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Thanks for the great year of coaching, team trainings, typesetting and lettering workshops & speaking e…
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december 2018 by splorp
Look for us in and see the West Coast debut of our travelling . Lo…
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august 2018 by splorp
RT : Calling all and geeks 25 or younger! This seems like a great opportunity & the winner also g…
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march 2018 by splorp
Without this crew, can't exist this year again. Thank you all for your team works.
— — —
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august 2017 by splorp
Members, you can still get your 2017 discount code! DM us to get 20% off.
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august 2017 by splorp
RT : Members, don't forget your 2017 discount code, DM us to get 20% off.
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august 2017 by splorp
formmagazine: TypeCon Boston
Every year, the Society of Typographic Aficionados, a non-profit organisation, holds the Typecon in different cities in the USA. The five-day conference will be held in Boston this year, creating an international platform for typographical design.
type  typography  typecon  typecon2017  event  conference  boston  massachusetts  formmagazine 
july 2017 by splorp
RT : Don't miss 2017 in ! Members, DM us to get 20% off
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july 2017 by splorp
TypeCon 2017, Aug 23-27 | AIGA Boston
TypeCon is an annual conference presented by the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), an international organization dedicated to the promotion,…
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july 2017 by splorp
RT : Shoutout to for the custom typeface used in this year's identity.
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march 2017 by splorp
MuirMcNeil | TypeCon 2016 visual identity / modular design system | typetoken®
Overview TypeCon, the annual convention of the American Society of Typographic Aficionados, is one of the largest and most significant events in the…
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october 2016 by splorp
comes to Seattle next week! Shown here is the Seattle guide we designed + curated
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august 2016 by splorp
TypeCon | TypeCon2016 Program Preview
RT : We’re excited to announce the list of speakers confirmed for TypeCon2016 … so far.
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april 2016 by splorp
TypeCon 2015 - Roll Barresi & Associates - Wayfinding & Graphic Design
All Things Typography! TypeCon, a yearly conference organized by the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SoTA), was an inspiring, educational experience. The…
type  typography  typecon  typecon2015  denver  colorado  letterpress  event  conference  from instapaper
august 2015 by splorp
TypeCon 2015: Denver Letterpress Tour
Man, what a weekend it was at TypeCon! I was thoroughly impressed at the vast amounts of intelligence I was surrounded by, and yet how approachable and willing…
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august 2015 by splorp
Assistant art professor awarded grant for research on post-digital art
Appalachian State University News: “This past summer, senior graphic design student Nicholas Burkhalter helped Treacy with the project in her studio as a student research assistant and traveled with her to TypeCon in Washington, D.C., to participate in the workshops with Pigford.”
typecon  typecon2014  triciatreacy  ashleyjohnpigford  award  research  delaware  university  art  type  typography  design 
october 2014 by splorp
Design Week: Build censors its Typecon identity
Build has designed the identity for this year’s TypeCon event, creating a moving identity based on the idea of censorship.
typecon  typecon2014  dc  washington  conference  identity  build  wearebuild  design  michaelplace  coreyholms  type  typography  event 
may 2014 by splorp
Type Supply: Marigny
It’s out! I’m happy to introduce my new typeface, Marigny.
typeface  typography  typesupply  talleming  from instapaper
march 2014 by splorp
Flagsmith — A Flag Building Typeface
Over 100 shapes and 1,000 alternates that can be mixed and matched to create a sea of unique flags.
tn164  typedia  typography  type  typeface  flagsmith  flag  symbol  icon  picture  layer  scribbletone 
january 2014 by splorp
Bickham Script: the Allure of the Vintage Form
A guest post by educator and typographer Dr Shelley Gruendler for the Adobe Type blog.
tn164  typedia  typography  type  design  georgebickham  bickham  script  book  publishing  shelleygruendler  typblography  adobe 
january 2014 by splorp
Typofonderie: Anisette Pro
From the site: “The latest version of Anisette reinforces the initial idea by adding an outfit set of ‘associated capitals’ and contextual forms. Because of the benefit of OpenType features, the Anisette advanced typography is easy to use in any work of graphic designer. Indeed, the wide and narrow capitals can alternatively be used alone, mixed or manually since the early days of Anisette. Today, the resulting mixture is provided by various context functionalities, providing alternative settings. Many capitals ligatures sometimes in narrow, as in wide versions, are embellished with small capitals aligned on top of capitals which are positioned contextually in key locations in your headlines. A simple sentence set in Anisette Pro will have so much diversity in its representations that the number of Anisette variables offers to its user.”
tn164  typedia  typography  type  typeface  anisette  typofonderie  sans  ligature  display  headline  jeanfrancoisporchez 
january 2014 by splorp
I love typography — The first book printed in Italy
Cicero’s “De oratore”, the first extant book printed on Italian soil and the first to use Roman (or more accurately, semi-Roman or semi-Gothic) type.
tn164  typedia  typography  type  design  printing  italy  italian  incunabula  ilt  ilovetypography  historical 
january 2014 by splorp
Tipografies: Nomada
From the site: “[Jordi Embodas’] Nomada explores the concept of typefaces on the move continuously: sometimes printed, in books, catalogues, posters or packaging; at other times projected on screens of mobile and fixed devices, as text or as image. Because of it’s nature, Nomada is a comfortable and highly legible typeface for any use, language or application. The recipe for it was to take Verdana and mix with Gill Sans, not forgetting a dash of Lucida Sans, Frutiger or Franklin Gothic.”
tn164  typedia  typography  type  typeface  tipografies  sans  nomada  jordiembodas 
january 2014 by splorp
Good Global Type: On Typesetting Chinese with Chris Wu
Chris Cheng-Huan Wu will lead a workshop introducing designers to typesetting Chinese, including an overview of Chinese typefaces that are available, current trends in type design and use, and basic principles of Chinese typography. Participants will hear about current practices, will typeset display type and text in Chinese, and will have their efforts analyzed in critiques. February 8th at the Type Directors Club in New York.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  event  workshop  chriswu  chinese  typesetting  tdc  nyc  newyork 
january 2014 by splorp
Philippe Apeloig — Typorama
Paris-born Philippe Apeloig will be giving a presentation on February 20th at the Type Directors Club in New York.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  event  presentation  tdc  nyc  newyork  philippeapeloig  typorama 
january 2014 by splorp
Sony SST Type Project
From the site: “In more smartphones, tablets, and other devices, it’s how you interact with what’s on the screen that matters most, as products keep evolving to fulfill new roles and offer new user experiences. In response, and to enliven a variety of other touchpoints with consumers, we have developed an original typeface. Join us behind the scenes to see what the project was all about.”
tn163  typedia  typography  type  design  sony  identity  corporate  sst  brand  branding  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
Fairgoods: The basics of sign painting
A quick little tutorial by the folks at Fairgoods featuring their friend, the talented Cody Swinkels.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  signpainter  signpainting  lettering  tutorial  howto  fairgoods  video  vimeo 
january 2014 by splorp
Unicode Power Symbol — A proposed addition to Unicode
A proposal by Terence Eden and Joe Loughry to add the IEC Power Symbol and its associated siblings to the next version of the Unicode specification.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  unicode  power  symbol  icon  proposal  standard 
january 2014 by splorp
The evolution of MyFonts’ brand marks
The MyFonts wordmark was designed in 2008 by Underware, [and] six years later, we’re pleased to announce a new addition to the the MyFonts logo family. The goal was to create a [sub]mark that would work well at very small sizes.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  myfonts  design  logo  underware  wordmark  submark  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
A More Modern Scale for Web Typography
In [responsive web design], the proportions and rhythm of your body, headers, and measure deserve as much attention as margins, floats, and media queries. Jason Pamental explains why.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  design  responsive  webdesign  scale  css 
january 2014 by splorp
Letters From Sweden: Line
From the site: “Line is a collaboration between Stefania Malmsten and Göran Söderström. The typeface was originally designed for Swedish fashion and culture magazine Rodeo in 2012 before it was released for commercial use at the end of 2013. Line comes in 5 super thin styles. They can be used individually, or with a formula that keeps stroke weight uniform across different point-sizes. The typeface consists of a basic character set with some alternate letters, plus a large number of modular embellishments which attach to letters in different ways, using kerning pairs. Line is inspired by beauty, handwriting, graffiti tags and scribble. In addition to being an English word, Line (lee-nay) is a feminine Nordic name. Read more about the process behind this typeface on our blog.”
typedia  typography  type  typeface  line  monoline  monolinear  lettersfromsweden  script  display  thin  stefaniamalmsten  goransoderstrom 
january 2014 by splorp
Gil Tucker: Typewriter Class | Watch News Videos Online
Typewriter Class: Alberta College of Art instructor Derek Beaulieu’s students experience an “unfamiliar” technology as part of a creative writing course.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  typewriter  acad  education  technology  obsolete  obsolescence  derekbeaulieu  yyc  college  writing  from twitter
january 2014 by splorp
Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts
Care must be taken when implementing icon fonts to ensure a great experience for all users. What happens when your font doesn’t load? What happens when @font-face isn’t supported in the browser? We’ll show you how to implement bulletproof font icons.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  design  webdesign  css  fontface  icon  development  accessibility  filamentgroup  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
Typeface Designer Creates Book That Teaches Toddlers About Typography
Jeremy Dooley created “The Clothes Letters Wear”, a picture book that teaches toddlers about the different typefaces through illustrations that shows each font as text playing dress-up.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  education  book  publishing  kickstarter  jeremydooley  alphabet  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
Gunnar Link: Donki
Donki is a friendly cursive display typeface by German designer Gunnar Link.
typedia  typography  type  typeface  gunnarlink  cursive  display  sans  bold  heavy  donki  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
Klim Type Foundry: Maelstrom
Maelstrom is a reversed-stress typeface. It’s a “perverse” typeface, to be sure, but that is exactly its charm. It belongs to a genre that seems destined to be perpetually a typographic outsider—never really fashionable yet never fully abandoned.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  typeface  klim  maelstrom  slab  serif  reverse  stress  display  perverse  krissowersby  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
Klim Type Foundry: Founders Grotesk Mono
The impetus for Founders Grotesk originally came from Duncan Forbes of The International Office. We had often discussed the nature and usefulness of the classic grotesks, and the possibility of creating a new one. After trawling through my 1912 Miller & Richard specimen, he became enamoured with their series of Grotesques, particularly the No.7 all-caps showing.
typedia  typography  type  typeface  krissowersby  founders  grotesque  grotesk  sans  monospaced  klim  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
Typopixo — Colorful fonts for your website
Typopixo is a boutique typefoundry specializing in JavaScript-powered, multicolor webfonts.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  foundry  typopixo  color  colour  webfont  javascript  design  chromatic  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
Creative Characters interview with Charles Borges de Oliveira
For the December 2013 edition of their Creative Characters newsletter, MyFonts chats with Charles Borges de Oliveira from Borges Lettering.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  myfonts  creativecharacters  interview  newsletter  charlesborgesdeoliveira  borges  lettering  from instapaper
january 2014 by splorp
The fight over the Doves — A legendary typeface gets a second life
Between August 1916 and January 1917 Thomas Cobden-Sanderson, a printer and bookbinder, dropped more than a tonne of metal printing type from the west side of the Hammersmith Bridge in London.
tn163  typedia  typography  type  foundry  london  history  doves  metal  typesetiing  printing  revival  from instapaper
december 2013 by splorp
Font Aid VII Update
2 weeks, 275 designers, 46 countries, 1 unified cause: Font Aid VII: The Philippines Update
typography  from twitter_favs
december 2013 by splorp
Font Aid VII: The Philippines — the sun glyph I submitted
Jeff Kellem: “The symbols in the middle are a quick drawing of the Tagalog word “lakas” (hopefully meaning strength) in Baybayin script. A very quick design; if I’d had more time I might have experimented further.”
sota  fontaid  philippines  charity  project  fundraising  type  typography  collaboration  jeffkellem  slantedhall  design 
december 2013 by splorp
Montserrat — A tribute film by Fernando Lazzari
From the site: “This is a tribute film to the amazing Montserrat typeface, recently designed by my friend Julieta Ulanovsky. A tribute, also, to the Montserrat neighbourhood in my hometown Buenos Aires, which inspired the font. An finally a tribute to Jorge Luis Borges.”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  video  vimeo  animation  cgi  montserrat  buenosaries  julietaulanovsky 
december 2013 by splorp
At the New School’s New Building, a Sign Isn’t Just a Sign
From the site: “Mr. Baur gave the building a system of signs that people can use as they make their way through the corridors and along the building’s attention-getting stairways. The system has its own typeface, with variations: The lettering changes from level to level.”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  sign  signage  wayfinding  newschool  ruedibaur  design 
december 2013 by splorp
Structured writing for the web
John D. Berry on Gerry Leonidas’ recent talk at Brighton’s Ampersand conference.
tn162  typedia  typography  type  conference  review  event  gerryleonidas  johndberry  ampersand  brighton  writing  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
Glifo — Icon Web Font Maker for Photoshop
From the site: “For the first time ever it’s now possible to create an icon web font right from Photoshop. Glifo lets you export all of the icon layers from any PSD out into a ready to use web font.”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  software  design  webfont  photoshop  plugin  utility  glifo  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
The making of FF Quixo
Images and captions extracted from Frank Grießhammer's Quixo process book.
tn162  typedia  typography  type  design  process  frankgriesshammer  fontfont  fontshop  behance  quixo  ffquixo  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
Adding a Period in a Text Message Just Makes You Look Pissed Off
From the site: “The period was always the humblest of punctuation marks. Recently, however, it’s started getting angry. I’ve noticed it in my text messages and online chats, where people use the period not simply to conclude a sentence, but to announce ‘I am not happy about the sentence I just concluded.’”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  language  punctuation  texting  grammar  society  culture  communication  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
From Slavophile to Typophile: The cultural journeys of Paul D. Hunt
As per Joe Clark: “Yet more on the luckiest emo gay Mormon type designer in the world, Paul D. Hunt.”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  profile  interview  adobe  paulhunt  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
Typekit sponsors CSS Zen Garden
From the site: “For more than a decade, the CSS Zen Garden has been a source of inspiration and education for web designers and developers. Today, we’re proud to announce Typekit’s sponsorship of the CSS Zen Garden project.”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  css  css3  design  zengarden  daveshea  typekit  sponsor  webfont  webdesign  resource  reference  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
Using OpenType Fonts In Microsoft Word
How to turn OpenType features on and off within the advanced menu options of Microsoft Word.
tn162  typedia  typography  type  microsoft  word  wordprocessing  opentype  tip  howto  software  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
Lettering Large: Architectural and Environmental Typography
A “flyby” with Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic, presented by the TDC. December 5th, 2013
tn162  typedia  typography  type  event  presentation  tdc  nyc  newyork  stevenheller  mirkoilic  architecture  monument  environmental 
november 2013 by splorp
Lucas Sharp: Ogg
From the site: “Inspired by the hand lettering of 20th century book designer and calligrapher Oscar Ogg, Ogg captures the unique mix of calligraphic and typographic form he achieved through his use of hand carved pen nibs. Summoning a renaissance flavor while still managing to feel fresh and contemporary, Ogg begs for employment in magazine spreads, book covers, and all kinds of editorial applications.”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  typeface  ogg  serif  lucassharp 
november 2013 by splorp
Drawing Line
From the site: “In the spring of 2012, Stefania Malmsten became the new Creative Director of Swedish fashion and culture magazine Rodeo. Stefania was living in New York at the time, working with Swedish and American clients from the collaborative workspace Studiomates in Dumbo, Brooklyn. She had decided to move back to Sweden where she had started her career with designing iconic magazines like Pop and Bibel.”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  design  stefaniamalmsten  ilt  ilovetypography  sweden  monoline  monolinear  from instapaper
november 2013 by splorp
Webtype News: November 2013
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Webtype News.
tn162  typedia  typography  type  webtype  news  newsletter 
november 2013 by splorp
Design With MyFonts' Rising Stars in Typecast
From the site: “We’ve been dreaming about this since way back in beta — the day we’d be able to design with the MyFonts collection in Typecast. And it’s finally here!”
tn162  typedia  typography  type  myfonts  typecast  service  webdesign  webfont  prototype  utility 
november 2013 by splorp
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