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maryrobinette: A Study in Serpents -- Being a brief memoir of Lady Trent
In which Lady Trent finds herself consulting with Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson about a murder involving a giant dragon claw.

This is short but deeply charming and heavy on the Bechdel passing, as one might expect from these canons.
fic  crossover  missfisher  ladytrent  au  casefile  gen  <5K  +2016-12 
may 2017 by spatz
oliviacirce: The Rescuers Down Under
It was Pat's fault that they were in Australia in the first place. She'd had that appalling letter from Daniel da Silva, detailing his adventures across Australia with Archie Curtis the previous year, and Pat had got that martial gleam in her eye that always made Fen go a bit weak in the knees, and said, "We can do better than that, can't we?" So here they were, in a country where gentlemen apparently dropped dead when you so much as tapped them with an umbrella. Fen was not impressed.
fic  crossover  thinkofengland  missfisher  slash  pat/fen  humor  postcanon  yuletide  outsiderpov  het  jack/phryne  friendship  <5K  +2017-01 
may 2017 by spatz
fahye: Captive Prince tumblr ficlets
All of these are great, but my favorites were:

1 - Charls finding out who Damen is
3 - Nikandros and Laurent learning to get along
6 - Nikandros eavesdrops on D/L reuniting
7 & 20 - modern Melbourne bakery AU + Miss Fisher crossover
18 - sleeves on Akielons
21 - Torveld and Laurent, post-canon
29 - Laurent remembering the palace baths
fic  captiveprince  gen  slash  damen/laurent  humor  postcanon  au  bakeries&baristas  crossover  missfisher  friendship  tumblrfic  <50K  +2016-03 
january 2017 by spatz
leupagus: Qui Audet Adipiscitur
"JANE - -
- - DOT"
fic  missfisher  gen  ensemble  capers&cons  futurefic  <5K  +2015-12 
may 2016 by spatz
lenore: New Mutiny
Jack's always been a cautious man, preferring to part with information only when absolutely necessary. Telling unfamiliar people that he can't remember anything beyond a battlefield in France doesn't strike him as necessary, not when he's already begun to piece together the situation for himself. The war is over, and he's returned to his life as a police officer. Apparently whatever case he's working is not going particularly well.

God, Jack *would* decline to tell anyone he had amnesia and then mostly manage to get away with it, wouldn't he. I am so fond.
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  amnesia  casefile  yuletide  <15K  +2015-01 
april 2016 by spatz
etben: you just can't differentiate
“Phryne, you cannot possibly tell me that you intend to—to seduce a police mechanical.”

Okay, Phryne absolutely *would* seduce a robot given the opportunity, but this story is not really about that. It's an utterly lovely, thoughtful close-to-canon AU, and it's remarkable how seamlessly the author merges the existence of sentient robots into the canon.
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  au  robots  steampunk  ptsd&trauma  yuletide  <5K  +2016-01 
april 2016 by spatz
misspamela: If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
He smelled her before he heard her. Or maybe smelled wasn’t the right word; a light hint of her jasmine perfume did always precede her into the room, but that was only part of it. The scent of jasmine, a brightening of the room, even on an already-bright hot summer morning, a loosening of the knot in his chest. He never realized that it was there until it was gone. He didn’t look up until a shimmering, painted fan dropped on top of the files. “Such a long face, Jack. The criminal class particularly busy this morning?”
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  casefile  smut  yuletide  <10K  +2015-04 
april 2016 by spatz
fayhe: fighting vainly the old ennui
In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.

Amazing Jack voice, and I 100% believe that Phryne might wander into flamboyant for-great-justice jewel theft if she hadn't wandered into detecting first. (the podfic version by Subsequent is also excellent, if that's your fancy, but it's not linked on AO3 for some reason:
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  au  casefile  capers&cons  identityporn  epistolary  yuletide  <15K  +2015-01 
april 2016 by spatz
impertinence: Until My Well Runs Dry
Jack gets sick. Phryne puts him in her bed.
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  smut  h/c  <5K  +2014-10 
april 2016 by spatz
kiarasayre: Slow and Close
"So what kind of partners are we from here on in, Jack?"

A series of scenes post-S2 with pitch-perfect dialogue between Phryne and Jack, both flirty and serious. Nnngh, I swear these could be deleted scenes from the show.
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  ust  h/c  fivethings  yuletide  <5K  +2014-09 
april 2016 by spatz
leupagus: kitchen makeouts
Of course she’d expected it to happen, sooner or later. Perhaps after some adrenaline-fueled midnight chase, or at the conclusion of some life-threatening affair or other. She didn’t expect it, however, at 10 o’clock on a Thursday morning.

In which Phryne is a dreadful cook and Gus writes unfairly hot makeouts.
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  tumblrfic  <5K  +2014-09 
april 2016 by spatz
leupagus: Miss Fisher Pacific Rim AU
The woman — and it’s a woman, not a girl, no matter what Pepper writes in his evaluation — isn’t worth the fuss at first, isn’t worth the dozens of people gathered in a loose circle around the mat. Jack can see the brassy top of Collins’s head as he circles around someone else, and as he gets to the front he sees it’s the same black-haired woman who beamed out at him from a personnel photo that’s supposed to be universally unflattering. She doesn’t even have her stick up; she’s strolling around the mat like it’s a cocktail party.
fic  crossover  fusion  missfisher  pacificrim  tumblrfic  ust  het  jack/phryne  <5K  +2014-09 
april 2016 by spatz

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