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elspethdixon & seanchai: Classicverse
Modernized retelling of early Silver Age Avengers canon. I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy re-reading this after the movie and A:EMH, which have some similarities, but it's still a fun, team-centric read, heavy on the Tony feels.
fic  avengers  slash  au  steve/tony  preslash  long  het  hank/jan  h/c  teamfic  marvel 
july 2012 by spatz
seanchai & elspethdixon: When The Lights Go On Again (1/21)
Aliens have invaded earth, and the Avengers are scattered. While Steve leads the resistance, Tony once again finds himself playing captive scientist. In the midst of a violent alien regime, separated by seemingly insurmountable boundaries, Steve and Tony have nothing to keep themselves going but each other.

Amazing, gripping comics-verse aliens-invade epic with a complex alien race and a great side helping of Clint and ensemble.
fic  avengers  slash  steve/tony  long  angst  undercover  captive  au  hank/jan  carol/wanda  pining  h/c  _reread  marvel  ensemble  epic  alienrace  >100K 
july 2012 by spatz

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