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themadlurker: 9½ Things to Do With a Time Machine and Panic! at the Disco
"Good afternoon, I'm the Doctor," said the Doctor, "and I'm here to save you from an imminent temperospatial event collapse and ensure that my reunion tour concert tickets don't become invalid."
fic  crossover  patd  doctorwho  bandom  humor  timetravel  <5K 
july 2013 by spatz
ignipes: Parallax
The only thing Jon wanted was a way off this station. Epic space AU set in a dystopian future, where they are all on the run for one reason or another.
fic  bandom  patd  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  slash  au  dystopian  scifi  robots  angst  h/c  captive  torture  alienrace  <75K 
may 2012 by spatz
reni_days: Any Note You Can Reach
In which MCR and Panic get into a long-distance game of mocking and gay chicken, and some accidental flirting ensues. Hilarious.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  slash  gerard/brendon  au  <10K 
may 2012 by spatz
cupiscent: Away with the (1/2)
Gabe has to fetch something for Pete from Chicago. This would be easier if Pete wasn't the Faery King and the something wasn't tall, skinny and sarcastic. Who likes easy anyway?
fic  bandom  cobras  tai  fob  patd  au  magic  slash  gabe/william  captive  <20K 
july 2010 by spatz
cest_what: Five Steps for Acquiring a Sidekick
Superhero AU. Some people just don't know how to stay rescued. (or, Ryan is Z's Lois Lane, and it's so delightful)
fic  bandom  thelike  patd  au  het  ryan/z  identityporn  <15K 
july 2010 by spatz
cest_what: Taylor Vanguard Gives It Her All
In which they are all on a television show, and there is pining. || Laena grinned. "I know, right? You get a *lesbian makeout scene*, Z. We're going to lose our 8.30 timeslot; it's going to be amazing."
fic  bandom  thelike  patd  au  slash  z/tennessee  jon/ryan  fakemedia  <10K 
july 2010 by spatz
passe_simple: Stealing Kisses
Always-a-girl Brendon/Spencer first-time awkward teenage sex. Giggly and adorable.
fic  bandom  patd  au  genderswap  het  brendon/spencer  humor  smut  <10K 
july 2010 by spatz
reni-days: Hand Me Down (1/2)
Brendon is living in San Francisco, barely making ends meet. Spencer and Ryan are living under a bridge. Brendon adopts them. (oh, my hearteyes, let me show you them...)
(post is now locked, also at AO3 here:
fic  bandom  patd  au  normallife  homeless  preslash  brendon/spencer  angst  h/c  gen  pining  *comfortread  brokenlink  <20K 
july 2010 by spatz
cest_what: Damsel
In which Z is trapped on the roof, and makes a new friend.
fic  bandom  patd  thelike  au  highschool  het  ryan/z  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
softlyforgotten: What Happens When Two Substances Collide
In which Ryan the reclusive librarian starts having bizarrely vivid dreams, and all of his friends are there, plus this guy named Brendon who he's never met. Sort of Wizard of Oz meets The Neverending Story in a charming, surreal romance way. (plus, pirates and unicorns and ninjas!)
fic  bandom  patd  slash  brendon/ryan  au  magic  pirates  long  humor  scifi  fairytale  <30K 
july 2010 by spatz
elucreh: Promises
In which, Brendon is nervous, and Spencer solves that. My favorite kind of smut - full of meaning for the characters, and flat-out smoking hot.
fic  bandom  patd  slash  brendon/spencer  smut  kink  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
themoononastick: I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere (1/2)
Ryan doesn't believe in love, and lives his life like that. Lovely writing, and Ryan and his issues are intricately drawn.
fic  bandom  patd  angst  futurefic  slash  ryan/spencer  ryan/alex  jon/ryan  het  ryan/z  <20K 
july 2010 by spatz
zarah5 & softlyforgotten: In Case The Scene Gets Nasty (1/9)
Here, then, is a story about a high school wherein Brendon and Ryan hate each other.

I'm having trouble coming up with a brief way to convey my *utter* love of this story, the way they go from ripping each other apart to holding each other together in this incremental, real way that grabs you and won't let go, and all the intricate layers of knowledge and misconception that built up over the alternating POVs and then get peeled back. Epic and painful and amazing.
fic  bandom  patd  au  highschool  slash  brendon/ryan  angst  long  h/c  smut  <100K 
july 2010 by spatz
reni_days: Opened You Wide Up
In which Brendon and Spencer play Gay Internet Chicken to screw with the fans, much to Zack's dismay. Hilarious and sweet.
fic  bandom  patd  crack  slash  brendon/spencer  humor  <5K  brokenlink 
july 2010 by spatz
arsenicjade & untappedbeauty: Like the Tide (1/12)
Ryan and Spencer meet as children in the foster care system. Despite instances of separation, somehow they always seem to find their way back to each other. Long, indulgent (in a good way), and poignant - good read for a rainy day.
fic  bandom  patd  au  school  fostercare  slash  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  angst  epistolary  h/c  highschool  friendship  long  *comfortread  >100K 
july 2010 by spatz
elucreh: Lying Next to Me (1/3)
Christmas is hard for Brendon the lonely busker, but when the commuter he's had a crush on for months gets pushed from the El platform onto the tracks, his life is changed forever. (While You Were Sleeping AU - I've never been able to finish the movie, but I loved this)
fic  bandom  patd  au  angst  pining  slash  brendon/ryan  brendon/spencer  jon/ryan  long  holiday  <20K 
july 2010 by spatz
cest_what & softlyforgotten: Common Circuitry Problems
"Oh," Brendon breathed. "Your robot has a stutter. Spencer, that's *adorable*." (so, apparently I have a thing for robot!Ryan fic? *facepalm*)
fic  bandom  patd  au  slash  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  robots  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
arsenicjade: Putting Out the Lantern
A WWI/roaring 20's AU. Jon doesn't really have anything left to lose.
fic  bandom  patd  mcr  au  historical  h/c  angst  slash  bob/spencer/jon  jon/cassie  threesome  homeless  long  <25K 
july 2010 by spatz
ignipes & emilyray: But Not The Song (1/18)
Amazing, epic slavefic AU that started out as commentfic and turned into this awesome h/c behemoth. The complex world-building is just icing on the cake. (or as seimasin put it: this story cannot be summed up in 100 words or less. Unless those words are "slaves! and shooting! and running! and angsting! and kissing! and more angsting! and a bunch of kids named Alex! did we mention the angst?")
fic  bandom  multiband  patd  fob  mcr  cobras  tai  au  slavefic  angst  slash  ryan/spencer  brendon/ryan  brendon/spencer  jon/ryan  gsf  captive  capers&cons  h/c  historical  noncon  dubcon  smut  long  >100K 
june 2010 by spatz
passe_simple: Adventures in Office Romance; or, His Rumpled Secretary (1/2)
In which Brendon is Spencer's secretary, and somehow Spencer has never really noticed him before. Lol-dorable harlequin.
fic  bandom  au  harlequin  patd  slash  brendon/spencer  jon/ryan  <15K 
june 2010 by spatz
softlyforgotten: Oh Doctor Doctor
It was just that on his first day in the oncology department of the hospital six years ago, he'd been introduced to Dr Ryan Ross, Head Surgeon, and fallen stupidly and irrevocably in love with him, and that, apparently, was that. (A hospital AU.)
fic  bandom  patd  au  slash  brendon/ryan  smut  pining  angst  <20K 
june 2010 by spatz
mahoni: The Uncharted Sea (1/17)
Jon is a crook who tries using his shady skills to do good things for a change. Gerard is stuck on a pirate ship, looking for a way off. There are: magic, ray guns, magical creatures, robots, and various Dangerous and Evil Things that may stop both Jon and Gerard getting to where they want to be. || Excellent fantasy AU, but warning for extreme violence and gore.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  au  magic  slash  genish  bob/gerard  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  long  h/c  noncon  torture  telepathy  captive  pirates  >100K  brokenlink 
june 2010 by spatz
frankkincense & cest_what: Kiss the Girl
Ten times Disney did it best. (or, ten au snippets based on Disney movies. <3)
fic  bandom  multiband  mcr  patd  fob  cobras  tai  au  fairytale  magic  frank/gerard  jon/spencer  brendon/ryan  gabe/william  vicky-t/greta  crack  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
fiddleyoumust: A Turbulence of Forms
Brendon is surrounded by couples who keep asking him for threesomes. And he keeps saying yes, because hey, threesomes! But no one wants to keep him. And then someone does.
fic  bandom  patd  angst  het  slash  threesome  brendon/sarah  smut  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
stele3 & ignipes: The Bone Picker
Eerie horror chatfic, set in the Sixteen Candles vampire AU.
fic  bandom  patd  mcr  chatfic  au  magic  slash  bob/spencer  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
emilyray: Till You Make It (1/3)
Brendon’s junior year has been, by a pretty long way, the best out of all his years of high school so far. || Jon needs a fake date to prom, Brendon has an epic crush, and everyone thinks Ryan is Spencer's imaginary friend. *So* adorable! (AO3:
fic  bandom  patd  au  highschool  slash  brendon/jon  humor  fakerelationship  pining  friendship  long  *summerreading  <25K 
june 2010 by spatz
disarm_d: More (1/2)
"Don't you have experience with this kind of thing?" Adam asks. "Dick?" Brendon asks, blinking.
fic  crossover  rpf  americanidol  bandom  patd  au  slash  adam/brendon  smut  <20K 
june 2010 by spatz
turps33: When Day is Night Alone (1/10)
In which Mikey and Pete run a shelter, Spencer has Ryan, and Brendon has no one. At least not at first.
fic  bandom  patd  mcr  fob  au  homeless  fostercare  h/c  slash  ryan/spencer  pete/mikey  bob/gerard  angst  prostitution  noncon  long  <75K 
june 2010 by spatz
stele3: bb!Spencer/girl!Ryan ficlet
Brain-meltingly hot PWP with 15-year-old Spencer/girl!Ryan in a thunderstorm, with previous commentfic in the same 'verse linked.
fic  bandom  patd  au  genderswap  highschool  het  ryan/spencer  smut  chatfic  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
arsenicjade: Discipline and Punish
Epic prison!AU of hurt/comfort *gold*. Arsenic has a talent for taking OTT premises and writing them with humanity and empathy, and this is a perfect example.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  fob  multiband  au  long  slash  bob/gerard  frank/mikey  angst  captive  h/c  noncon  D/s  smut  epistolary  homeless  >100K 
june 2010 by spatz
softlyforgotten: Just A Teenage Douchebag, Baby
High school AU, in which Ryan is determined to prove to Spencer that he is not emo, but mostly just manages to be a painfully oblivious failboat. *So* endearing.
fic  bandom  patd  au  highschool  slash  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  humor  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
jocondite: A Throat-Pierced Sound In The Night
Jon is the sort of guy who stops to pick up hitchhikers. | Melancholy, atmospheric, and surprising.
fic  bandom  patd  au  angst  slash  jon/ryan  smut  afterlife  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
ignipes: forty thousand men and women every day
The world ends and Dean's on a road trip with somebody else's little brother.
fic  crossover  supernatural  bandom  patd  au  apocalypse  zombies  gen  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
cest_what: Drink Me
Steampunk AU, in which Brendon accidentally doses himself with love potion and fixates on Ryan. Sweet, wistful romance, with a delightful background cast and some excellent world-building. (followed by several equally good stories in the same universe, linked in the post)
fic  bandom  patd  au  steampunk  slash  jon/spencer  brendon/ryan  magic  pining  sexpollen  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
softlyforgotten: And Some You Do For
Brendon Urie is lonely, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker are bored, and life in Thornton Hill seems like it's never going to be anything but mundane. Then a mysterious stranger sets up shop on Main Street, and suddenly everything is a little more magical.

Epic, gorgeous, atmospheric story about the power of friendship, with lyrical world-building and incredible art by tardis80 throughout the story that makes just the act of reading it a little magical.
fic  bandom  patd  au  magic  fairytale  slash  brendon/ryan  friendship  teamfic  captive  genish  <75K 
june 2010 by spatz
liketheroad: For Keeps
He sees Ryan, and Brendon knows that Ryan would be like one of those t-shirts that's been washed way too many times, so worn-through it's almost translucent, with a few real holes showing through to skin, but soft. Soft and just the perfect fit, clinging to your skin in all the right places.
fic  bandom  patd  mcr  au  highschool  angst  h/c  slash  brendon/ryan  pining  long  noncon  <75K 
june 2010 by spatz
flimsy: Spin Cycle
“Did you steal my T-shirts?” he asks and then repeats his question when Ryan pulls his headphones from his ears.
fic  bandom  patd  slash  brendon/ryan  smut  kink  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
untappedbeauty: Like A Magic 8 Ball, But You Can Only Ask One Question
In which Jon uses his magical powers of gaydar for evil. Hilarious.
fic  bandom  patd  au  crack  magic  slash  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  humor  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
jocondite: Cathedrals And Finger-Steeples
Brendon and Ryan on a roadtrip to nowhere, after the cabin. Lovely and subtle.
fic  bandom  patd  slash  brendon/ryan  smut  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
wearemany: Give me more (1/3)
Panic early-days story, with Brendon struggling between his love of music and his family issues and his sexuality. Heartbreaking, intense Brendon character study.
fic  bandom  patd  slash  brendon/ryan  long  highschool  angst  <25K 
june 2010 by spatz
dsudis: But Sweeter
The part that didn't make sense, at first glance, was the spoon. | The one with the hilarious Mormon dessert and Brendon being homesick. Awwww.
fic  bandom  patd  slash  brendon/ryan  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
arsenicjade: Wednesday Night Boys series
Where Panic are largely rentboys, MCR runs a clinic and FOB is off in Sausalito, saving the manatees. Sprawling AU of h/c awesomeness.
fic  bandom  patd  mcr  au  slash  brendon/ryan/jon  bob/spencer  frank/gerard  ray/mikey  angst  threesome  h/c  prostitution  kink  smut  dubcon  long  <100K 
june 2010 by spatz
formerlydf: if all our life is but
Ryan's English teacher says that ambivalence is a mark of greatness in poetry. If Ryan were a poem, he would be great. As a person, he's nothing special. | Surreal magical realism and hard to explain without spoiling it, but well worth the read.
fic  bandom  patd  au  magic  highschool  slash  gsf  angst  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
maleyka: mistletoe ficlet
In which they are all at Hogwarts, and Brendon collects mistletoe in an attempt to get Ryan to kiss him. So. cute.
fic  crossover  bandom  hp  patd  au  magic  school  slash  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  humor  commentfic  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
softlyforgotten: Will Possess
“I’ve known him since I was six,” Ryan says and Jon laughs softly and says, woah.
fic  bandom  patd  slash  ryan/spencer  pining  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
moku-youbi: Choose Your Own
The story of Brendon's deflowering, Choose-your-own-adventure style. Really clever concept, with results ranging from sweet to painful to ridiculous.
fic  bandom  patd  fob  tai  cobras  slash  multiband  het  gsf  smut  interactive  <30K 
june 2010 by spatz
ignipes: Dance Upon the Waves
Brendon swears this is the last time he's going to take treasure-hunting advice from a giant turtle. || In which they are all pirates! Featuring outrageous anachronisms, Captain Ross' hat collection, talking animals, and zombies.
fic  bandom  multiband  patd  humor  au  historical  captive  zombies  pirates  slash  brendon/ryan  <20K 
june 2010 by spatz
ink_like_blood: Sometimes Magic has a Sense of Humor
In which Gabe has magical fame-inducing sex powers. Delightful crack. (Gabe/everyone)
fic  bandom  crack  cobras  mcr  fob  patd  tai  slash  magic  multiband  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
rufus: How Did I Get Here? (1/2)
Spencer's day started with high-pitched screaming, and went downhill from there. (Spencer-Bob bodyswap shenanigans! Funny and unexpectedly touching)
fic  bandom  patd  mcr  gen  bodyswap  au  <20K 
june 2010 by spatz
inkjunket: There Are Feathers Everywhere But It's Fine
In which weird shit is happening to Panic, but it's all totally normal. Clever and cracky fun.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  au  crack  bodyswap  wingfic  transformation  ponfarr  slash  jon/spencer  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
ink_like_blood: But you can't be missed (1/3)
"No, I mean. It's like you haven't aged a single day." Ryan steals another glance, and Brendon looks uncomfortably out the window. The back streets of Vegas look a lot like he remembers them. The cars in the driveways aren't really different, people are still dressed the same, dragging their trash to the sidewalk in their pajamas. No one's in some sort of space-age suit or wearing a video visor, or walking a robotic dog. If Brendon was going to be dropped unceremoniously into the future without his consent, there could at least be robotic dogs. (Flight of the Navigator AU, whee!)
fic  bandom  patd  au  angst  slash  timetravel  brendon/spencer  futurefic  long  <25K 
june 2010 by spatz
seimaisin: For I Was An Earthly Knight (1/3)
Once upon a time, Jon Walker's great-grandmother told him tales of faerie lords and human knights. He never thought they'd be this relevant to his adult life. (AO3:
fic  bandom  patd  au  jon/spencer  fairytale  angst  genish  magic  <25K 
june 2010 by spatz
imntsaying: It Depends on Whose Doorway You Walk Through (1/2)
Brendon doesn’t say anything, so Spencer starts reading out loud. “’Auditions are being held this weekend, the 29th and 30th of September, for the student drama society’s production of The History Boys.’ Cool.”
fic  bandom  patd  au  college  pining  slash  gsf  <20K  brokenlink 
june 2010 by spatz
tam_cranver: All the Hours in Between (1/6)
Brendon was fairly sure that nothing in the entire course of his life had been anywhere near as horrible as trying to squeeze himself through the drain of his cell in the dungeons of Aquila. Really, nothing came even close. (Ladyhawke AU)
fic  bandom  patd  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  au  slash  mcr  multiband  tai  fob  h/c  transformation  long  <50K 
june 2010 by spatz
softlyforgotten: a scenic world
Frank loves Gerard’s stupid faces and his ideas that make him wake Frank up in the middle of the night, but try as he might he can’t remember thinking back then ‘this dude is awesome; clearly I want to host a nature show with him'.
fic  bandom  au  mcr  patd  slash  frank/gerard  brendon/ryan  humor  fakemedia  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
savvygambols: I Find You Alluring
In which TAI steals people's phones to make prank calls, and Bob Bryar is a worthy opponent. Ridiculous(ly adorable).
fic  bandom  multiband  patd  mcr  tai  slash  humor  bob/william  fob  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
jocondite: The Rift In The Lute (1/2)
Old school Panic college/coffeeshop AU, where Brendon is Ryan's one-night stand who keeps showing up. Adorable hipster failboat romance.
fic  bandom  patd  au  college  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  frank/gerard  pete/patrick  slash  bakeries&baristas  <15K 
june 2010 by spatz
lordessrenegade: first doesn't mean there was no one before
tour blowjob n. Oral sex performed on a member of a band by a) a member of his own band, b) a member of another band, or c) a member of the road crew. Does not include encounters with groupies.
fic  bandom  fob  patd  slash  brendon/patrick  smut  jon/spencer  <5K 
april 2010 by spatz
fictionalaspect: All In
They're out here to make music, not just to goad each other into weird sexual situations. | AHAHAHAHA. In which they make a kinky sex chicken bet at the cabin. Incredibly fun, clever, and ridiculous but also sweet. Also, HOT.
fic  bandom  patd  kink  humor  bondage  D/s  gsf  slash  smut  <10K 
april 2010 by spatz
just_katarin: God Only Knows (index post)
Ridiculously indulgent Big Love/Mormon polygamy AU: Jon Walker and his boywives.
fic  bandom  patd  au  gsf  slash  smut  marriage  angst  pining  fakerelationship  <75K 
april 2010 by spatz
airgiodslv: As close as it gets to home (1/3)
Wherein Brendon, Ryan, and Spencer are telepathic cops, Gerard and Frank are their bosses, and Jon is the new psychologist that no one trusts. (AO3:
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  au  slash  frank/gerard  brendon/ryan  jon/spencer  scifi  long  telepathy  <25K 
december 2009 by spatz
passe_simple: Star Shaped (1/5)
Brendon’s not having the best holiday season ever. || I LOVE THIS STORY. It is singlehandedly responsible for getting me addicted to bandom, but so worth it. (don't miss the codas!)
fic  bandom  patd  mcr  slash  kidfic  brendon/ryan  frank/gerard  jon/spencer  college  angst  pining  long  kidverse  au  fostercare  *comfortread  holiday  <75K 
december 2009 by spatz
passe_simple: Forever, Now (1/11)
The epic MCR-as-kids fic, where the Way brothers are runaway orphans and Brian is a reluctant marshmallow who takes them in and gives them a home. (AO3:
fic  bandom  mcr  long  au  gen  h/c  kidfic  angst  patd  kidverse  fostercare  homeless  *summerreading  *comfortread  >100K 
december 2009 by spatz
disarm_d: Just close enough to touch
Spencer is a business major with a Life Plan he wrote when he was 17, and nothing is going to make him change it. Then he meets Brendon.
fic  bandom  patd  au  slash  brendon/spencer  angst  long  college  smut  <15K 
september 2009 by spatz
rossetti & sloganeer: The Boys on the Bus (master post)
Index community for the Panic/West Wing crossover series. (includes the two shorts that rosetti wrote; sloganeer's links are dead but can be found on AO3:
crossover  bandom  patd  westwing  jon/spencer  brendon/ryan  au  slash  seabornforpres  long  <15K 
september 2009 by spatz
sloganeer: Fredericksburg
"It's raining in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Spencer Smith is looking for an umbrella." First in a AU series of eight fics, where the Panic boys are working on Senator Seaborn's campaign for presidency. Though the focus is on the boys, and they are awesome, the series also captures the idealism and quirky passion of The West Wing perfectly.
fic  crossover  bandom  westwing  au  patd  slash  jon/spencer  seabornforpres  <5K 
september 2009 by spatz
flyingtape: A Brokedown Melody
"When Jon is twelve, his parents move the family to Hawai’i." || Incredible surfer-Jon AU, which is really about family (both blood and chosen) and finding new loves in people and work.
fic  bandom  patd  au  slash  jon/spencer  long  friendship  <35K 
august 2009 by spatz
devilputaside: and i dream of what i need (1/4)
"Princess Gerard Way of the kingdom of Belleville sets out on a quest to fulfill a prophecy and encounters dragons, climbs mountains, runs from volcanoes, banters with King Peter of Wilmette, and finds true love along the way." || Classic fantasy AU, with plenty of humor and fun and romance, and a strong quest plot.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  fob  au  magic  fairytale  slash  frank/gerard  long  <50K 
august 2009 by spatz
longtime_lurker: those who tell the truth shall die
The long, difficult process of coming out for Brendon. Really awesome.
fic  bandom  patd  gen  angst  <15K 
august 2009 by spatz
zarah5: Strictly Business (1/9)
"Cruel Intentions meets Romeo & Juliet meets the summary of a Mills & Boon novel. Consider yourself suitably warned and be prepared to suspend your disbelief." || Ryan decides to get revenge on the man who betrayed his father by seducing his son, Brendon Urie.
fic  bandom  patd  au  harlequin  slash  angst  brendon/ryan  long  smut  brokenlink  <75K 
august 2009 by spatz
liketheroad: be(side) the sea
"Ryan and Spencer grow up on a lonely island by the sea, two against the world, and then comes Jon Walker to make it three." || Dreamy and sweet romance, where falling in love isn't easy but it is infinitely worth it. (updated link includes sequel Equals Four: Our trio leave the island to go to College and, while there, find Brendon.)
fic  bandom  patd  au  gsf  highschool  college  ryan/spencer/jon  threesome  slash  ust  be(side)thesea  <25K 
august 2009 by spatz
cest_what: Hazard's Child
Jon wins Brendon in a game of chance. || Utterly charming harlequin short, based off a Georgette Heyer short story.
fic  bandom  patd  au  historical  harlequin  slash  brendon/jon  marriage  <10K 
august 2009 by spatz
jae_w: Dear Catastrophe Waiter
21 year old Brendon moves to San Francisco, home of gay coffee bars, free donuts, and Ryan is the prettiest waiter Brendon's ever seen.
fic  bandom  patd  au  slash  humor  brendon/ryan  normallife  smut  <5K 
august 2009 by spatz
unphoenix: Made of Silver, Not of Clay (1/2)
"Brendon wakes up to a world devoid of people. At least, most people." || Eerie and beautiful. Has both a sequel and prequel, linked at the end of the story.
fic  bandom  patd  au  slash  angst  brendon/ryan  magic  <15K 
august 2009 by spatz
zarah5 & softlyforgotten: A Most Brilliant Dance (1/12)
Amazing Pride and Prejudice AU. I'm a die-hard fan of the book, so I was skeptical, but I was impressed with how they reworked the plot and characters. Spencer and Ryan are Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, but it really works. Give it a chance - you won't regret it. (and don't miss the coda! The link is stealthy) (now on AO3:
fic  bandom  patd  au  historical  slash  fob  mcr  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  frank/gerard  long  pining  ust  marriage  *summerreading  <100K 
august 2009 by spatz
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