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astolat: Fully Functional

In which Tony is the best/worst friend ever, post-Civil War, and builds Rhodey a cyborg dick. And then helps him test it, you know, for science.
fic  marvel  avengers  ironman  slash  tony/rhodey  smut  humor  <5K  +2016-06 
february 2018 by spatz
gyzym: What I Need I Just Don't Have
If you want this choice position, have a cheery disposition. (Or: Tony needs an assistant. Rhodey needs a break.)

Whip-sharp email banter between Tony and Rhodey followed by Pepper pwning Tony at their first encounter. What's more to love?
fic  ironman  marvel  genish  tony/rhodey  precanon  firstmeetings  epistolary  humor  <5K  +2012-11 
june 2016 by spatz
quigonejinn: Your Fixed Point
Identity is not a fixed point. | Seriously dark and fucked-up genderswap AU.
fic  ironman  genderswap  au  het  angst  tony/rhodey  tony/obediah  marvel  <20K 
february 2010 by spatz

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