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laughsalot3412: Motion Parallax
So, apparently Amy’s boss was part of a criminal gang.

In which Amy and the crew adopt each other, basically. Wonderful.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  outsiderpov  postcanon  friendship  capers&cons  <10K  +2017-01  *favorite 
april 2018 by spatz
werewolvesarereal: Audience: 822,000 and Homeland Security
Hardison starts a live-stream for Dragon Age to show off his new mods. And he kicks ass. But his viewers are actually a bit more concerned about the angry guy in the background of his videos, and the blond chick who keeps peering through his windows.

"Is this some kind of performance art," asks peskytroll341.
fic  leverage  gen  humor  outsiderpov  <5K  +2017-10 
april 2018 by spatz
lady_ragnell: The Yeast We Could Brew
Amy spends a lot of time around the brewpub, and guesses a thing or two while her bosses argue about what to name a new beer.

Puns, polyamory, and Amy! Aka a brief list of things I am weak for.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  outsiderpov  <5K  +2017-08 
april 2018 by spatz
letsgostealafandom: Winter Song (To You)
Eliot sat up straight when the lights went out throughout the apartment.

In which Eliot gets stranded at Hardison and Parker's place during a storm, and they have to huddle for warmth. A+++ trope execution, would roll around in the Eliot feels again.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  insecurity  postcanon  <5K  +2016-12 
april 2018 by spatz
lady_ragnell: 5 times Eliot cooked for the team
Five times Eliot cooked for the team, plus one time they cooked for him. Very sweet, spread across the five seasons and showcasing the change in their relationships. Also, it's never Hardison's birthday. :)
fic  leverage  gen  teamfic  fivethings  tumblrfic  <5K  +2016-12 
april 2018 by spatz
hugealienpie: The Three Ring Job
A year later, Sophie and Nate finally remember to get married. Looks like Eliot beat them to the punch.
fic  leverage  het  sophie/nate  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  marriage  postcanon  humor  <5K  +2016-06 
november 2016 by spatz
bydaybreak: like a map of a place you've never been
In which Eliot and Parker go undercover as married, and Eliot tortures himself over his feelings for both her and Hardison.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  fakerelationship  pining  postcanon  smut  <25K  +2016-06 
november 2016 by spatz
thecanaryfalls: safe as houses
Parker and Hardison comfort Eliot after a nightmare, in their weird multimillionare-convicted-felons-who-are-planning-a-life-with-him kind of way.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  dreams&nightmares  h/c  <5K  +2016-06 
november 2016 by spatz
lovechilde: Simple Pleasures, Simple Risks
It’s late on a chilly night, Parker and Hardison are away doing prep-work for a case, and there’s an FBI agent sitting at Eliot’s bar. He’s alone, and looks tired, and he isn’t a local: Eliot makes a point of keeping track of the Portland field office, just in case; but everything about him screams Federal Agent.
fic  crossover  criminalminds  leverage  gen  postcanon  <5K  +2015-06 
june 2016 by spatz
hagar: What are friends for
Her ex-husband's associates are occasionally useful. For example, when Maggie has a really bad feeling about her latest client.

Nice little brewpub slice-of-life from Maggie's POV.
fic  leverage  gen  postcanon  outsiderpov  <5K  +2016-05 
june 2016 by spatz
lady_ragnell: Scheherezade Job prompt fill
By the time Eliot gets to Hardison’s place, there’s the sound of violin music floating out the window. Eliot stays on the street for a few minutes and listens. It’s a lot clumsier than it was in that concert hall, but that’s fine. It’s Hardison playing this time, for real.
fic  leverage  gen  friendship  tagscene  tumblrfic  <5K  +2016-05 
june 2016 by spatz
bydaybreak: dog days (it's just beginning)
Don’t fucking do this, Eliot thinks as he picks up the dog. He’s surprisingly light, lighter even than his skinny body would’ve suggested, and Eliot thinks of the unopened bag of kibble on the shelf in his pantry. You don’t have time for this, he tells himself as he takes off, running as smooth as he can towards his house.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  postcanon  <5K  +2016-04 
june 2016 by spatz
thingswithwings: First on the List
While he's waiting for the men with the guns to decide what to do with him, Alec thinks about what he'll do if he gets home.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  h/c  captive  postcanon  <10K  +2014-08 
june 2016 by spatz
bydaybreak: the punchline to this
The woman laughs, her eyes crinkling behind her silver cat-eye glasses. "You must be Eliot,” she says, cheerfully. “He warned me you were charming. Where is he?”

Eliot’s stomach drops as he realizes that this is a terrible fucking mistake, because this ain’t a random elderly woman showing up to collect cans or take up donations or whatever it is that elderly woman in weird fucking places like Portland do. This is Hardison’s nana, and Eliot has just opened the door to the apartment—to Hardison and Parker’s apartment—like he lives there.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  postcanon  pining  <10K  +2016-01 
june 2016 by spatz
bydaybreak: places to land
She thinks she knows what Hardison means when he looks at her with his eyes all soft; thinks she knows what Eliot means when he bites out “dammit, Hardison”; thinks she knows what either of them means when, after a job, Hardison tells them that he’s ordered dinner, or Eliot comes back to the loft and starts chopping things in the kitchen.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  postcanon  <10K  +2015-08 
june 2016 by spatz
storiesfortravellers: Professional Respect
Parker pointed a finger at the ceiling. "Don't think I've forgotten."

"Wait, do you know JARVIS?" Tony asked her, confused.

"We have indeed met, sir," JARVIS said.
fic  crossover  avengers  marvel  leverage  gen  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  humor  <5K  +2015-07 
may 2016 by spatz
betty & emeraldwoman: Nerds of the Earth, take note!
In which SHIELD forcibly recruits Hardison to help deal with a rogue AI mutated from JARVIS.

I remember first reading this back in the day and thinking the MCU-side characterizations were a little dark, but it feels creepily prescient now.
fic  crossover  leverage  ironman  marvel  gen  robots  captive  capers&cons  <10K  +2011-08 
may 2016 by spatz
idyll: Steve and Eliot fight robots
“Goddamn it, Hardison,” Eliot hisses when the robots descend from the sky.

“How is this my fault?” Hardison yells back.
fic  crossover  leverage  avengers  marvel  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  action/adventure  tumblrfic  <5K  +2013-12 
may 2016 by spatz
thingswithwings: Old Dog
"You're nothing but a follower, aren't you?" True Believer sneers. "You're just their loyal dog."

So the sequel involves actual puppy play, which is not my thing, but in this it's more like a metaphor, loaded with a metric ton of feels.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  postcanon  h/c  D/s  <20K  +2014-06 
december 2015 by spatz
gyzym: the warmth of your doorways
TOO MANY ELIOT FEELS oh god. I approve. Told in a bunch of missing scenes S2-5.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  trustissues  tagscene  h/c  <5K  +2015-05 
december 2015 by spatz
notbecauseofvictories: domestic fluff
The Leverage OT3 version of domestic fluff.

There was…a lot of Squeeze Orange Soda. And a pair of heavy-duty bolt cutters.
“I’ve got a really hard final coming up?” the man tried with a sheepish smile.
fic  leverage  slash  het  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  humor  fivethings  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-03 
december 2015 by spatz
samyazaz: The Romcom Jobs
Five times Parker, Hardison, and Eliot lived out romcom tropes for a con, and one time they found themselves in one for real.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  fakerelationship  humor  fivethings  kidfic  <5K  +2015-05 
december 2015 by spatz
lady_ragnell: Five times a date turned into a job
Like the title says. Henceforth, this is how every episode of the Leverage OT3 spinoff that lives in my head begins. Perfect.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  postcanon  fivethings  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-08 
december 2015 by spatz
lady_ragnell: What a Beast is Mankind
Everyone thinks Parker is severed when they first meet her.
fic  crossover  leverage  hdm  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  <5K  fusion  genish  het  slash  +2014-11 
december 2015 by spatz
shaenie: Fair Share
Parker doesn’t have manners; she has mannerisms, some of them disturbing, some of them endearing, most of them strange.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  smut  <10K  +2014-06 
december 2015 by spatz
queenklu: something good can work (and it can work for you)
“When you say ‘we’re making dinner,'” Eliot finally says, “do you really mean ‘Hey you should come over and cook dinner for us so we don’t burn down the apartment?’”
fic  leverage  slash  het  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  smut  *favorite  <10K  +2013-04 
december 2015 by spatz
zillah975: Something Worth Dying For (The Grifters, Thieves, and Losers Job)
When the Leverage team decides to take down Vaughn Wilson, they don't realize that he's dealing in something a lot worse than heroin and assault rifles, or that Eliot's old boss has his eye on Wilson too. Things go wrong, and the two teams have to work together to save Eliot.
fic  crossover  leverage  losers  gen  action/adventure  captive  torture  <15K  +2010-09 
december 2015 by spatz
lady_ragnell: The Ascendant Job
Hardison takes a deep breath and starts the weirdest job briefing he's ever done. “The House of Abrasax, they're …” He's not going to be able to be cool about this at all. His mind is way too blown for this. “They are space tycoons hoping to harvest the population of the earth to make some kind of immortality serum. Generally pretty shady characters, and Earth is a contested property right now because their oldest brother recently died and their reincarnated mother is our client and wants the earth to be held in trust for—no, man, I'm sorry, I can't do it.”
fic  crossover  leverage  jupiterascending  humor  capers&cons  gen  <5K  +2015-03 
november 2015 by spatz
angel_negra: Scenes from a Dojo
In which Eliot winds up teaching the schoolgirls from 'The Fairy Godparents Job' how to fight. Fluffily adorable, and the names thing was perfect. (originally posted:
fic  leverage  gen  humor  +2013-04  tagscene  <5K 
july 2014 by spatz
nightcamedown: Art of Conflict
"Nate, there's something wrong," Sophie murmured, in the tone that meant she was smiling brightly and talking through her teeth.
fic  leverage  gen  h/c  ptsd&trauma  teamfic  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
ijemanja: The Joy of Cooking
Eliot cooks. The rest of the team 'help'. Delightful.
fic  leverage  gen  teamfic  humor  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
james: The Influenza Job
In the middle of a job, Eliot gets the flu. He copes about as well as you'd expect.

D'aww. A definite re-read next time I get sick.
fic  leverage  gen  h/c  teamfic  *comfortread  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
thingswithwings: strange, how we are changed
Eliot, Parker and Hardison get high and make out. Cozy and sensual, with a delicate touch regarding Eliot's trust issues.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  trustissues  *comfortread  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
steeleblue: Seducing Eliot For Beginners
Alec tries to talk some sense into her, but Parker is convinced that what she really, truly, absolutely must have for her birthday is Eliot Spencer in their bed. She’s kind enough to add that the chocolate sauce is an optional addition because she doesn’t know if Eliot likes it with his sex.

fic  leverage  humor  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
facetofcathy: The Symbology of Orange Juice
"You know, if you two just had sex, you wouldn't have to express your desire and your fear of intimacy through theatrical bickering," Parker said.

"You're cleaning that up," Eliot said to Hardison, pointing at the orange juice he'd just sprayed the counter with.
fic  leverage  humor  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  het  slash  yuletide  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
scintilla10: The Don't Blame the Gorilla Job
Hardison gets injured on a job involving a zoo, and Eliot and Parker take care of him. Perfect grumpy marshmallow Eliot, and the background glimpses of the con are gold.
fic  leverage  h/c  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  casefile  <10K 
june 2014 by spatz
hannasus: The Perfect Space
After the San Lorenzo job, Eliot takes some time off for a visit home. Some of the backstory was jossed by S5, but the story's still solid - great OC with his sister, and a complex Eliot voice.
fic  leverage  gen  tagscene  <10K 
june 2014 by spatz
ellabell: Six times Maggie heard "you're adorable"
Six times Maggie heard “You’re adorable,” and one time she said it. How Maggie interacts with the team throughout the years, and how she grows.

Like Maggie, this is adorable. Strains a little to get the line in a few sections, but I love the Maggie POV.
fic  leverage  gen  humor  fivethings  outsiderpov  <10K 
june 2014 by spatz
fiercelydreamed: I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
As with so many other things that have gone off the rails in the last year, it starts like this: "All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."
fic  crossover  leverage  whitecollar  humor  capers&cons  genish  <10K 
july 2013 by spatz
liviapenn: The You And Whose Army Job
In which Eliot gets his ass kicked by a petite brunette with an unfamiliar fighting style. Adorable, awesome little story.
fic  crossover  leverage  stargate  sga  gen  *favorite  <5K 
october 2011 by spatz
wishfulaces: Life in the 21st Century
Alec Hardison, if pressed, would probably suggest that he subscribes to a post-modern definition of identity. || Awesome portrait of Hardison growing up online, which is simultaneously really true to the character, incredibly relatable, and a little meta. (AO3:
fic  leverage  gen  slash  het  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  precanon  *cortue  *favorite  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
amazonziti: Four Times Parker Dreamed About Having a Family
Four times Parker dreamed about having a family, and one time she didn't have to. Jossed by S3 backstory, but a sweet, wistful story that also manages to remember that Parker has a spine of steel. (AO3:
fic  leverage  gen  precanon  angst  fivethings  noncon  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
sullensiren: Survival By Eliot
Eliot explains how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Awesome, detailed fake website/multimedia project. The main page has the survival guide with little film strips icons linking to the corresponding fic on LJ, and the rest of the site is chock full of fun details, fake forums, and Hardison abusing his powers as webmaster. (AO3:
fic  leverage  au  apocalypse  zombies  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  fakemedia  <10K 
april 2011 by spatz
annerbhp: The Chainsaw Job
Grabbing a cowboy hat from a nearby shelf, Eliot jams it down on his head. “I call dibs on the chainsaw.”
fic  leverage  gen  apocalypse  zombies  humor  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
liviapenn: when come back bring pie
"What, interracial bisexual voyeuristic blonde on pie on a national holiday action with your co-workers, that's your yardstick?" Alec said. "Seriously, that's your all time high?" "It's not mine," Parker added.
fic  leverage  slash  het  threesome  humor  parker/hardison/eliot  holiday  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
hackthis: Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady
"I'm going to ask Maggie out," Parker announces during lunch. || Hilarious tale of Parker's courtship, from the outside.
fic  leverage  slash  parker/maggie  eliot/hardison  humor  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
shrift: The Epiphany Job
When he rolled out of bed that afternoon, heated up some Philly Steak & Cheese Hot Pockets for breakfast, and then went to the office, Alec Hardison was not expecting to experience a paradigm shift.
fic  leverage  slash  eliot/hardison  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
entangled_now: We're All Mad Here
"You're not building a robot double of me," Eliot tells him again, in the special voice he uses for cutting off the conversation entirely.
fic  leverage  gen  humor  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
sparky77: An Interlude at the Airport
There had been definite eye communication between the two of them. It had either been, “Hey, let’s annoy Nate by being as stupid as we possibly can,” or “I can kill you all with just the sprinkles on my frozen yogurt.”
fic  leverage  slash  gen  humor  teamfic  eliot/hardison  brokenlink  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
moirariordan: Four and One
Four times Parker didn't surprise Eliot, and then one time she did.
fic  leverage  fivethings  het  eliot/parker  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
teand: Five Times Eliot Did What Had To Be Done
In which Eliot gets into compromising positions with, well, everyone.
fic  leverage  slash  het  fivethings  humor  eliot/parker  eliot/hardison  eliot/sophie  eliot/nate  capers&cons  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
brown_betty: The Underwire Job
In which Parker asks Eliot for romantic advice. Hysterically funny, absolutely perfect Parker voice and Eliot POV. Followed by The Cat-Burgler Job. (AO3:
fic  leverage  gen  humor  het  parker/hardison  casefile  *cortue  *favorite  <5K 
march 2011 by spatz
lithiumdoll: Accessories
Hardison reached out to the object of his adoration. “Hey, baby,” he crooned. “You are one good looking piece of-” Neal rolled his eyes and batted Hardison’s hand away from the tracking anklet. “Could you not stroke the bane of my entire existence? Please?”
fic  crossover  whitecollar  leverage  gen  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
sparky77: How Ianto Jones Quits His Job and Decides to Take Over the World (Without the Help of a Kangaroo Army)
Ianto quits his job, goes on holiday, and decides to take over the world. Dean and Hardison assist. And let's face it, wouldn't you like Ianto to run things? Delightfully cracky, and these guys have the *worst* collection of exes on the planet. Or several planets.
fic  crossover  torchwood  leverage  supernatural  crack  au  slash  humor  threesome  dean/hardison/ianto  dean/castiel  jack/ianto  parker/hardison  <10K 
july 2010 by spatz

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