the center of it all by Xparrot
Do you want me to drive? Sam almost asks. He knows what the answer would be. He almost asks anyway.

Tag to Advanced Thanatology - Sam contemplates how long Dean's been semi-suicidal.
read  f.spn  a.xparrot  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.sam  c.dean  e.tag  e.advancedthanatology  w.suicidal 
19 days ago
beautiful vagabond by IrisCandy
Lying on the cold pavement, his ears roaring with white noise, he realizes that for the first time since Miranda, he’s thinking about consequences. He’s not thinking about what he’s lost, but what there is to lose. He’s not thinking about his want to die, but how badly he needs to stay alive right now, for them.

For the Murtaughs.
read  f.lw  a.iriscandy  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  w.whump  w.severebeating 
19 days ago
Home is Where Your Super-Soldier Boyfriend Is by Westgate (Harkpad)
Clint is sick and he's NOT hiding, but he might try and hole up in an apartment no one but Natasha even knew existed, so maybe it looks like he's hiding. Bucky's good at finding things he's looking for, though, and he's definitely looking for Clint.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.harkpad  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.hawkeye-wintersoldier  r.establishedrelationship  c.hawkeye  w.whump  w.sick  w.runs-away  g.romance 
19 days ago
Give up control by ShadowAtlas
Daniel is forced to share his room with Dylan, who ends up figuring out something that the illusionnist would have prefered keeping secret… Dylan will help him thanks to one of his hidden talents…
read  f.nysm  a.shadowatlas  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  w.nightmares  w.whump  w.mindcontrol  c.papa!dylan  c.daniel 
5 weeks ago
places we never intended to stay by altschmerzes
In the aftermath of the Horsemen's shows, and the explosion on the bridge, Jack Wilder's parents appear on television, talking about their much beloved dead son.

This news doesn't go over well with Jack, and Henley, Merritt, and Daniel learn some things about him and his family that cast the reaction, and the youngest magician himself, in a new light.
read  f.nysm  a.altschmerzes  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  w.abuse  c.jack 
5 weeks ago
Nice Girl by HashtagLEH
“Just answer me this: what’s a nice girl like you doing, robbing foreign banks with three men? Surely there are other options for you.”
Henley laughed. “What ever gave you the impression that I was nice?”
Or, Henley's interrogation at the FBI after the Las Vegas show.
read  f.nysm  a.hashtagleh  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.henley  g.humor 
5 weeks ago
Control by laylabinx
Merritt has always wondered why Daniel was such a control freak. The real reason paints a pretty dark picture. No slash, just bromance. Mentions of child abuse and neglect so please don't read if this offends you!
read  f.nysm  a.laylabinx  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.merritt  c.daniel  w.abuse 
5 weeks ago
Power of Suggestion by laylabinx
AKA: Five Times Merritt Hypnotized Someone On The Team. Basically my excuse for Merritt big-brothering the hell out of everyone on the team at least once.
read  f.nysm  a.laylabinx  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.merritt  c.team  w.mindcontrol  w.ptsd  w.nightmares 
5 weeks ago
where we go from here by altschmerzes
When Jack is shot during the attempted escape on the motorcycles, the team is faced with the possibility of losing him, and important questions come up about just what these people are to each other, who's responsible for what, and what to do next.
read  f.nysm  a.altschmerzes  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  w.whump  w.bulletwound  w.issues  c.jack  c.team 
5 weeks ago
That Was Fun by HashtagLEH
What we see would imply that the FBI only questioned Daniel and Merritt. But it would have been stupid not to talk to all of the Four Horsemen. This is Jack's interrogation.
read  f.nysm  a.hashtagleh  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.jack  g.humor 
5 weeks ago
The Art of Escaping by Princessfbi
Dylan glanced back up at Jack’s face, but the younger of the two men was staring intently at the lock. Dylan caught the look of bruises around Jack’s neck but he pushed that aside for another time. He cupped the back of Jack’s neck with his hand, forcing himself to ignore that startled gasp at the touch, and with a soft command said, “Jack, looking into my eyes.”

Jack looked into Dylan’s eyes and Dylan saw it immediately. The slightly glaze of hypnosis blinded Jack’s brown eyes.

“I can’t remember how to do it.”

Jack is hypnotized to forget how to pick locks.
read  a.princessfbi  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  f.nysm  r.gen  c.papa!dylan  c.jack  w.whump  w.kidnapping  w.mindcontrol  w.shock  *  w.amnesia 
5 weeks ago
A 'Wilder' Week by FallenQueen2
5 times Jack was taken care of and the time Jack took care of them.
read  f.nysm  a.fallenqueen2  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.jack 
5 weeks ago
Totally Fine by through_shadows_falling
Dean was fine. Totally fine.

Yeah, some monsters had found him and gnawed a good chunk of meat out of his side. Apparently, his guts had been falling out when they rushed him to the hospital, since Castiel’s powers weren’t up to snuff, but the doctors had shoved them back in and stitched him up.

He’d survived, so he was fine. You know what else was fine? His pain meds.

Dean gets addicted to pain meds post!MOC and Castiel tries to intervene.
read  f.spn  a.through-shadows-falling  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  rf.castiel-dean  w.addiction  w.drugs:medicinal 
5 weeks ago
In The Cards (Or How Jack Got What He Always Wanted) by DollGirl
Dylan gets hurt while protecting Jack and Jack comes to a realization about their mentor.

He cares.
f.nysm  a.dollgirl  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  read  r.gen  w.whump  w.bulletwound  c.papa!dylan  c.jack 
5 weeks ago
The Last Of Twelve Houses by KelpietheThundergod
“Don't worry, Dean. We are safe.”

His heart jumps in his throat at the words suddenly sounding to his right. He twists in his seat, freezes. Beside him in the back is a girl. Smiling at him in satisfaction, a spark that could be humor in her eyes. Her hair is long and brown, her dress a deep red. Deep red, the mark on her shoulder.
read  f.spn  a.kelpiethethundergod  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  r.dean-amara  c.dean  c.amara 
5 weeks ago
With a Little Help by schweinsty
Jack gets in some trouble, and Dylan helps him out. Set between 1 & 2.
read  f.nysm  a.schweinsty  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.papa!dylan  w.whump  w.drugs:malicious  w.rape:attempted  c.jack 
5 weeks ago
Merritt McKinney, Responsible Adult by schweinsty
Finding out Jack's a couple years younger than he thought shouldn't be an issue. It really, really shouldn't.

Or: the dented, crumpled part of his brain where Merritt McKinney keeps his conscience rears its ugly head. Gen Teamfic, set during the first movie.
read  f.nysm  a.schweinsty  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.team 
5 weeks ago
A Friendly Little Chat by schweinsty
The morning after his near-drowning, Dylan realizes something's wrong with Jack and tries to get to the bottom of it.
read  f.nysm  a.schweinsty  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  w.drowning  w.ptsd  c.papa!dylan  c.jack 
5 weeks ago
A Many-Splendored Thing by schweinsty
Being Anders' brother is really fucking difficult sometimes, but that doesn't mean Mike doesn't want the job. OR The one where catharses sometimes come after bouts of fighting and CPR.

Mike and his inability to get along with Anders, until Anders takes a bullet for him during Ragnorak.
read  f.taj  a.schweinsty  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  w.bulletwound 
5 weeks ago
Journeywork of the Stars by frozen_delight
They’ve made it to the freaking Grand Canyon, finally, finally, and Dean’s not ready.
read  f.spn  a.frozen-delight  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  demondeal  e.mysteryspot 
5 weeks ago
Sick as a Doornail by Sharlot
Dean mixes his medications and his idioms. Sam tries to help him with both.
read  f.spn  a.sharlot  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  w.whump  w.fever  w.drugs:medicinal 
5 weeks ago
This one's for we two by Trojie
Sam knows Dean gets low sometimes, knows he puts the whole damn world before himself most days. About the only thing left Dean will do for himself is pick the music, so Sam shuts his cakehole.
read  f.spn  a.trojie  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  w.whump  w.depression 
5 weeks ago
Nothingness by zzzett
Mary has left and Dean is struggling. The Darkness hears the call.
read  f.spn  a.zzzett  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.dean  c.amara  rf.dean-amara  w.abandonment 
5 weeks ago
Words by through_shadows_falling
Sam’s brother was not a man of many words.

Selective mutism appeared to be Dean’s way of coping when things got bad, just like his false bravado, like his alcoholism.

Which was why Sam wasn’t shocked when, after the Mark of Cain was finally gone and the Darkness was unleashed, Dean got quiet. Back at the bunker, he’d grunt, he’d nod, and he’d point, but he wouldn’t speak.
read  f.spn  a.through-shadows-falling  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  w.mute  w.suicidal 
5 weeks ago
Of Our Own Device by themegalosaurus
She runs the nails of her right hand over his tattoo. Dean’s skin starts burning, blistering in hot painful bubbles, and Abaddon leans forward, grins. “You’re the perfect vessel, Dean,” she says. (AU for 9x02 'Devil May Care'.)
read  f.spn  a.themegalosaurus  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.dean  c.abaddon  w.whump  w.possession  n.demons  n.angels  e.tag  e.devilmaycare 
6 weeks ago
Driving On Automatic by TheTetrarch
Roger really must remind himself to tell doctors not to give Riggs Percocet ...
read  f.lw  a.thetetrarch  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  w.knifewound  w.drugs:medicinal 
6 weeks ago
Counting Down by Alipeeps
Johnny knew Dutch and D'Avin would come for him. Didn't matter what defences this asshole had in his tooled-up crime lord compound, nothing would stop his team from getting to him. The only question was how long it would take them.
read  f.killjoys  a.alipeeps  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  w.whump  w.torture  w.severebeating  w.knifewound  g.not!dead  * 
6 weeks ago
You Took Apart The Alphabet by MercyBuckets
John knows that Dutch will come for him, he just has to hang in there until she does.
read  f.killjoys  a.mercybuckets  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  w.torture  w.drowning  w.severebeating 
6 weeks ago
Crush My Heart into Embers by evening_spirit
Killing his squad left D'avin with "battle brain". But almost killing his brother and a woman he fell in love with left him much more messed up.
read  f.killjoys  a.evening-spirit  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  w.knifewound  w.mindcontrol  w.ptsd  w.drugs:recreational 
6 weeks ago
Spinning Ballerina by ABJ
What he said to D’Avin wasn’t really a lie; it just left a chunk out of the story. He was, in truth, trying to steal Dutch’s ship. What wasn’t said was that at the time she was still Khlyen’s Little Bird.
read  f.killjoys  a.abj  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  w.whump  w.captured  w.torture  w.rape:non-graphic 
6 weeks ago
Medicated by CatLovePower
Riggs didn’t do hospitals.

Or, Murtaugh misplaced Riggs, and Riggs wished he hadn’t been found.
read  f.lw  a.catlovepower  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  c.riggs  c.murtaugh  w.bulletwound  w.ptsd  w.issues  w.drugs:medicinal 
6 weeks ago
Hot As A Latte by theappleppielifestyle
There are things Foggy knows for sure in this world: one, he was born in Hell’s Kitchen and wherever he goes in life, he’s going to die in Hell’s Kitchen whether he likes it or not.

Two, Matt’s Daredevilling is going to end very badly, no matter what Matt tries to convince him.

And three, people will always, always go for Matt’s charming-blind-guy routine over whatever the hell Foggy does when confronted with a hot person.
read  f.marvel  f.daredevil  a.theappleppielifestyle  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.firsttime  r.foggy-omc  r.daredevil-foggy  c.foggy  g.romance  g.humor 
6 weeks ago
What He Had, And What He Has Now by AppleTeeth
Sex, Safety, Health, Food, Shelter: Five different basic human needs Bruce Banner was once in desperate need of, and five times he received them in spades.

I wanted to write some little scenes showing Bruce's life before he became an Avenger and the comparison now with each member of the team. A little bit of Thor/Bruce but everyone gets their turn making sure he's okay.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.appleteeth  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.hulk  r.slash  r.hulk-omc  r.hulk-thor  w.whump  w.downonluck  w.suicidal  w.runs-away  w.anorexia-starvation  w.prostitution 
6 weeks ago
As Far Away from You as I Could by Julia_Fractal
Roscoe Sweeney should have been the perfect gift. The man who’d murdered Matt’s father, all tied up in pretty knots with a noose around his neck. Killing him together was supposed to bind them forever, a searing bright memory that would belong to the two of them alone.

But Matthew wasn’t like her after all.
read  f.daredevil  f.marvel  a.julia-fractal  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.het  r.establishedrelationship  r.daredevil-elektra  c.daredevil  c.elektra  e.tag  e.kinbaku 
7 weeks ago
Harold's Nightmare by Zaniida
Harold's thought process as he desperately tries to talk his friends out of killing a (relatively) innocent man.

Based on one of the final scenes from Death Benefit (s03e20).
read  f.poi  a.zaniida  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.finch  e.tag  e.deathbenefit 
7 weeks ago
AKA Kilgrave v. Murdock by orphan_account
In which Kilgrave meets Daredevil and doesn't have Jessica to tell her to stick a rusted pipe up his ass.

(Daredevil is immune to Kilgrave, leaving both of them very confused, but Daredevil still loses.)
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.anonymous  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  c.kilgrave  w.whump  w.mindcontrol 
7 weeks ago
come together by QueenWithABeeThrone
The first time they reunite, they kidnap Matt from a convent.

or: three times the Defenders pulled together again.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.queenwithabeethrone  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  c.jessicajones  c.lukecage  c.ironfist 
7 weeks ago
Compounded by cat_77
Things are never simple. Like the wrap of bow string around a series of pulleys and points, everything needs to work in complex tandem to succeed, or occasionally fail spectacularly.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.cat77  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.hawkeye  w.deaf  r.gen  w.whump  w.captured  w.torture  w.blind  c.blackwidow  rf.blackwidow-hawkeye 
7 weeks ago
Looking After John by radioshack84
Part 1: Reese meets Joan for the first time.
Part 2: The newest Person of Interest causes a second failed attempt by the CIA to bring Reese in.

In either case, John has been through the wringer at the hands of Snow & Company, is running on fumes, and needs a bit of help to see him through. Reese whump.
read  f.poi  a.radioshack84  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  w.whump  c.reese  w.homeless  w.drunk  w.fever  w.downonluck  w.bulletwound 
8 weeks ago
What Part of Dangerous by Xparrot
"If we have to take him down, why would you be the one to do it?"
read  f.spn  a.xparrot  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.sam  c.dean  c.jack  e.tag  darkprotector 
8 weeks ago
Acheron by Wuchel
What may have been going through Finch's mind from when things finally settled down at the end of 3x10 - "The Devil's Share" to the beginning of 3x11 - "Lethe". One-shot.
read  f.poi  a.wuchel  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  e.tag  e.thedevilsshare  w.mourning  c.finch 
8 weeks ago
Project Greyfrost by angel
Space AU – all plots and relationships happen roughly through Wanted. Neal's back in prison after escaping Peter's custody, but Sara discovers that he's part of an experimental mind control program called Project Greyfrost. Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie and Sara embark on a rescue mission/prison break to get Neal back and help him heal.
read  f.wc  a.angelita26  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.het  r.establishedrelationship  r.neil-sara  g.au  w.whump  g.prisonfic  w.mindcontrol  c.neil  c.peter  c.sara 
8 weeks ago
The Things We Do For Love by K Hanna Korossy
Mother's Little Helper tag: Despite Gadreel and the Mark and all the disappointments and pain, they keep trying, and caring. Because they're brothers.
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  n.angels  e.tag  e.motherslittlehelper 
9 weeks ago
An Empty Rocking Chair by K Hanna Korossy
#thinman tag: Sam checks in with Harry Spengler. What he learns surprises him.
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  c.sam  c.ghostfacers  e.tag  e.thinman 
11 weeks ago
Missing Pieces by whitchry9
Brett has always been good at solving puzzles, so when Matt Murdock is still missing weeks after the events at Midland Circle, he starts investigating. It turns out none of Murdock's friends are too concerned, and their behaviour is even outright suspicious. Brett starts putting the pieces together. The more he collects the more he thinks there's something really wrong with the picture he's getting. And Matt Murdock is looking more and more like a murder victim.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.whitchry9  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.daredevil  c.mahoney  g.casefic  w.mourning  e.tag 
11 weeks ago
We Can Get Better by inkvoices
Hypervigilance is kicking in. Clint wishes he could sleep for a week, but he won’t even manage a full night. He’s gonna be up each time something moves in his peripheral vision. He’s already turned the stupid hearing aids up to the max. He’ll be checking the locks and the boarded up window every hour probably.

Clint thought that everyone left after the Battle of Bed-Stuy, but Natasha's still here and that means the chances of him sleeping tonight have just improved dramatically.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.inkvoices  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.het  r.firsttime  r.establishedrelationship  r.threesome  r.blackwidow-hawkeye-wintersoldier  c.hawkeye  c.katebishop  c.blackwidow  c.wintersoldier 
12 weeks ago
Brothering by K Hanna Korossy
Captives tag: Sam might say he just wants to be partners, but he can't seem to stop being a brother. Dean knows which one he's listening to.
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  c.dean  w.whump  w.concussion  w.abandonment  e.tag  e.captives 
september 2017
Please Stand By by cat_77
Maybe it was just the marathon of bad sci-fi movies from last weekend, but he had a feeling something was a little off here.

Clint gets caught in a time bubble after a battle and wanders around his prison alone.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.cat77  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.hawkeye  w.whump  w.extreme-isolation 
september 2017
I've Walked These Miles In A Straight Line by Lizicia
Annie lies on the warm sand and thinks 'This is how I die.' And yet, she doesn't and she would prefer to keep it that way.

Annie decides to go to Eyal about her heart.
read  f.covertaffairs  a.lizicia  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.annie  c.eyal  rf.annie-eyal  w.whump  w.heart-problem  e.tag 
september 2017
Occupational Hazard by whitchry9
Matt is no stranger to getting stabbed, but he does find it unusual that it happened in court this time.
read  f.marvel  f.daredevil  a.whitchry9  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.daredevil  c.foggy  w.whump  w.knifewound 
september 2017
History Speaks Louder Than Words by K Hanna Korossy
The Purge tag: Dean doesn't just hear Sam; he listens.

Actions speak louder than words and Dean has learned from history that Sam needs to lash out at him, but he's still his brother.
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  e.tag  e.thepurge  c.sam  c.dean  w.possession  n.angels 
september 2017
The Ghost Sees All by K Hanna Korossy
The Purge tag, sort of: It's amazing what you witness when you're dead. (Kevin POV)
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  c.kevin  g.characterstudy  e.tag  e.thepurge  n.ghosts-spirits 
september 2017
Devil You Know by gaelicspirit
Set between The Defenders S1:E6 Ashes to Ashes and S1:E7 Fish In a Jailhouse. Sometimes the only way to find balance is to trust someone unstable. Matt’s world is swiftly turning sideways and the people he once turned to are not the ones who can save him this time.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.gaelicspirit  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.daredevil  c.foggy  c.claire  w.whump  w.concussion  w.mourning  e.tag 
september 2017
Between Sinners and Saints by kristen999
Matt couldn’t risk Foggy or Karen to an unknown threat. The thought of calling them, to face their anger, their disappointment...The only other number fresh in his mind was…he licked his lips. Jessica.

Coda for the finale. Matt is held kinda hostage by an over protective Sr. Maggie, who's way too heavy with the morphine.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.kristen999  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  r.gen  c.jessicajones  rf.daredevil-jessicajones  w.whump  w.cavein-collapse  w.drugs:medicinal  c.srmaggie  * 
september 2017
Scar Tissue by Jadesfire
"What the hell, Matt?" Foggy supposes that if being dropped on an ancient couch didn't wake Matt up, his voice won't do it, but he's still kind of disappointed when Matt sleeps on.

The cops need Matt's shirt. Foggy needs them not to see what's underneath it. And he really needs Matt to wake up.

Two out of three isn't bad.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.jadesfire2808  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.foggy  c.daredevil  w.whump  e.tag  w.drugs:malicious  rf.daredevil-foggy 
september 2017
take it easy on my heart by smilebackwards
Tap. Tap. Tap. The red tip of a cane hits the doorframe and then there’s Matt, back in an NYPD Harlem t-shirt, standing in the doorway.

A fix it where the Defenders did not tolerate Matt's suicidal heroics.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.smilebackwards  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  r.gen  c.foggy  rf.daredevil-foggy  g.not!dead  e.tag 
september 2017
For The Love Of One by IrisAntunes
The relationship of Matt and Elektra in the view of some characters. Before, during and after defenders.

"For the man who saved thousands and died for the love of one."
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.irisantunes  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.elektra  c.daredevil  r.daredevil-elektra  g.romance  g.characterstudy  r.het  r.establishedrelationship 
september 2017
The Worm Gets Its Wings by sublime42
After the events at Midland Circle, Matt's life becomes a nightmare. He dreams of Elektra, smells her decaying body, imagines his friends dying because of him, and he can't cope. Thankfully, his friends care enough about him to try to help.

Kind of a dark story, read the tags. Matt's POV in chapter 2.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.sublime42  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  c.ironfist  c.claire  c.foggy  w.whump  w.mourning  w.drunk  w.breaking  r.gen  rf.daredevil-foggy  rf.daredevil-ironfist 
september 2017
Acquainted with the Night by Callistemon
Matt misses the fist bumps he used to share with Foggy. The rest of the Defenders just don't understand.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.callistemon  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  r.gen  rf.daredevil-foggy  c.foggy  g.not!dead  e.tag 
september 2017
A Man I Respect by ren (renegadewriter)
Frank got word of what happened. He's not happy. Not one bit. He goes to Karen to get the whole story.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.renegadewriter  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.punisher  c.karen  rf.karen-punisher  e.tag  w.mourning  r.gen 
september 2017
The Real Story of the First and Second Born by K Hanna Korossy
First Born tag: The Winchesters have taught him what it means to love...and to be exasperated. (Castiel POV)

Dean calls to check in on Sam's post-possession recovery. Castiel reveals that Cain's version of events may not be accurate.
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  c.castiel  n.angels  markofcain  e.tag  e.firstborn 
august 2017
Leap of Faith by kristen999
Jessica was a damn bleeding heart; it was the only way to explain why the hell she accepted Karen Page as a client. Fix-it coda for the end of season 1.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.kristen999  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.jessicajones  r.gen  g.not!dead  w.mourning  c.karen  f.daredevil 
august 2017
The Devil's Advocate by Beguile
The envelope is delivered straight to Matt’s old apartment. Left on the floor outside the door. “TO THE 3 STOOGES,” it says in an angry scrawl across the front.

“Does it say who it’s from?” Luke asks, immediately worried about a threat.

Danny shrugs. “F.C.?”

read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.beguile  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  g.not!dead  g.humor  c.jessicajones  c.lukecage  c.ironfist  c.punisher 
august 2017
The Square Root Of Sixteen by jadedoll
Matt woke to a blistering headache, the sound of Luke and Jessica having a low, hissing argument on a balcony and the smell of Danny burning an omelette in the kitchen.

This weird ass vigilante team-up was about stopping the Hand and then going their separate ways. Matt was still waiting for the others to start going.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.jadedoll  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  g.romance  r.slash  r.het  r.firsttime  r.ot4  r.daredevil-ironfist-jessicajones-lukecage  c.jessicajones  c.ironfist  c.lukecage 
august 2017
To Be Good by SoulfireInc
Elektra doesn't remember Matt, and the Black Sky sees him as a target. Even if the Defenders can save Matt's life, they know he might not survive what must be done to save their city. The Black Sky must die. Multiple POVs, Matt-centric.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.soulfireinc  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.daredevil  c.elektra  r.establishedrelationship  r.daredevil-elektra  w.whump  w.amnesia  w.knifewound  c.stick  c.team 
august 2017
Five Times Danny Healed With Touch (and One Time Matt Didn't Let Him) by heartstarmagick
Danny heals. Matt seems to constantly be in need of healing. Touch starvation is a powerful force, though it is certainly not the only force at play between them.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.heartstarmagick  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.establishedrelationship  r.daredevil-ironfist  c.daredevil  c.ironfist  w.whump  w.depression  w.touch-issues 
august 2017
These Things Take Forever by ShowMeAHero
It's been months. Foggy gets a call.

Foggy gets called to pick Matt up from where the nuns are keeping him.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.showmeahero  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  rf.daredevil-foggy  c.daredevil  c.foggy  g.not!dead  w.whump  w.cavein-collapse 
august 2017
Say You Don't Know Me (or Recognize My Face) by ShowMeAHero
Daredevil is kind of dark and broody. He doesn't want anyone to know his real name, he never smiles, and he has kind of a loner attitude.

Matt Murdock, on the other hand, is completely unrecognizable to Jessica the first time she really sees him.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  a.showmeahero  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.establishedrelationship  r.daredevil-foggy  c.daredevil  c.team  w.whump  w.knifewound 
august 2017
After the Outbreak by navaan
Tony wakes up in a hospital bed

Ultron takes over Tony's extremis code and uses him to attack Steve.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.navaan  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.firsttime  r.captainamerica-ironman  c.ironman  c.captainamerica  w.whump  w.possession  extremis  c.ultron 
august 2017
No Search, All Rescue by Arsenic
Chris is upholding a treaty with another hunting family when he discovers they've been holding a pretty familiar looking wolf. Yeah, that won't do.
read  f.tw  a.arsenic  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.slash  r.derek-stiles  r.firsttime  c.derek  c.stiles  c.chris  w.whump  w.captured  w.torture  w.ptsd  n.were-beasts 
august 2017
Just In Case by igrockspock
"Maybe he made it out," Karen says.

"Maybe..." Foggy parrots back.

He knows he shouldn't hope, but somehow he can't stop himself.
read  f.marvel  f.defenders  f.daredevil  a.igrockspock  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.foggy  c.karen  w.mourning 
august 2017
Born Again by whitchry9
The after, when no one thought there would be one.

Matt heals with the nuns.
read  f.marvel  f.daredevil  f.defenders  a.whitchry9  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.daredevil  w.whump  w.cavein-collapse  w.blind 
august 2017
Rocked and Rolled by K Hanna Korossy
Rock and a Hard Place tag: Sam trusts his brother.

Sam puts his faith in Dean regarding his blackouts while possessed by Gadreel, which is probably why it hurts as much when he finds out Dean's betrayal.
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ffn  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  w.possession  n.angels  e.tag  e.rockandahardplace  w.amnesia 
august 2017
Good Brothers by K Hanna Korossy
Bad Boys tag: Sam remembers more now from when Dean disappeared.
read  f.spn  a.khk  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.sam  c.dean  e.tag  e.badboys 
august 2017
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