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lafiametta: The Crux
Another night at Citadel Rock Climbing and Furiosa's just about had it. She's had it with her pervy boss and her weirdo co-workers. She's had it with the depressing realization that, because of the accident, she may never climb again. And then a stranger shows up... and the night becomes a little more interesting.

Incomplete, but the first chapter works as a standalone (as I think it was originally intended to be a oneshot).
fic  madmax  genish  het  max/furiosa  au  normallife  <15K  +2015-07 
11 weeks ago by spatz
owlship: Go The Long Way Around
Max and Furiosa receive a reminder that in the wasteland, gunshots and car chases aren't the only dangers. (aka the one where Furiosa gets bitten by a snake)
fic  madmax  genish  het  max/furiosa  h/c  <15K  +2018-01 
12 weeks ago by spatz
tyellas: Ladies of the Road
The Keeper of the Seeds and Miss Giddy meet on the edge of the Wasteland.
fic  madmax  genish  tumblrfic  precanon  <5K  +2015-07 
12 weeks ago by spatz
astolat: The Revolutionary
Ratchet turned his head to see that the yelling was coming from Starscream, who was at nearly the front of a conveyor belt they were all clamped on, which was heading straight for a neural destabilizer field, with a whole forest of cutters and clamps waiting after it -— oh Primus, they’d landed on a disassembly line.

There's some very tangential pairing action (and a bot orgy), but mostly this is gen action-horror with a side of revolution when a mixed group of Autobots and Decepticons crash on a creepy planet full of enslaved mechs.
fic  transformers  genish  angst  action/adventure  dystopian  h/c  <50K  +2018-06 
september 2018 by spatz
hazel: all our plans are useless indeed
Thomas’s back and knees creak alarmingly when he gets out of bed these days. He’s still an early riser, up with the birds, but it’s getting more and more tempting to stay in bed where it’s warm and comfortable, to perhaps hint to Molly that she could bring him breakfast on a tray and he could rise afterwards, perhaps even start work at a later hour.

He doesn’t. He is the last wizard of London and he doesn’t know what will happen when he dies.

Dense and varied nonlinear character study of Nightingale through the years. Really great Nightingale POV.
fic  riversoflondon  genish  slash  peter/nightingale  precanon  futurefic  angst  yuletide  <10K  +2017-02 
september 2018 by spatz
cyprith: Modern Magic AU
Maleficent happens across a human landlord evicting his shape-shifter tenant. Chafing under the new “altitude restrictions” that grounded her, Maleficent steps in on his behalf and somehow finds herself with a new personal assistant.
fic  maleficent  genish  het  maleficent/diaval  au  h/c  trustissues  <20K  +2014-09 
august 2018 by spatz
rageprufrock: User Since
To: PC (
From: Buck (
Subject: Report!
Date: May 10, 2012
Phil — where the hell are you, man? Let us know if you're all right, or if there's anything we can do to help. HQ's freaking the fuck out.

Years later, I am still mad about how much this story made me cry. (first story is gen, sequel is C/C and salves the pain...eventually)
fic  avengers  marvel  genish  epistolary  clint/coulson  angst  presumeddead  pining  au  <35K  +2013-10 
july 2018 by spatz
willowbilly: It's a Pleasure
“What are you?” Kilgrave wonders aloud, breathless, his nail beds white with pressure where they're clamped around Will's skull, flattening his hair.

“A former FBI profiler, an unstable special agent. A mental patient, a fisherman. A murderer. A patchwork psyche stitched together. A broken, blood-drenched nobody. One half of a whole.”

“And an aspiring poet, apparently,” Kilgrave quips, releasing Will's head in order to ever-so-slowly pull Will's glasses from his face, fold them, and slide them into his own pocket. “Well now, I do believe you're worth keeping. At least for the time being. Will, Jessica... come along.”
fic  crossover  jessicajones  marvel  hannibal  genish  slash  hannibal/will  au  precanon  postcanon  noncon  abuse  captive  <10K  +2016-07 
july 2018 by spatz
isagel: The First Is Frozen Geography, The Second Is a History Burning
In which Arthur and Eames recruit Michael as an architect. Short but neatly done.
fic  crossover  inception  prisonbreak  genish  het  slash  threesome  michael/mahone/sara  <5K  +2011-10 
july 2018 by spatz
jjtaylor: that's my husband!
Clint makes his way to the coat room where the interrogation with fists seems to be going on, dropping money and names and finally, in a desperate, blind moment, calling out, "What in god's name are you doing to my husband?"

Okay, yes, fakeout-makeouts are a classic trope, but the punchline (pun totally intended) on this one is amazing.
fic  avengers  marvel  genish  slash  clint/coulson  humor  undercover  espionage  commentfic  <5K  +2012-09 
february 2018 by spatz
poisonivory: La Vie en Rose
Paris is for lovers. At least, Booster hopes so.

In which Booster attempts to seduce Ted and fails, but manages to make a friend anyway.
fic  dcu  genish  slash  booster/bluebeetle  ust  friendship  <5K  +2010-05 
february 2018 by spatz
thingswithwings: Recruitment Practices
Cecil interviews Annie, Abed, and Troy for positions with Night Vale Public Radio.
fic  crossover  nightvale  community  genish  humor  <5K  +2013-08 
february 2018 by spatz
owlship: For All To See
Up close, it was easy to distinguish a true heartmark from a common tattoo. You could copy the design perfectly but it wouldn't have the right vibrancy, the living sheen of something truly a part of one's self. A tattoo was just static ink, trapped under skin.
fic  madmax  genish  het  max/furiosa  au  soulmates&bonding  <5K  +2016-02 
january 2018 by spatz
circ_bamboo: Time and Place
Maria Hill gets tapped for a society gig, with Nick Fury as her dinner partner for the evening.

Deadpan, cranky, and hilarious.
fic  avengers  marvel  genish  het  maria/nick  undercover  action/adventure  humor  <5K  +2012-12 
december 2017 by spatz
bendingsignpost: Thrust and Parry
All Bilbo wants is a nice, pleasant breakfast, but Thorin insists he learn to fight.
fic  thehobbit  lotr  genish  slash  bilbo/thorin  humor  <5K  +2014-01 
october 2017 by spatz
a_t_rain: On a Cold Planet
Byerly begins his new life on Jackson's Whole. His first mission: locate the Baron and Baronne's daughter Topaz by going undercover as an itinerant lichen-scrubber.

Follows A Bit Too Much Good Work, and is followed by Burying Baron Burr, but easily read as a standalone. Really good look at Jackson's Whole, By's culture shock and developing relationship with the Cordonah family, and a smart plotty rescue.
fic  vorkosigan  genish  het  byerly/rish  undercover  espionage  action/adventure  angst  byerlyverse  <25K  +2017-01 
june 2017 by spatz
jediseagull: for sins and false alarms
In which Eugenides picks a fight with a powerful priest of the new gods, to his attendants' (and Costis's) general dismay.
fic  thief  genish  slash  hilarion/philologos  outsiderpov  yuletide  capers&cons  <10K  +2016-10 
may 2017 by spatz
betty, petra & zee: A preliminary examination of potential significant others (last saved by T. Drake)
...because of course Tim made a spreadsheet for this kind of thing. *laughs* A classic of the fandom.
fic  dcu  batman  teentitans  genish  crack  fakemedia  <5K  +2010-11 
january 2017 by spatz
philomytha: The Huntsman's Reel
"Somewhere in this party," said Captain Illyan, "there are four Cetagandan assassins."

Pure, unadulterated competence porn with bonus UST. NGH SO GOOD.
fic  vorkosigan  genish  het  alys/simon  ust  espionage  fakerelationship  <5K  +2016-12  yuletide 
december 2016 by spatz
mjules: Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces
Calvin finally gets to go visit Uncle Max. Cue him and his partner telling the story of how they first met and came out - to a six year old and his stuffed tiger.
fic  calvin&hobbes  genish  slash  outsiderpov  humor  <5K  +2010-07 
november 2016 by spatz
linpatootie: All for a Good Cause
Stephanopolous nominates Nightingale for the ice bucket challenge. Peter's day just improved drastically.
fic  riversoflondon  genish  humor  crack  ust  peter/nightingale  <5K  +2016-07 
november 2016 by spatz
philomytha: Of a Feather
The Harlequin encounters a bird who lends him wings at a critical moment. Fantastic little snippet set during the party in Murder Must Advertise.
fic  crossover  lordpeter  riversoflondon  genish  nightingale/wimsey  undercover  tagscene  wingfic  magic  precanon  <5K  +2015-04 
august 2016 by spatz
gyzym: What I Need I Just Don't Have
If you want this choice position, have a cheery disposition. (Or: Tony needs an assistant. Rhodey needs a break.)

Whip-sharp email banter between Tony and Rhodey followed by Pepper pwning Tony at their first encounter. What's more to love?
fic  ironman  marvel  genish  tony/rhodey  precanon  firstmeetings  epistolary  humor  <5K  +2012-11 
june 2016 by spatz
igrockspock: Someone I Used to Know
At school, she introduces herself as Pepper, the nickname her brother had given her. It's not professional, but then, she might have been getting an associate's degree at the community college in Clayton if he hadn't taught her to dream. Freshman year, she doesn't call as often as she should; sophomore year, she tries harder, but he doesn't pick up the phone.
fic  avengers  marvel  genish  het  tony/pepper  precanon  firstmeetings  <5K  +2012-07 
march 2016 by spatz
lady_ragnell: What a Beast is Mankind
Everyone thinks Parker is severed when they first meet her.
fic  crossover  leverage  hdm  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  <5K  fusion  genish  het  slash  +2014-11 
december 2015 by spatz
freo_o: Wicked Ways
Mechanics and Engineering don’t get along for obvious reasons. Too bad there’s a pesky engineer determined to be Raven’s friend.

Completely hilarious and sweet trio of scenes from Wick and Raven's friendship on the Ark, from first meeting through Finn's imprisonment. Headcanon accepted.
fic  the100  genish  het  raven/wick  yuletide  firstmeetings  humor  friendship  <5K  +2015-03 
october 2015 by spatz
siria: if you want to sing out
Kenneth had struggled with the mysteries of chapter books, but Aaron — Aaron could comprehend tactical reports and weapons manuals and speed-read his way through thick paperback novels. The first volume of poetry he'd read had left him stunned, near breathless at the realisation that there could be songs without music.

Delicate, lovely little character piece about Aaron and words.
fic  bourne  genish  het  aaron/marta  precanon  postcanon  yuletide  <5K  +2013-06 
october 2015 by spatz
starlingthefool: 5 Ways Logan Fixed Everything (Like a Boss)
What would have happened if Charles and Erik had managed to recruit Logan?

(In which Logan solves everyone's problems through snark and BAMFery.)
fic  x-men  xmfc  marvel  au  genish  slash  erik/charles  alex/hank  fivethings  humor  ensemble  +2011-11  <5K 
january 2015 by spatz
frostfire: Spin The Bottle
The team + Pepper play Spin The Bottle. Diverse, adorably in-character and mostly-platonic makeouts.
fic  avengers  genish  teamfic  commentfic  het  tony/pepper  +2012-05  marvel  <5K 
november 2014 by spatz
thehoyden: Truce
All I had wanted after that meeting was to go home, and now suddenly a Mickey Mouse float, a quarter million people, and the Chicago River were standing between me and my bus stop.
fic  dresdenfiles  genish  yuletide  holiday  +2011-06  <5K 
october 2014 by spatz
anonymous: Custodes dormiens nunquam titillandus
In which Marcone finds Harry sleeping under his desk because of reasons. Incomplete but with a fantastically funny execution for what exists, featuring sleep-deprived Harry in peril, Marcone's Level 10 poker face, and a spy network of Italian grandmas.
fic  dresdenfiles  genish  slash  harry/marcone  humor  commentfic  +2011-06  incomplete  <5K 
october 2014 by spatz
forestgreen: Harry Dresden -- Accountant Wizard
In which Harry choose to become an accountant instead of a wizard. I'm not sure how this manages to be so charming, but it is. Sadly incomplete, but the fill goes through Harry and Marcone's first meeting.
fic  dresdenfiles  genish  au  commentfic  +2011-06  incomplete  <20K 
october 2014 by spatz
melannen: Reasons Not To Fuck Harry Dresden Through Nearest Wall
Reasons Not To Fuck Harry Dresden Through Nearest Wall: a list by Jared Kincaid, with assistance by Ivy. Crackily hilarious.
fic  dresdenfiles  humor  genish  crack  +2011-06  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
musesfool: The way that light attaches to a girl
Five women Steve has drawn. My favorite is Natasha's section - she would absolutely make the best comics superheroine, and Steve is adorkable - and Pepper's.
fic  avengers  genish  het  steve/peggy  steve/darcy  fivethings  artist!steve  +2012-06  marvel  <5K 
june 2014 by spatz
merlin-missy: The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
CGI-animated toons are dropping like flies, and it's up to Roger and Jessica (mostly Jessica) to find out why. Spot-on in tone and hilarious, with more cameos than you can shake a stick at. (AO3:
fic  whoframedrogerrabbit  genish  casefile  humor  yuletide  crossover  <15K 
march 2014 by spatz
blackeyedgirl: We Live in Detail
They're not friends yet. That takes time, more than a few really disastrous missions, two anniversaries, and quite a lot of bloodshed. Jim's never been the patient type.

Series of three fics, starting gen and ending Kirk/Spock. We get a lot of slow build romance in fandom, but it's rare to see a story that does the work of a slow build friendship first, and so well.
fic  startrek  slash  kirk/spock  genish  teamfic  friendship  aos  <35K 
december 2013 by spatz
ignipes: For One Last Landing
After they've saved the Earth and destroyed the Narada, all they have to do is figure out how to get back home.

Set immediately after the Narada's destruction, where Uhura has to go EVA to fix the damaged communications array. Fantastic characterization and backstory, with lots of Uhura being gloriously competent and snarky.
fic  startrek  genish  het  spock/uhura  *favorite  precanon  aos  tagscene  <10K 
december 2013 by spatz
blackeyedgirl: Down From the Bird's Eye View
Clint has difficulty adjusting to people he has to deal with at ground level.
fic  avengers  genish  teamfic  slash  clint/coulson  marvel  <5K 
december 2013 by spatz
whizzy: Cap and Carry
Iron Man and Captain America give this cooperative flying thing a go. Technically gen, but I got some definite Steve/Tony vibes.
fic  avengers  marvel  genish  steve/tony  <5K 
october 2013 by spatz
inmyriadbits: Dungeons & Hawkeyes
In which this whole dungeon thing really isn’t working for Kate Bishop, there are far too many nicknames from the Victorian era, socks are vitally important, and Clint insists he is Han Solo in this situation.

COMPLETELY DELIGHTFUL, full of awesome banter and Kate Bishop making friends with Coulson after they are kidnapped by the same people. <3
fic  avengers  hawkeye  clint/coulson  preslash  genish  friendship  captive  humor  action/adventure  marvel  <10K 
october 2013 by spatz
copperbadge: The Seven Man Con (1/2)
Neal daydreams about his perfect heist. All he needs is seven very familiar people to populate the cast....
fic  whitecollar  genish  capers&cons  <15K 
october 2013 by spatz
copperbadge: Safety Meeting
"Your boss and his wife are totally sleeping with the help, honey."
fic  whitecollar  genish  neal/peter/elizabeth  diana/christie  humor  outsiderpov  <5K 
october 2013 by spatz
callmecathy: Other Side of the Connection
Reese is injured by a number and the bloodloss impairs his judgement. Ahhh, the last lines are so perfect. <3
fic  personofinterest  genish  h/c  <5K 
september 2013 by spatz
fiercelydreamed: I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
As with so many other things that have gone off the rails in the last year, it starts like this: "All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."
fic  crossover  leverage  whitecollar  humor  capers&cons  genish  <10K 
july 2013 by spatz
liviapenn: What's The Story, Morning Glory?
High school is over. Gus is going off to college in less than a month. He and Shawn aren't going to be as close as they used to be. It's inevitable; it's what people do after high school. They go to college or they get married or they have jobs, or they wander the earth fighting crime with kung fu like Kwai Chang Caine, and then they drift apart from the people who picked something different than whatever it is that they picked. Gus would give anything for that not to happen, but maybe Shawn is one step ahead of him on this, the same way he's always a step ahead of everyone.
fic  psych  genish  angst  precanon  friendship  <5K 
july 2013 by spatz
laurakaye: Defrag
The original protocols had called for a wipe-and-restore after each mission, but Harold had never liked the idea; if you wanted drones you should use drones, if you wanted to build yourself artificial operatives you should permit them to learn and grow the same as the organic ones. All the constructed memories in the world couldn’t take the place of experiential learning.

Harold does routine maintenance on John. Faintly creepy but also lovely. (so basically like canon. *g*) (AO3:
fic  personofinterest  genish  finch/reese  robots  commentfic  <5K 
july 2013 by spatz
sloth: Tarsus IV
Reboot take on Tarsus IV, originally written for the kink meme.
fic  startrek  aos  genish  slash  kirk/mccoy  precanon  commentfic 
june 2013 by spatz
penknife: Optimist
The first time they're all going to die, trapped in a storage compartment with a limited amount of air drifting through enough rubble to make looking for them even with the sensors like finding a moving needle in a haystack, Jim stretches out his feet to the extent that he can actually do that in the space they have and says, "So, if we're all going to die, we should have sex."
fic  startrek  aos  humor  genish  ust  kirk/spock/uhura  threesome  <5K 
june 2013 by spatz
mekosuchinae: Oh Two Hundred
In which Uhura is competent as hell when they receive a distress call in an obscure language, and the writing is lovely and sparing.
fic  startrek  aos  genish  casefile  het  spock/uhura 
june 2013 by spatz
sivib: Redacted for HIPAA Compliance
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 9:35 AM
Subject: New Admit, IV, Midtown

42yr old male, s/p gsw abd. IV Rocephin q24hrs. has caregiver, can be taught. Can u take?

[I love the realism in this, and there's a hilarious Machine cameo]
fic  personofinterest  genish  outsiderpov  h/c  epistolary 
april 2013 by spatz
made_of_tin: Lemmingvengers
Utterly adorable fanart gifs of Bruce, Thor, Steve, and Tony as lemmings.
fanart  avengers  marvel  humor  crack  steve/tony  genish  commentfic 
april 2013 by spatz
mad_maudlin: Apotheosis
John is given a chance to take the fight to Moriarty. You know what they say about whoever fights monsters...

Awesome reversal of the Empty House scenario: namely that it's John who is presumed dead for three years.
fic  sherlockholmes  sherlock  au  angst  pining  genish  holmes/watson 
april 2013 by spatz
thehoyden: Acts of God (Sherlock)
John came to realise rather quickly that Sherlock had absolutely zero interest in their household affairs.
fic  sherlock  sherlockholmes  genish 
march 2013 by spatz
pat foley: Partners
Part 4 of the Wonderland series (technically - can be read standalone). After Waverly's retirement, Napoleon finds himself struggling to prevent Illya's recall to the Soviet Union. Epic partnership fic, with flashbacks to their early days together at UNCLE.
fic  manfromuncle  wonderland  friendship  long  genish  precanon  postcanon 
december 2012 by spatz
shay sheridan: Auld Lang Syne
Napoleon and Illya pass yet another New Year's Eve in their traditional manner: injured on a mission. Bantery and delicately sweet.
fic  manfromuncle  genish  friendship 
december 2012 by spatz
copperbadge: Quarantine
After a client pukes on Mike and dies, Pearson Hardman is put under quarantine. The Associates go feral, the Paralegals build a fort, and Mike ends up in Harvey's office watching Inherit The Wind -- at least until Harvey notices something is wrong...
fic  suits  slash  harvey/mike  genish  h/c 
august 2012 by spatz
matchsticks_p: Ars Dictaminis
Trevor sends Harvey an unsolicited email from Montana every few weeks, and Harvey can't figure out why.
fic  suits  genish  harvey/mike  epistolary 
august 2012 by spatz
sian1359: Mad Season
Clint provides sniper cover for an Army experiment with the Abomination that, shockingly, goes wrong. Great action and attention to detail.
fic  avengers  genish  slash  clint/coulson  h/c  action/adventure  marvel 
july 2012 by spatz
gekizetsu: Running The Risk
Tony was the only person Steve had ever known who stood around yelling I’m fine when he meant someone please help me.

After a sniper tries to take out Tony, Steve worries. I love this Steve, thoughtful and quietly concerned, and the ways the rest of the team checks in on Tony.
fic  avengers  ironman  marvel  genish  steve/tony  teamfic  friendship  h/c 
july 2012 by spatz
storm_petrel: Pants, swagger, and other things to bring to a gunfight
Five people who've seen Jensen naked. To be fair, it's mostly not his fault.
fic  losers  slash  cougar/jensen  fivethings  firstmeetings  genish  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Five Times Katara Knew Best What To Do With The Babies
Five time Katara knew best what to do with the babies, and one time she didn't. Mostly gen, though it's set in recessional's Mai/Zuko/Katara post-canon AU.
fic  avatar  atla  genish  fivethings  kidfic  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
storm_petrel: half your life is over (if you're lucky)
Jensen once drove a humvee through a night rocket attack in Afghanistan with no batteries in his NVGs. This is probably worse. Set in Jensen's early days on the team, this is all the injured, lost, hallucinating, not-sure-of-his-place h/c you could ever want. (AO3:
fic  losers  genish  h/c  teamfic  cougar/jensen  precanon  pining  <10K 
june 2012 by spatz
storm_petrel: next of kin (we're all born renegades)
The first time Jensen meets Max, he’s cuffed to a chair with a dislocated jaw. Things don’t improve significantly from this point onwards. *Fantastic* AU. (AO3:
fic  losers  au  angst  torture  captive  firstmeetings  genish  cougar/jensen  *favorite  <15K 
june 2012 by spatz
spockside: Sketches
Steve asks the team to pose nude for him, individually. Lovely character work for everyone, and the author's Steve is the perfect mix of earnest and insightful and quietly snarky.
fic  avengers  genish  friendship  steve/darcy  marvel  fakemedia  artist!steve  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
sometimesophie: To Be Known
So this is what it felt like to be normal. Merlin opens his eyes to the cool, shining metal of Arthur's unsheathed blade. "Sorcerer," Arthur spits.
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  angst  captive  genish  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
drlense: Spellcheck
Everyone at OSP knew that Sam wrote all the reports.
fic  ncisla  genish  sam/callen  friendship  humor  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
drlense: Fabric Softener
He'd been quiet and still for so long that Sam had worried he'd fallen asleep, but in the last ten minutes Callen had started sniffing. Slowly at first, but increasing in frequency and vehemence until Sam had started to worry about the guy's mental health. “What's that smell?” asked Callen, finally. || Early days in the Sam-Callen partnership. Hee!
fic  ncisla  genish  firstmeetings  precanon  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
lucy_fic: Fixate
Missing scene from Search & Destroy: stakeout banter, UST, and origami.
fic  ncisla  genish  ust  sam/callen  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
lowercasek: A Bruised Road
Ryan visits his father in prison, and Seth drives him there. (ah, Ryan and his repression issues. Very stark and loaded with emotion between the lines.)
fic  oc  genish  friendship  <10K 
august 2011 by spatz
synecdochic: Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose
After John dies and they lose Atlantis, Rodney takes a job as a professor on Earth and learns how to go on. Heartbreaking but amazing.
fic  stargate  sga  slash  au  mckay/sheppard  angst  genish  futurefic  long  <20K 
july 2011 by spatz
lithiumdoll: Playing Cards
In which Peter gets birthday cards from Neal, and shows El how Neal signed them. Quiet but fun, with a wry and excellent Elizabeth. (AO3:
fic  whitecollar  genish  peter/elizabeth  <5K 
june 2011 by spatz
rageprufrock: Initial Public Offering
In which Clark has to analyze LexCorp's IPO for his journalism class, and misses Lex like crazy. Study session shenanigans, the wrath of Lois via text, and reconciliation.
fic  smallville  au  futurefic  humor  friendship  clark/lex  genish  college  dcu  <5K 
december 2010 by spatz
sophia_helix: Five Times Pam Almost Called Jim Over the Summer
Like the title says. I like how quiet and real this feels, and how it's not really romantic, more Pam missing her friend.
fic  office  genish  fivethings  jim/pam  <5K 
november 2010 by spatz
copperbadge: Cheap Philosophy
When Sirius died just before the summer holiday of Harry Potter's fifth year, he left behind a will, which for all it was the will of a known felon, was legal and binding. To Remus he left a sum which, when read aloud by the solicitor, struck the normally unflappable Lupin speechless. It wasn't astronomical by any means, but it was far more money than Remus had ever seen in one place in his long and poverty-stricken life.
fic  hp  genish  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
copperbadge: Fashionista
Nymphadora just wants to dress Remus properly.
fic  hp  genish  remus/tonks  <10K 
october 2010 by spatz
dorinda: Nom de Coeur
The long road to Brazzaville and the Resistance, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
fic  casablanca  genish  slash  rick/louis  yuletide  postcanon  <15K 
september 2010 by spatz
formerlydf: Ask Yourself What Matters
Gabe doesn't like the guy's face, and not just because he's hitting on Bill. Gabe likes plenty of people who've hit on Bill at some point. If nothing else, it proves that they have awesome taste. There's just something about this guy that makes Gabe a little antsy. | Not your typical sexpollen fic - really digs into the dubious consent issues, and Gabe's confusion and worry are beautifully wrought.
fic  bandom  cobras  tai  au  sexpollen  angst  genish  slash  gabe/william  dubcon  <15K 
july 2010 by spatz
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