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trinityofone: Good Things Do Happen (1/2)
Best zombie Christmas ever! Or, A Winchester Family Christmas, 2010. Happy ending comfort fic in which everyone lives (*literally* everyone), but in a gloriously human, awkward, hilarious way.
fic  supernatural  au  futurefic  gen  het  slash  sam/jess  dean/castiel  john/mary  humor  postapocalypse  *cortue  holiday  <15K 
june 2010 by spatz
apocalypsos: We Might Be Laughing A Bit Too Loud
When Jess starts going out with boys she always ends up with the bad boys. | A history of Jess and sex. Hilarious and hot.
fic  supernatural  het  sam/jess  smut  college  kink  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
joyfulgirl41: Stories Untold
There are things that Jessica doesn't say. || Secrets Jess kept from Sam, bittersweet and perceptive.
fic  supernatural  het  sam/jess  college  angst  <5K 
april 2010 by spatz
kbk: Sensuous Life
Jess and Sam at college - an exploration of love and sex and kink that's fascinating and rich.
fic  supernatural  het  sam/jess  smut  kink  college  precanon  <5K 
april 2010 by spatz
apocalypsos: No, Make Something Up
How to be honest in seven easy lessons. An AU where Sam told Jess the truth.
fic  supernatural  het  sam/jess  au  college  <5K 
march 2010 by spatz
apocalypsos: How To Save A Life
Four times at college that Sam was a Winchester, whether he liked it or not.
fic  supernatural  gen  het  sam/jess  college  capers&cons  casefile  <5K 
march 2010 by spatz
ignipes: Family Secrets
AU in which everybody lived and we get to see how Mary gets along with her daughter-in-law Jess.
fic  supernatural  au  gen  het  john/mary  sam/jess  marriage  <5K 
march 2010 by spatz
poisontaster: Books of the Living, Books of the Dead
Sammy isn't the only one with dreams. Dean just doesn't talk about his. They're not…relevant. || Dean dreams of Jess after her death.
fic  supernatural  gen  het  sam/jess  <5K 
march 2010 by spatz
vaingirlfic: Hey, Winchester, We'll Always Have Fairyland
Jess wants Sam to wear a Halloween costume. Sam objects. There's a bet and it all goes from there.
fic  supernatural  het  precanon  sam/jess  humor  holiday  <5K 
april 2007 by spatz

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