Ask Polly: Am I Too Needy To Love? -- The Cut
Don't seek approval from others. Just yourself.
advice  ask-polly 
august 2016
By Making A Game Out Of Rejection, A Man Conquers Fear : Shots - Health News : NPR
Jason Comely's fear of rejection was so strong that he'd become completely isolated. So he set out to get himself rejected at least once a day, every day. Funny thing is, it worked.
psychology  mental-health  from:inner-vision 
february 2015
Teslin Synthetic Paper Sheets White Plastic Genuine PPG Laser Inkjet Offset Ink Jet Printers Where To Buy Waterproof Cards Online
Teslin synthetic paper sheets in white plastic genuine PPG for laser, inkjet, offset, ink jet printers & waterproof cards in SPID, IJ, SP & TS treated sheets. Where to buy standard product, thermally stabilized for offset, inkjet printers & SPID for lazer online.
february 2015
12 board games to make you a better person | Technology | The Guardian
From those that bring history to life, to others that can teach a thing or two about working together, tabletop games can teach all sorts of skills
january 2015
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