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esama: #standbylegion
V-day takes out the Avengers. JARVIS copes, one tweet at a time.
fic  crossover  avengers  marvel  kingsman  gen  angst  postcanon  postapocalypse  fakemedia  robots  <15K  au  +2016-04 
september 2017 by spatz
manic_intent: Strange Sights, Strange Wonders
In the glade where the star had fallen, the gloom of the gnarled old woods was deeper than night, save around the blackberry bush that had broken his fall: the grass and the battered leaves were now luminous, moon-touched. There was a long pause, broken by the sounds of twittering insects and the forest folk, then, there was a loudly groaned, “Fuck!”

The star rubbed a hand over his eyes, then flinched and held his hand up, spreading unfamiliar fingers up against the night sky. He turned his hand this way and that, curling and uncurling fingers, then he let out a softer, yet just as vehement “fuck!” and sat up, wincing.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  fusion  stardust  fairytale  magic  <75K  +2015-05 
september 2017 by spatz
fideliant: On Hand
Or, Five Things A Gentleman Should Never Do Without

“In my defence,” Eggsy says, “It could have happened to anyone.”

(standalone sequel to Class of Conduct)
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  humor  holiday  <15K  +2015-04 
september 2017 by spatz
fideliant: Class Of Conduct
Or, Six Things Eggsy Has Learned About Being A Gentleman

“Lesson number one,” Harry says. “Manners matter.”

(followed by On Hand)
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  h/c  <15K  +2015-04 
september 2017 by spatz
manic_intent: Kingmaker
“Eggsy, I really don’t think-“ Merlin began, and stopped, because at that very moment, Eggsy walked right into a lamp post.

Across the street, at a sidewalk corner cafe, reading a paper, sandwich part-eaten on a plate, sleek, long legs crossed neatly under the table, was Harry Hart.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  presumeddead  postcanon  espionage  action/adventure  amnesia  <50K  _reread  +2015-04 
september 2017 by spatz
mongoose_bite: The Beneficent Gentleman
An act of heroism sees an unusual offer made to one Eggsy Unwin; if he can get accepted he can go to Oxford, all expenses paid. All he has to do in return is pass his classes, and keep his mysterious benefactor informed as to his educational progress via the old-fashioned medium of the handwritten letter.

An AU loosely based on Daddy Long-Legs.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  harlequin  college  epistolary  friendship  <50K  +2016-10 
september 2017 by spatz
fahye: Close Range Surveillance
"The world's not ending. Any more," came through the wall to Harry's left.

That was Eggsy's voice, breathless and a touch smug, and apparently carrying on the other side of the orgasm conversation, which was enough to undo any and all calmness that the blue walls might have managed to achieve for Harry.

Bless this fandom for being so gloriously, creatively filthy. The sequel is more plotty but also lovely.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  het  tilde/eggsy  smut  kink  tagscene  espionage  <75K  _reread  +2015-05 
september 2017 by spatz
ponderosa & autoschediastic: the train is a metaphor
"What sort of aggression is it then?" Eggsy asks, cutting right to the heart of the matter.

Harry knows even before he hears the response. Knows because even as Merlin is saying, "It appears to affect sexual responses. Activating latent desire and cranking up the subject’s sex drive whilst simultaneously increasing pheromone production," Harry is thinking primarily of the distance between himself and Eggsy and how very few steps it would take to be within range to push the boy to the floor and pin him there.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  smut  sexpollen  <10K  +2015-04 
september 2017 by spatz
rageprufrock: Only As Directed
“Arthur is a bad man,” Roxy had said.
“Fucking tell me about it,” Eggsy had muttered, and gone to put on the tarty trousers Harry had picked out for him like a fucking high-end pimp.

AKA the one where Harry talks Eggsy through a honeypot mission, and it is absurdly hot.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  smut  espionage  D/s  kink  <15K  +2015-04 
september 2017 by spatz
out_there: Reasons to Shoot a Dog
Where rumours of Harry's death have been greatly exaggerated, Merlin doesn't know if he's Arthur or Martha (and prefers to be neither), and every agent has his own justification for the dog test. Also, Harry is not dithering over his attraction to Eggsy (no matter what Merlin claims).
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  presumeddead  <15K  +2015-04 
september 2017 by spatz
lizapod: Considerably Less Cannibalism
It is a real, physical struggle to not stare like a dogger while Harry shrugs off his jacket and undoes his collar, sets his signet ring aside. He has detailed, minutely detailed, fantasies about unbuttoning that fucking collar. At least he’s not wearing the holster right now, or Eggsy’d be sprung already. “It’s time you learned the fine art of the straight razor shave.”

Eggsy gives him his best you havin’ a fucking giggle, mate eyebrows. “Like Sweeney Todd?”

Harry’s sigh is just bordering on melodramatic, but he’s also got that odd— Roxy calls it enigmatic—smile he gets when Eggsy trots out some unexpected bit of culture. "Yes, Eggsy, like Sweeney Todd."
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  smut  kink  <10K  +2015-04 
september 2017 by spatz
concernedlily: Bang to Rights
Constable Unwin never met a tailor before, but he knows this bloke who keeps turning up at his crime scenes ain't one.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  casefile  espionage  smut  fakemedia  <20K  +2015-09 
september 2017 by spatz
fideliant: down dark tides the glory slides
“How do you even lose a tear gas canister?” Eggsy asks incredulously, grinning as Roxy rolls her eyes at him. “Seriously, explain it to me again. I want to see if Merlin’s going to call bullshit as well —”

He stops talking when he flips the folder open and a ghost glares up at him from the grainy photograph paper-clipped to the corner, eyes cold in blurry greyscale.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  amnesia  espionage  presumeddead  angst  pining  <25K  +2015-04 
july 2017 by spatz
venvephe: under my skin (tried so not to give in)
This is a monumentally bad idea, Eggsy realizes, in the fraction of a second between reaching out and tugging at Harry’s tie and seeing his eyes briefly widen before their lips meet.

Or: snogging is a great distraction technique for hiding in plain sight from your enemies. It is decidedly not great for hiding your growing, uh, interest in your secret service colleague.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  fakerelationship  undercover  ust  smut  <15K  +2015-04 
july 2017 by spatz
azrielen: The Gentleman's Guide to Heat
Eggsy is an omega, then he’s a Kingsman, and no two heats are alike.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  a/b/o  espionage  smut  <5K  +2015-04 
may 2017 by spatz
ponderosa & autoschediastic: Stray Dogs
Eggsy cracks half a grin. Harry’s look could peel him to the bone and that means something all right. Posh suit, posh taxi, it figures the guy’d like a bit of talking dirty to go along with. “S’alright if I suck you off here, yeah? More fun than waitin’ to get to your place.” He nods at the driver. “Bet you he won’t mind.”

Set between the police station and the fight at the Black Prince. All the fucked up undertones in this are fantastic.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  smut  tagscene  <5K  +2015-04 
may 2017 by spatz
esama: Care and Custody
Eggsy takes out the medal in slightly worse circumstances, asking for a miracle.

A very cozy (for all that it kicks off with Dean murdering Eggsy's mum) but clever AU, with scads of worldbuilding.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  kidfic  espionage  <75K  +2015-06 
may 2017 by spatz
schweinsty: Of Sterner Stuff
In which Roxy Morton applies for a position, makes a good friend, is a good friend, has a pleasant affair with a very nice girl, doesn't take people's shit, spoils a poodle, and saves the world.
fic  kingsman  gen  friendship  school  espionage  <10K  +2015-04 
may 2017 by spatz
venvephe: Hot Pursuit
It's a decision he makes in a heartbeat: he unlocks the Jaguar with a click, and with one firm tug the door flies open. The young man swears and flops down into the seat, breathing hard and eyes a little wild. He scrabbles to sit upright, and then makes a frantic circling motion with his pointed finger.

“Fuckin’ drive, mate!”
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  firstmeetings  ust  <5K  +2015-04 
may 2017 by spatz
venvephe: Unexpected Indecorum
Harry Hart much prefers meeting his enemies - and Mrs. Unwin - clad in the armor of a tailored suit.

That is not what happens.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  humor  <5K  +2015-05 
may 2017 by spatz
venvephe: gymnastics
Eggsy did miss it, the gymnastics; he’s lucky that Kingsman has a very well-equipped gym, and he’s able to add some basic exercises to his workout routine to get back on the horse.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  ust  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-04 
may 2017 by spatz
out_there: Agree to Disagree
Sometimes, good mates have to agree to disagree. (Or: Roxy and Eggsy may be friends, but that doesn’t mean they understand each other’s romantic tastes. At all.)

Yesss, bickering while running around as spies, I love it.
fic  kingsman  gen  slash  eggsy/harry  espionage  friendship  <5K  +2015-09 
may 2017 by spatz
thecompanystore: Hide and Seek
Her brother is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a silly wanker wrapped in a tailor-made suit.
fic  kingsman  gen  futurefic  outsiderpov  <5K  +2015-04 
may 2017 by spatz

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