Insightful Interaction
Immigration datavisualization - crazy to see how much it's shrunk in the last 4 years.
april 2015
Index Magazine
Albert Maysles train mini-doc
transit  video 
march 2015
Frames of Reference
You will never land smoothly on borrowed vividness. If you say someone looks like Tom Cruise—and you let it go at that—you are asking Tom Cruise to do your writing for you. Your description will fail when your reader doesn’t know who Tom Cruise is.
march 2015
Are postcards obsolete?
More writing to affirm the value of postcards.
march 2015
Shitphone: A Love Story
"Shitphones are the culmination of decades of research in wireless technology, computing, materials, and design — minus a year or two." "iPhones are really just shitphones from the future."
march 2015
Why Cursive?
"Students who take notes by hand show better factual recall, conceptual understanding, and ability to synthesize the material and generalize from it."
march 2015
Alan Bean Plus Four
So much text I can't even.
october 2014
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