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copperbadge: The Best Bad Ideas
When Clint Barton put on the Captain America costume for a mission, he didn't count on Phil Coulson's reaction. Coulson didn't count on Clint crashing his new team to do something about it.
fic  avengers  x-men  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  humor  pining  capers&cons  telepathy  +2013-12 
july 2018 by spatz
tawabids: Olivia Dunham and the Man in Her Head
"He had a wallet and passport on him, but it seems to be fake," Broyles skimmed away the hospital photo to showed a colour scan of the passport. "British nationalist by the name of Charles Francis Xavier, but it says he was born in 1932 - which his doctors say he clearly wasn't - and the design of the passport is decades out of date. We've contacted the EU office and the British embassy and they say they've got no records of a man by that name."

"Maybe there's more to this one than just tele—" Olivia began dryly, but cut herself off. Holding the phone between shoulder and ear while she dialed, she had picked up the photocopy of the passport, but almost dropped it as she looked at it properly. "Oh my God."

The picture was black and white, and scratchy despite the high-quality scan. Broyles narrowed his eyes at her. "You recognise him?"

"Yeah," Olivia breathed, looking up at her boss. "He was in my dream last night."
fic  crossover  fringe  x-men  xmfc  marvel  gen  telepathy  casefile  <15K  +2011-09 
july 2018 by spatz
leupagus: telepathy AU
Bilbo gets a shard of the Arkenstone as tribute or whateverrrrr and she carries it with her back home, grieving and heartbroken because she thinks Thorin is either dead or mad at her for all eternity (let’s go with the latter).
fic  thehobbit  lotr  het  bilbo/thorin  au  telepathy  genderswap  dreams&nightmares  tumblrfic  <5K  +2014-01 
october 2017 by spatz
astolat: Dangerous If Unbound
The Texas sun beating down was merciless, almost a physical weight on his shoulders. John couldn't move even to change the angle: the collar was tight, the cuffs were tight, and the chains had been pulled to their limits.
fic  personofinterest  slash  finch/reese  au  slavefic  soulmates&bonding  telepathy  D/s  action/adventure  <25K  +2014-02 
january 2017 by spatz
thefourthvine: Solid Copy
Jensen shifted his gaze to Cougar. “I really thought that if I ever had to say the words ‘telepathic disaster,’ it’d be a lot cooler than this is turning out to be.”
fic  losers  slash  cougar/jensen  postcanon  telepathy  humor  yuletide  <15K  +2016-12 
december 2016 by spatz
aldora89: The Lotus Eaters
Stranded on the planet Sigma Nox while searching for a missing away team, Spock and Kirk find themselves pitted against a disturbing native life form. With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough – but when a slim chance for escape surfaces, their resolve is truly put to the test. Together they must fight for survival in the heart of an alien jungle, and in the process, uncover the mystery of the planet’s past.
fic  startrek  aos  slash  kirk/spock  action/adventure  alienrace  h/c  ptsd&trauma  telepathy  <100K  +2016-07 
july 2016 by spatz
aesc: An absence which could not be more there
He prepared to shift another half-step over to the Current Events section (which would, of course, enrage him) when the teaser positioned by the model's left elbow caught his eye: DATING WHILE TELEPATHIC: WHY I DON'T DO IT.
fic  x-men  xmfc  marvel  slash  erik/charles  au  telepathy  angst  <20K  +2012-04 
august 2015 by spatz
ignipes: The Material Properties of Memory
To change a person's mind had the dangerous, reckless feeling of setting an avalanche in motion. It was exquisite and exhilarating and there was nothing like it in the world, but it was also terrifying. Emma wasn't foolish enough to deny that. It was just as terrifying as everything in the world that was worth having and worth doing should be.
fic  x-men  xmfc  marvel  gen  telepathy  <10K  +2011-09 
august 2015 by spatz
addandsubtract: your head caught in a waking dream (1/3)
Charles is sent to a mental institution as a child and by the time Raven breaks him out, he's irreparably damaged. Because this is me, there's also a road trip involved.
fic  x-men  xmfc  marvel  slash  erik/charles  au  telepathy  angst  dreams&nightmares  h/c  ust  amnesia  +2011-07  <25K  captive 
january 2015 by spatz
infiniteeight: Five People Who Flinched From Phil and the One Person Who Never Did
AU where everybody has telepathy, but Coulson's mental voice is painful to everyone who meets him. Enter Clint, who's mind-deaf. Really lovely, solid worldbuilding for being so short, with A+ pining and skin hunger.
fic  avengers  au  telepathy  slash  clint/coulson  fivethings  pining  precanon  firstmeetings  marvel  <10K 
october 2013 by spatz
sholio: Psychic Neal AU
"He's some kind of secret government experiment?"

Peter and his team have been trying to catch the elusive con artist Neal Caffrey for years. But Peter's search for Neal leads him to something else: a startling revelation about Neal's true nature.
fic  whitecollar  au  gen  h/c  telepathy  friendship  long  dark  trustissues  <75K 
october 2013 by spatz
arsenicjade: Nine Simple Isotopes
In this universe, Neal doesn't put caselaw and a tracking anklet on the table; he puts caselaw and a one-way neural-fuse there. (series page:
fic  whitecollar  au  het  slash  threesome  neal/peter/elizabeth  telepathy  h/c  <30K 
october 2013 by spatz
killa: What the Heart Remembers
After The Voyage Home, Spock and Kirk struggle with the fallout from the events surrounding Spock's death, and the missing pieces of their twenty-year friendship. Lovely.
fic  startrek  tos  slash  kirk/spock  dreams&nightmares  pining  amnesia  telepathy 
june 2013 by spatz
storm_petrel: Five cracktastic moments
Five moments in which the Losers must admit, "No, that shit really did just happen."
fic  losers  crack  fivethings  genderswap  telepathy  crossover  startrek  aos  doctorwho  slash  cougar/jensen  zombies  commentfic  <5K 
june 2012 by spatz
nix: A Meeting of Minds
As it turns out, the Extremis hadn't quite finished rewriting Tony's brain. The only potential fix has...consequences. (telepathic bonding, whoo!)
fic  avengers  slash  steve/tony  smut  telepathy  pining  h/c  marvel  insecurity  soulmates&bonding  <20K 
may 2012 by spatz
mahoni: The Uncharted Sea (1/17)
Jon is a crook who tries using his shady skills to do good things for a change. Gerard is stuck on a pirate ship, looking for a way off. There are: magic, ray guns, magical creatures, robots, and various Dangerous and Evil Things that may stop both Jon and Gerard getting to where they want to be. || Excellent fantasy AU, but warning for extreme violence and gore.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  au  magic  slash  genish  bob/gerard  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  long  h/c  noncon  torture  telepathy  captive  pirates  >100K  brokenlink 
june 2010 by spatz
airgiodslv: In our finest year (1/4)
Prequel to As close as it gets to home, set during Jon's internship at the Chicago branch of the telepathic police consultants. Focuses on the growth of Jon and William's friendship, but Gabe is a fantastic foil as the head of a telepath advocacy group of dubious legality.
fic  bandom  cobras  tai  fob  genish  slash  gabe/william  au  telepathy  casefile  long  <30K 
june 2010 by spatz
resonant & livia: Nuance (1/2)
In which Jim develops an almost psychic ability to read body language. The case, personal storyline, and romance are neatly twined together into a very cool whole.
fic  sentinel  slash  jim/blair  angst  long  casefile  smut  telepathy  <35K 
april 2010 by spatz
airgiodslv: As close as it gets to home (1/3)
Wherein Brendon, Ryan, and Spencer are telepathic cops, Gerard and Frank are their bosses, and Jon is the new psychologist that no one trusts. (AO3:
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  au  slash  frank/gerard  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  scifi  long  telepathy  <25K 
december 2009 by spatz
minnow1212: Face Value (1/2)
Rodney accidentally acquires telepathy - surprisingly touching and insightful for Rodney, sweet John/Rodney, with some great Zelenka in a supporting role. (updated link:
fic  stargate  sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  telepathy  <20K 
may 2007 by spatz
samdonne: Man, Interrupted
"You're not my fucking tool, you're not expendable, you're not the only one who's changing, we're synchronizing."
fic  thoughtcrimes  slash  freya/ofc  friendship  telepathy  *favorite  postcanon  <15K 
march 2007 by spatz

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