Nonconsensual Bondage And A Well-Timed Rescue by Miss_Snazzy
The thing about Wade—and there were many things about Wade, many, many disturbing and heartbreaking things—was that he had a lot more control over his life than he led others to believe.

Which was why Stiles had zero sympathy for his current predicament, spread eagle across the bed of a grimy spa, face mashed into his latest in a long line of burner phones.
read  f.crossover  f.marvel  f.deadpool  f.tw  a.miss-snazzy  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.stiles  c.deadpool  w.whump  w.captured  w.ptsd 
2 days ago
Does This Have A Happy Ending? by dametokillfor

In which Wade decides he and Cable both need a cuddle, Nate reflects on this ridiculous situation, and the author smushes her memory of comics and movie canon together to create a little hope.
read  f.marvel  f.deadpool  a.dametokillfor  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.deadpool  c.cable  r.gen  e.tag 
2 days ago
Leonardo's Fears by Zaniida
A one-shot where Leo's self-doubt and unreasonable attempt at self-reliance end up threatening his brothers.
read  f.tmnt  a.zaniida  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.leo-centric  r.gen  w.whump  w.ptsd  w.issues 
22 days ago
His Sonata by yuma (yuma_writes)
All he used to have was her music. But then he joined Dalton's team.

Amir is hurt and waiting to rendezvous with his team.
read  f.thebrave  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.amir  w.whump 
22 days ago
Should My Eyes Deceive Me by dentalfloss
When they grabbed him he was already in his apartment, it was late, and he'd had a few beers. "What do you want?" he asked the gunman quietly.

"We have orders to relocate you," the guy shrugged.

Marty knew in that moment that nothing would ever again be the same.
read  f.ncis  a.dentalfloss  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  w.whump  w.kidnapping  n.mermaids  w.abuse  g.slavefic 
7 weeks ago
Frisson by Cordelia_Sun
Scorpius offers John something that he's desperate for. The price? A moment of submission.

A small divergence for S4x05 - Promises
read  f.farscape  a.cordelia-sun  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.crichton  c.scorpius  w.whump  r.slash  r.crichton-scorpius  neuralclone  p.ds 
7 weeks ago
Silver Grin by micehell
But Scorpius didn't leave, staying on the bed, smiling at him. "That's what you wanted, wasn't it, John? For someone to push the memory of the pleasure, pleasure without choice, away? You needn't worry, though. Whatever Grayza made you feel wasn't real. Any more than the visions the Scarrans put in your head were. Your pretty little Peacekeeper holds your pleasure, John. I hold your pain. Nothing else matters."
read  f.farscape  a.micehell  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.scorpius  c.crichton  w.whump  w.rape:backstory  w.rape:graphic  w.mindcontrol  e.tag  r.crichton-scorpius  r.crichton-grayza  r.slash  r.het 
7 weeks ago
Leave by DinerGuy
The team is home on leave when Dalton suddenly vanishes. Shattered glass, splintered wood, and splattered blood in his living room tell a tale that sends the others scrambling to find their leader. But the question is, can Dalton hold out until they do?
read  f.thebrave  a.dinerguy  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.dalton  w.whump  w.kidnapping  w.torture  w.severebeating  w.concussion  w.electrocution 
7 weeks ago
Stop and Go by yuma
Fourth in the werewolves series.

He thought leaving was the right thing to do. But as he ran, he learned he also needed to stop.

Dalton assigns Amir and Jaz to run laps around the base after Paris, prompting some bonding time (but not too much).
read  f.thebrave  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.amir  c.jaz  w.whump  w.ptsd  e.tag  n.were-beasts  g.au-ish 
10 weeks ago
Safe Haven by mmorgan317
Amir hadn't thought it was going to be easy to integrate into the base in Turkey, but he hadn’t anticipated it to be quite so challenging either. Amir whump. Mentions of racial (Muslim) slurs.
read  f.thebrave  a.mmorgan317  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.amir  c.team  w.whump 
10 weeks ago
Minds by NezumiPi
Sequel to "Bodies". Post-Reichenbach. Molly Hooper visits a still-grieving John Watson with the news that Sherlock is alive, but he's disappeared. John, Lestrade, and Mycroft travel to America in search of him, but what they find is not what they expected. Includes no fewer than 6 characters named John.
read  f.sherlock  a.nezumipi  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.watson  c.sherlock  c.lestrade  c.mycroft  w.whump  g.not!dead  w.braindamage  w.bulletwound  w.amputation  w.mourning  r.slash  r.firsttime  r.sherlock-watson 
12 weeks ago
It's not blood, it's cherries by lynne_monstr
Eliot goes to deal with an enemy only to find out it's already been taken care of.
read  f.leverage  a.lynne-monstr  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.firsttime  r.eliot-quinn  g.humor  darkprotector 
12 weeks ago
A Family Affair by frozen_delight
After Amara brings her back, Mary struggles to adapt to her new life. Everything feels wrong—above all the unnaturally close relationship between her two sons.
read  f.spn  a.frozen-delight  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.establishedrelationship  r.wincest  r.dean-sam  c.mary  w.runs-away 
12 weeks ago
A Clean Slice of Life by frozen_delight
Sam’s almost thirty when he discovers that his brother is actually a clean freak.

Written for anactoria's wish #5: Anything that focuses on Dean being a clean freak. Because apparently I'm currently obsessed with that. at the hoodie_time Summer Wishlist Meme.
read  f.spn  a.frozen-delight  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  g.characterstudy  g.sliceoflife 
12 weeks ago
Late Stranger by frozen_delight
On the plus side, he’s hungry again, so I’m just gonna go pick him up a big ol’ bag of crap food and stuff it in his face myself.

Sam goes to pick Dean up some fast food.

Episode Coda to 10x03 "Soul Survivor". Outsider!POV.

Crowley mocks Sam at the fast food joint. Mostly celebrating Dean's return? That wouldn't be very Crowley-like.
read  f.spn  a.frozen-delight  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  e.tag  e.soulsurvivor  r.gen  c.sam  c.crowley  n.demons 
12 weeks ago
On the road by frozen_delight
In which a concussed Dean meditates on shoes and cars and Sam is pissed.

Written for anactoria's prompt: After living with the MoC for over a year, Dean's got used to being a little bit superpowered. Without it, he totally overestimates the number of monsters/other bad guys he's able to take on, and gets the crap beaten out of him. Comfort optional, but no Wincest, please.
read  f.spn  a.frozen-delight  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  markofcain  r.gen  c.dean  c.sam  w.whump  w.concussion 
12 weeks ago
Too Daze Gone by Grinder1833
After finding Dean surrounded by blood and dead bodies, Sam brings Dean back to the bunker where he can take care of him and make sure that the darkness doesn’t return.
read  f.spn  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  markofcain  e.tag  e.thethingsweleftbehind  a.grinder1833  r.slash  r.establishedrelationship  r.wincest  r.dean-sam  w.shock 
12 weeks ago
Grasp by destielpasta
Castiel observes the changes the Mark of Cain has made in Dean. Coda to 9.17 Mother's Littler Helper.

Cas touches the Mark and feels the rage burning through Dean.
read  f.spn  a.destielpasta  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  markofcain  e.tag  e.motherslittlehelper  r.slash  r.establishedrelationship  r.castiel-dean  c.castiel  c.dean  n.angels 
12 weeks ago
Lost and Found by yuma (yuma_writes)
He was found; whether he wanted to be or not.

Third in the werewolf series. Amir is undercover and finds a young wolf imprisoned. He leads the team to the boy while making his own separate escape. The team is not pleased with his methods.
read  f.thebrave  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.amir  w.whump  w.exhaustion  w.issues  n.were-beasts  g.au-ish  * 
12 weeks ago
Never Have I Ever by padaholic_316
“Naw, that’s not it,” Roger dismissed, not noticing how Riggs’ jaw began to tick. “C’mon, man, I know it must’ve been embarrassing if you don’t wanna talk about it! You’ve been an open book about all the MANY times you’ve almost died before, why is this one so different?”

In which a friendly drinking game gets a bit too personal, Roger won’t let it go, and Riggs winds up revealing way more than he intended to.
read  f.lw  a.padaholic-316  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.riggs  c.murtaugh  c.team  w.ptsd 
february 2018
Once You Go Bach, You Never Go Back by laylabinx
It doesn't take Monroe long to figure out that his cello playing is better than a shot of Nyquil for Nick.
read  f.grimm  a.laylabinx  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.establishedrelationship  r.monroe-nick  c.monroe  c.nick  w.exhaustion  g.humor  g.romance  g.fluff 
february 2018
Common Scents by laylabinx
Monroe can smell different emotions on Nick. It's rather interesting to say the least.
read  f.grimm  a.laylabinx  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.monroe  c.nick  g.romance  r.slash  r.firsttime  r.monroe-nick 
february 2018
A Rock and a Hard Place by bellatemple
Set during the final scenes of episode 4x11, Stone tries to deal with everything that has happened. It doesn't go well.
read  f.librarians  a.bellatemple  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.stone  w.mourning  e.tag 
february 2018
Peculiar by Sarah T (SarahT)
Morning would come, and staff, and tourists. He couldn’t be found here. Still, he didn’t move.

Mycroft comes down from the events of the Final Problem in a church. Lady Smallwood finds him.
read  f.sherlock  a.harriet-spy  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.mycroft  r.gen  e.tag  e.thefinalproblem  w.exhaustion 
february 2018
Hide and Seek by yuma (yuma_writes)
No one keeps anything from the pack. Amir assumed that didn't include him. But when another wolf pack attacks, he learns differently.

A sort of sequel to Lone One of the Pack
read  f.thebrave  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  n.were-beasts  c.amir  w.whump  w.issues  w.berserk  g.au-ish 
february 2018
The Might Rio Grande by Bluejay141519
Amir wants to know how everything got this fucked up.

It's not that he minds the danger his job puts him in, hell he welcomes it sometimes, but this was getting a little ridiculous.

Being killed by his team leader was not how he wanted to go out.
read  f.thebrave  a.bluejay141519  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.amir  c.dalton  w.whump  w.mindcontrol  w.drugs:malicious  w.severebeating  w.ptsd 
february 2018
Lone One of the Pack by yuma (yuma_writes)
He survived as an outsider. Therefore, he knew he didn't need a pack. Deputy Director Campbell, however, thought otherwise.

(An alternate first time meeting in an alternate universe)
read  f.thebrave  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  n.were-beasts  g.au-ish  w.whump  w.exhaustion 
february 2018
Freedom of Choice (Even When There's No Choice At All) by Telaryn
A refugee from Alliance control, Sophie Devereaux is one of the most powerful empaths in the known universe. Her ability to control the emotional responses of the people around her is unparalleled, and the military applications make her a person of extreme interest.

Ordinarily running across an Alliance officer would be a matter she would leave to the crew that took her in and promised to keep her safe.

Problem is, this officer is one of her oldest and dearest friends.
read  f.leverage  f.firefly  f.fusion  a.telaryn  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sophie  c.tara  w.mindcontrol  g.au 
february 2018
After the Final Curtain Falls by Telaryn
News of Damien Moreau's death brings up old demons for Eliot. When the hitter travels to Greece to visit the grave of the former crime-boss, Parker sends Nate after him to make sure he's okay - and that he intends to return home.
read  f.leverage  a.telaryn  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.eliot  c.nate  c.moreau  w.whump  w.mourning  rf.eliot-nate 
january 2018
The Thing About Trust by EducationalAdmiral
He wasn’t going to let this happen to him again. Too many times, too many goddamn times, someone in his life had lost their mind and Jacob had been caught in the crossfire. He wouldn’t let it happen again.

If it meant never being friends with anyone ever again, he’d do that. He’d certainly never let anyone call him that nickname again, Jake. It reminded him too much of the betrayal, of wounds that may never heal. Not completely, anyway.


Or, five times Jacob Stone felt betrayed, and one time people helped him through it.
read  f.librarians  a.educationaladmiral  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.stone  w.whump  w.abuse  w.abandonment  w.drunk 
january 2018
Darker Shades by UnromanticPoetess
Part 3 of the Darker Shades series

Tommy kept his Power Coin when he left Rita's service, and she's not going to let him get away with it. Tommy has to struggle to keep his powers... and his life.

Covers the season 1 episodes "The Green Candle" parts 1 and 2, "Doomsday" part 1 and 2, and "Return of an Old Friend" parts 1 and 2; then season 2 episodes "The Mutiny" parts 1-3, "Bloom of Doom," "Welcome to Venus Island," "Green No More" part 1 and 2, "Beauty and the Beast," and "Blue Ranger Gone Bad." Not necessarily all in that order... I tend to mish-mash and take the best themes of each episode.
read  f.mmpr  a.unromanticpoetess  l.epic  l.complete  s.ao3  e.tag  e.greennomore  e.greencandle  w.whump  w.mindcontrol  w.mourning  w.brainwashing  w.torture  g.not!dead  w.kidnapping  w.captured 
january 2018
Spells and Illusions by UnromanticPoetess
Part 2 of the Darker Shades series

Tommy has left the service of Rita Repulsa, becoming a traitor and a thief in the eyes of the inhabitants of the Moon Palace. In the meantime, he's joined the Power Rangers, but is finding it difficult to gain their trust after all that's happened... made even more difficult with Rita's interference.

Canon rewrite of the period between "Green with Evil" and "The Green Candle" (with a few adjustments in episode order). This story incorporates the season 1 episodes "Island of Illusion" parts 1 and 2, "Calamity Kimberly," and "On Fins and Needles."
read  f.mmpr  a.unromanticpoetess  l.longfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.het  r.firsttime  r.kimberly-tommy  w.whump  w.brainwashing  e.tag  e.greenwithevil  e.greencandle 
january 2018
In Case of Watermelons by radioshack84
Sherlock won’t admit to John that he’s experiencing something as human as unpleasant side effects from being drugged, so he sends him odd text messages instead. The result is quite unexpected. Missing scenes from A Scandal in Belgravia.
read  f.sherlock  a.radioshack84  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sherlock  c.watson  w.whump  e.tag  w.drugs:malicious  w.nightmares  w.drugs:medicinal  *  w.sick 
january 2018
How To Go On (When You Never Expected To) by Telaryn
In the weeks following The San Lorenzo Job, it doesn't take long for Eliot to get himself into trouble. Fortunately it doesn't take Hardison long to figure out what he's done, and it takes even less time for Nate to find somebody to get him out.
read  f.leverage  a.telaryn  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.eliot  c.nate  c.quinn  w.whump  w.captured  w.torture  w.issues 
january 2018
The Wisdom We Have Lost in Knowledge by bellatemple
Stone is in some deep trouble when a trio of goons use him to get leverage over Baird, and with her, the Library. Especially when one of them has the power to strip him of what he loves most.
f.librarians  a.bellatemple  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  read  w.cursed  w.whump  c.stone  c.baird  w.amnesia  w.aphasia  w.mute  *  r.gen  w.seizures 
january 2018
Of Oubliettes and Other Obstacles by laylabinx
Broken bones, a concussion, and a hole in the ground. Yeah, no, this assignment was completely awful.

Or: Jake and Ezekiel tumble into an oubliette and have to keep each other alive until help comes. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Lots of whump and hurt/comfort abound!
read  f.librarians  a.laylabinx  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  c.stone  c.ezekiel  w.freefall  w.concussion 
january 2018
Idle Conversations: Romper Room by yuma (yuma_writes)
Sometimes, it's like working with children.

Simon herds Jim and Blair's spirit animals.
read  f.sentinel  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.simon 
january 2018
Selfish by yuma (yuma_writes)
Mycroft considered his motives could perhaps be regarded as selfish.

Protective!Mycroft throughout Sherlock's life.
read  f.sherlock  a.yuma  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.mycroft  *  darkprotector 
january 2018
Lost & Found by yuma (yuma_writes)
There are many ways one could be lost...

Young Sherlock is inundated with undesirable information. Mycroft gets quietly protective.
read  f.sherlock  a.yuma  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  t.preseries  g.kid!fic  c.sherlock  c.mycroft 
january 2018
The Code by yuma (yuma_writes)
There is a coded message in the paper. Deciphering it took on extra meaning.
read  f.sherlock  a.yuma  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.watson 
january 2018
Sleep by yuma (yuma_writes)
When Simon woke up, he almost wished he didn't.

Simon gets a concussion in a bar fight and his worried about River when he wakes. Fortunately, the crew have things in hand.
read  f.firefly  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.simon  w.whump  w.concussion  c.team 
january 2018
No Reservations by yuma (yuma_writes)
In the end, the bad guy is dead, they won (sort of), yet Stiles still has trouble sleeping. But there's his dad, his pack, and oh yeah, pancakes. Wait. What?
read  f.tw  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.stiles  w.whump  w.ptsd  w.nightmares  w.possession  n.nogitsune 
january 2018
Not a Drop to Drink by yuma (yuma_writes)
Stiles thinks he found a solution after they defeated the Nogitsune. Takes place between the montage and Derek's dream in "Divine Move."

Stiles starts drinking a poisonous tea to inoculate himself against future possession. The pack's not happy about that.
read  f.tw  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.stiles  rf.derek-stiles  w.whump  w.self-harm  w.allergicreaction-venom-poison  w.ptsd  w.possession  n.nogitsune 
january 2018
The Path to Redemption by yuma (yuma_writes)
Trapped in a country that may not be a country soon, the team made choices they didn't like, but couldn't afford not to. Perhaps they didn't really have a choice after all.
read  f.thebrave  a.yuma  l.longfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.team  g.missionfic  w.whump  w.bulletwound 
january 2018
Before the Beginning by yuma (yuma_writes)
One-shot snippets filling the ends of the episodes. Mostly focused on Amir, through the eyes of others.

1. Adam and Amir meet for the first time and decide if they're a good fit for each other.
2. The team coming down after the first episode. Amir getting some grief on base and the team coming together to figure out his place among them.
read  f.thebrave  a.yuma  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  recruitment  c.amir  c.dalton  c.mcg  c.jaz  w.mourning  r.gen  w.whump  w.knifewound 
january 2018
The Invisible Man by littlespider9
Amir was good at working alone. Then he got reassigned.

The former CIA operative learns what it means to be part of a team and his teammates learn what it means to be Amir Al-Raisani.

Basically a character study of the pilot.
read  f.thebrave  a.littlespider9  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  e.tag  c.amir  w.knifewound 
january 2018
Black Blood by Bluejay141519
When Dalton dropped in the field, he thought nothing of it. His adrenline fueled body refused to let him assess the situation correctly.

Or at least, that's what he told McG when he woke up.

Tag to Stealth.
read  f.thebrave  a.bluejay141519  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  e.tag  c.dalton  c.mcg  w.whump  w.bulletwound  w.shock 
january 2018
What It Means to Have a Team by mmorgan317
When injured on a mission, Amir learns what it means to have a team. Amir whump with a bit of team care.
read  f.thebrave  a.mmorgan317  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.amir  c.team  w.whump  w.bulletwound  e.tag 
january 2018
Blood Rules by DinerGuy
The stakes are as high as always. Now might not be the best time to pass out from blood loss.

Missing scene for 01.02 “Moscow Rules”
read  f.thebrave  a.dinerguy  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.dalton  c.preach  w.whump  e.tag 
january 2018
sorry, princess by komet
dalton calls mcg princess on a mission, and it sticks. mcg wonders why his friends are the way they are.
read  f.thebrave  a.komet  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.mcg  g.humor 
january 2018
a risk worth taking by komet
The one where McG takes care of Amir, who doesn’t know what he’s setting into motion by allowing him.

Maybe pre-slash?
read  f.thebrave  a.komet  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.amir  c.mcg  r.gen  r.slash  w.whump 
january 2018
Under Fire by frankie_mcstein
For a second, Campbell thought she'd been shot.

But there was no pain.

And Dalton wasn't moving.
read  f.thebrave  a.frankie-mcstein  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.dalton  c.patricia  w.whump  w.bulletwound 
january 2018
Requesting Medical Evacuation by CatLovePower
What if that truck exploding at the end of episode 4 had more dire consequences? What if Dalton was more seriously injured that he let on?
read  f.thebrave  a.catlovepower  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.amir  c.dalton  c.mcg  w.whump  r.gen  e.tag 
january 2018
If lost, please return to Top. by CatLovePower
Sort of tag to episode 7; there is an explosion at the market, and Amir gets separated from the team.
read  f.thebrave  a.catlovepower  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.amir  w.whump  w.concussion  w.amnesia  r.gen  e.tag  * 
january 2018
Alone by hollyandvice (hiasobi_writes)
When the pain in his head finally ceases and Eliot falls hard and fast to the floor, he can feel his wrists, knees, and one tibia fracture. He grits his teeth through the fresh pain and looks up to see Colonel O'Neill standing over him, eyes bright and blazing the way they always get when someone under his command gets hurt.

The first time Eliot fails in a mission for the SGC, he gets a bit more than he bargained for in return.
f.leverage  f.sg1  f.crossover  a.hollyadvice  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  read  g.au-ish  c.eliot  c.jackson  w.whump  w.kidnapping  darkprotector  w.issues  c.o'neill  r.gen 
january 2018
Going Once…Going Twice…Sold. by Deanangst
Comment Fic written for: scout_lover who requested Leverage, Any, "Whose turn is it to tell Eliot he'll have to wear a suit and tie?"
read  f.leverage  a.deanangst  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  g.humor  c.sophie  c.team  c.eliot 
january 2018
The Omitted Scene from The Snow Job (01 x 04) by DustyDiamond
After Nate pushed Eliot a little too far that the hitter threatened him only to be saved by Sophie's interference I wondered what happened next. This is my version.
read  f.leverage  a.dustydiamond  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.eliot  c.team  e.tag  e.thesnowjob 
january 2018
Moving by SilverMidnight
Part 6 of the Manfred Pain series

After spending months living in Midnight Manfred finally begins to see the town as his family and decides that maybe it's time to make the stay feel a little more permanent.

Manfred finally starts moving his things out of the trailer and into the house. Fiji gives Manfred a blank grimoire to start filling in for his family magic.
read  f.midnighttx  a.silvermidnight  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.fiji  c.manfred 
january 2018
Connection by SilverMidnight
Part 7 of the Manfred Pain series

Manfred is starting to make connections to the people around him, but what about the objects around him? And why is that connection important?

Manfred asks Joe to tattoo a symbol from his new grimoire on him.
read  f.midnighttx  a.silvermidnight  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.manfred  c.chuy  c.joe 
january 2018
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