heels, tight skirt, corset. Everything's a little sexier then he usually goes for, but it's Halloween.

He never expected to run into Jared so many times or have him hit on him.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:crossdressing  kink:bondage  kink:restraints  kink:nipple-play  kink:corset  kink:mistaken-identity  kink:costumes  kink:feminization  kink:dirty-talk  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Jared/Jensen, non-con, drugged, medical kink, bondage, corsets, forced femme, gags
He's dressed as a sexy nurse - yeah don't ask. But the party gets out of control and his date is a douche so he's got no ride home. Hitchhiking is not the smartest idea, but it's best that he's got - so hitchhiking.

The guy who picks him up seems nice.

Reposted here -

fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:non-con  kink:drugged  kink:gags  kink:kidnapping  kink:medical-play  kink:restraints  kink:bondage  kink:costumes  kink:corset  kink:forced-feminization  kink:evil!jared  kink:evil!jensen  kink:feminization  theme:halloween  theme:reprompt  post:2009-October  post:2010-October 
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Jared/Jensen, OMCs/Jensen - Evil!Jared, bondage, non-con, plugs, cock ring, leaking cum
It's Halloween and Jensen attends a costumed event. He gets dosed with something that makes him kinda compliant (but not too), then taken to a bedroom and set up as a "party favor" with a toy table full of different things to use in the room. Since everyone is in masks he'll never know who has him that night.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  kink:non-con  kink:gang-bang  kink:bondage  kink:drugged  kink:evil!jared  kink:toys  kink:creampie  kink:cock-ring  kink:anonymous  kink:masks  kink:costumes  kink:hidden-identity  kink:buttplugs  kink:restraints  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Sam/Dean, masquerade ball, Sam rapes Dean but Dean doesn't know it's Sam, noncon
It's Halloween and Dean attends a masquerade event (doesn't have to be a ball). He does not know that Sammy will be there, so when Sam shows up in costume (with his face hidden by a mask) and takes what he wants from Dean, Dean does not have any idea that it's his brother raping him. Hard noncon, please. Rough sex a plus, and you can have Sam restrain Dean however you like.
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:non-con  kink:rough-sex  kink:evil!Sam  kink:bondage  kink:restraints  kink:costumes  kink:hidden-identity  kink:masks  kink:anonymous  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Jensen/Jared Roleplay with costumes! Bottom!Jensen
I would love the boys maybe going to a halloween party or something, and they dress up as past characters they have played.

Jensen can go as like Alec when he was dressed in the suit with glasses.

Jared can go as Tom from Cry_Wolf with his school uniform.


Also I would like Bottom!Jensen, and he can be like all shy and like "What are you doing in my office Mr. Radalecki" and Jared seduces him and stuff...

Bonus points if the Party is at Chris's house, and the boys sneek away to his office or something during the party.

It would also be cool if it had alot of the regulars from CWRPS in it, like Jeffery Dean Morgan(as the comedian!) Mike Rosenbaum(In drag from his character in Sarority Boys) Tom Welling(with the trenchcoat and stuff that Clark Kent is currently wearing in the new season of smallville) Danneel Harris(Fired Up uniform) Chad Michael Murry(Home Of The Brave) And anyone else you can throw in there. Its a party!
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:bottom!jensen  kink:public-sex  kink:costumes  kink:roleplay  kink:teacher/student  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
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Sam/Dean or gen, Dean in pumpkin costume
So the request line says it all: I want to read about Dean in a pumpkin costume on Halloween.

Like you know? Those full-body costumes! It'd be cool if he'd just walk into the motel room he is currently sharing with Sam and I wanna know how Sam would react. Any reaction is fine really: go wild!! The only thing which would be nice is if it could be set during the 1 season...no must though.
fandom:!supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:costumes  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
february 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Sam/Jess - Pegging from the Nurse
When they get home from the halloween party NurseOutfit!Jess pegs a very vocal and willing Sam.
pairing:sam/jess  kink:pegging  kink:roleplay  kink:costumes  fandom:!supernatural 
january 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Misha, crossdressing, public sex, top!Jared
Jared and Misha go to the biggest halloween party in town together, with Misha as Snow White and Jared as Tarzan. They have hot sex in the dark corner of the hall with Misha riding Jared's big fat cock.
fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jared/misha  kink:crossdressing  kink:public-sex  kink:top!jared  kink:bottom!misha  kink:costumes  kink:riding  theme:halloween  post:2009-October 
january 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen . . . lederhosen
Jensen takes that crazy lederhosen from Monster Movie episode home and J2 decide to have fun. Comedy preferred.
kink:clothing  pairing:jensen/jared  fandom:!spn-rps  kink:costumes  kink:roleplay 
january 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Sam/Castiel/Dean, drugging, non-con
Sam and Dean drug Castiel and have their way with him. Bonus points if Castiel regains consciousness, wakes up screaming, and then pases out. More bonus points if the brothers dress him up in various clothes.
kink:drugged  kink:non-con  kink:costumes  pairing:sam/dean/castiel  fandom:!supernatural 
january 2012 by spn_unfilledkink

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