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Type On Screen: Superhero Superfamilies
Dan Eden presents a sextet of type families whose members “unite to make a formidable impact” for the TypeCast blog.
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september 2013 by splorp
Type On Screen: 5 Faces for UI Design
From the site: “Interface elements are about task completion. Our labels and CTAs get visitors from their arrival point to where they want to be, so that text needs to be as readable as possible. Today, our friend Dan Eden presents five faces to help you get the job done.”
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august 2013 by splorp
H&FJ Web Fonts: A Field Guide
From the site: “Since Hoefler & Frere-Jones announced their foray into the world of web fonts, the internet has been overflowing with the rejoicing of designers and typographers everywhere. Finally, one of the most popular type foundries out there has released their long-awaited competitor to the web font services of late! Article by Dan Eden.”
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july 2013 by splorp

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