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Jared/Jensen, ball sucking...
Jared loves having his balls sucked and lightly spanked, which is lucky since Jensen has a ball fetish and Jared's are the biggest he's ever had the pleasure of playing with.

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fandom:!spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:ball-worship  kink:teabagging  kink:cbt  theme:reprompt  post:2009-September  post:2010-October 
may 2015 by spn_unfilledkink
Dean/Sam, balls kink
I don't know if there is a name for this kink, but I would really like to see some fic where Dean sucks Sam's balls while Sam comes all over his face (or vice versa).
kink:ball-worship  kink:come-play  kink:bukkake  pairing:sam/dean  fandom:!supernatural 
january 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Sam/Dean, make up sex,
Sam & Dean is older, I like 40 year old Dean. Established relationship. ( Sam 17 / Dean21) Don’t know how you want to get to it, but they talk about their first time after their first date, see they done it but then Dean or Sam thought they should go on a proper date. They both remember a detail differently, and they get mad at the other one because he feels that he remembers it correctly. Turns out Dean kept something of the date. And Sam has to apologize, he got his dates mixed up. Bottom!Sammy to start with, and second round, Sam plays with Dean’s hole while he is inside.

Kinks: Ball sucking (Dean’s Kink), Breath play (My kink) Flip flop (My special friend’s kink) and Felching (Sam's Kink)

This sounds pretty vanilla, you can put in some other kinks, I want it to be hot, but also sweet! No BDSM
kink:make-up-sex  kink:breath-play  kink:felching  kink:ball-worship  pairing:sam/dean  fandom:!supernatural 
january 2012 by spn_unfilledkink
Jared/Jensen + Jeff, rimming/facesitting
Jeff giving directions, ordering Jared to prepare Jensen to get fucked by Jeff himself.
I'd like to see Jensen riding Jared's face while being rimmed, it's oddly a kink I never find in fic and I think it's unbearably hot, am I the only one? Ball-licking and a lot of dirty talk are very encouraged.
kink:voyeurism  kink:cock-worship  kink:ball-worship  kink:rimming  kink:threesome  pairing:jensen/jared  pairing:jensen/jared/jdm  fandom:!spn-rps 
january 2012 by spn_unfilledkink

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