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hazel: all our plans are useless indeed
Thomas’s back and knees creak alarmingly when he gets out of bed these days. He’s still an early riser, up with the birds, but it’s getting more and more tempting to stay in bed where it’s warm and comfortable, to perhaps hint to Molly that she could bring him breakfast on a tray and he could rise afterwards, perhaps even start work at a later hour.

He doesn’t. He is the last wizard of London and he doesn’t know what will happen when he dies.

Dense and varied nonlinear character study of Nightingale through the years. Really great Nightingale POV.
fic  riversoflondon  genish  slash  peter/nightingale  precanon  futurefic  angst  yuletide  <10K  +2017-02 
september 2018 by spatz
sixthlight: three-body problem
“But what if he’s not interested?” Peter asked.

Beverley groaned. “I cannot emphasize enough how that’s not my fucking problem.”
fic  riversoflondon  het  beverley/peter  slash  peter/nightingale  futurefic  yuletide  <20K  +2017-02 
september 2018 by spatz
sixthlight: just keep your eyes on me
Bev looked at me, then leaned down further, and said something very quietly in Nightingale’s ear. I’m always going to remember his expression as she spoke. He’s never actually told me what she said. Neither has she.

I’ve got some pretty solid conjectures, though.
fic  riversoflondon  het  slash  threesome  beverley/peter/nightingale  smut  sexpollen  futurefic  <10K  +2018-09 
september 2018 by spatz
lightgetsin: Longevity
In which Peter mourns his mother's sudden death, while juggling apprentices, work, and his brand-new relationship with Nightingale.

I'd be mad about the way lightgetsin shows up with an exquisite story and then vanishes again from the fandom for years -- but on the other hand, we get gorgeous, wrenching, intimate stories like this to make up for it.
fic  riversoflondon  slash  peter/nightingale  angst  futurefic  smut  <20K  +2017-02 
september 2018 by spatz
abyssinia: Subtle Salvation
Corporations come and go, as do wars, but the monster always lurks under your bed.

Solid 'Ripley & Hicks survive and lead the battle against the xenomorphs' AU with fake book excerpts.
fic  aliens  het  ripley/hicks  au  postcanon  fakemedia  futurefic  yuletide  captive  <5K  +2012-06 
july 2018 by spatz
rageprufrock: Disentanglement
After the abject shitshow of Palo Alto, Eduardo's plans are to stop proving his father right about all his life decisions, shut up, graduate, and keep abusing the slow-healing wound from Mark's knife in the back until all the scar tissue is numb from dead nerve endings.

Stock up on Kleenex and file this under 'gut wrenching but so worth it'.
fic  socialnetwork  gen  postcanon  angst  futurefic  friendship  +2013-01 
june 2018 by spatz
copperbadge: Photo Booth
Seventy years ago, Steve and Bucky had their picture taken.

Originally posted on Tumblr, this is a gorgeous little triptych, and also somehow magically made me feel better about Bucky going into cryo.
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  steve/bucky  precanon  futurefic  <5K  +2016-06 
february 2018 by spatz
sour_idealist: Oh Children, Rejoice
She finds an old man just past the edge of the Citadel.

She waves to him, pulling her hood back. “Hello, stranger,” she says, moving forward; she has a knife at her waist and a whistle at her throat, so she can greet him without much in the way of worry. “We await one like you.” She raises her hands above her, fingers pointed.

“What?” He lurches forward, grabbing at her wrist; he lets go the instant she pulls back, folding his hands in front of him. “Why are you making that sign? Immortan Joe’s sign?”

“The Immortan?” She blinks. “What’s he got to do with anything?”
fic  madmax  gen  postcanon  outsiderpov  futurefic  <5K  +2017-01 
january 2018 by spatz
calathea: The Wimbledon AU
Written during Wimbledon 2011: Rudy, contender for the Wimbledon trophy, baffles the BBC commentators.
fic  iwanttogohome  slash  mike/rudy  futurefic  humor  fakemedia  outsiderpov  <10K  +2011-07 
july 2017 by spatz
thecompanystore: Hide and Seek
Her brother is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a silly wanker wrapped in a tailor-made suit.
fic  kingsman  gen  futurefic  outsiderpov  <5K  +2015-04 
may 2017 by spatz
andrealyn: Delicacies of the Soul
Hernando plans the menu for their wedding meticulously and with great devotion to all the parts that make up Lito's new world.
fic  sense8  slash  lito/hernando  marriage  teamfic  futurefic  <5K  +2015-07 
january 2017 by spatz
ellen_fremedon: Twenty-Year Man
Lord Ivan Vorpatril and Byerly Vorrutyer, making Vorbarr Sultana safe for (highly limited experiments in) democracy.
fic  vorkosigan  slash  byerly/ivan  futurefic  truthserum  smut  espionage  <25K  +2011-07 
january 2017 by spatz
a_t_rain: Burying Baron Burr
In which Ivan and Byerly try to dispose of a body, and things get entirely too Jacksonian. Hysterically funny black comedy of errors.
fic  vorkosigan  gen  friendship  het  byerly/rish  ivan/tej  humor  futurefic  byerlyverse  <10K  +2015-05 
january 2017 by spatz
mardia: Changing The View
I got used to deflecting, waving it off with a "Good genes, I suppose," when someone marveled at how I still looked like I’d just left uni, even when I was in fact a decade older than that.

But I kept getting older, and the comments kept coming.
fic  riversoflondon  het  beverley/peter  friendship  futurefic  <10K  +2016-09 
november 2016 by spatz
sixthlight: stranger than you could imagine
If Thomas looked at Peter sometimes and saw a handsome young man – well, that was his business. The moment always passed, a strange sort of visual illusion that vanished when you tilted your head the other way. Except when it didn’t.
fic  riversoflondon  slash  peter/nightingale  pining  futurefic  <10K  +2015-04 
august 2016 by spatz
sixthlight: A Few Years Later
Great series set about a decade post-canon (post-Foxglove Summer) with a perfectly aged-up Peter and a charming set of OCs plus Abigail as apprentices. Good Grammar sets up the universe, then there's two alternate-get-together shorts, followed by the rest of the series.
fic  riversoflondon  slash  peter/nightingale  ensemble  futurefic  smut  outsiderpov  fivethings  holiday  *comfortread  <75K  +2015-03  *summerreading 
july 2016 by spatz
leupagus: Qui Audet Adipiscitur
"JANE - -
- - DOT"
fic  missfisher  gen  ensemble  capers&cons  futurefic  <5K  +2015-12 
may 2016 by spatz
copperbadge: Sherlock and Watson
To Sherlock Holmes, Susannah Watson was a new creature, with the youth and energy of his Irregulars, the brilliant mind of his first Watson, and an independence and sagacity that was wholly her own. He adored her as he had adored her father: intellectually, sexlessly, and with every ounce of his being.
fic  sherlockholmes  sh2009  kidfic  humor  futurefic  <5K  +2013-12  tumblrfic 
november 2015 by spatz
moirariordan: Inconceivable
"It's a slippery slope - today it's sex, tomorrow it's, I don't know, human sacrifice or something. Besides, we don't even know all the details yet."
"Details," Clarke says blankly, and Bellamy looks pointedly over at the ceremonial center of the Marach camp, a large, stone altar decorated with various bundles of food and flowers.

Grounders made them do it PWP. Written post-S1 so the background details are jossed, but hot and bantery.
fic  the100  het  bellamy/clarke  smut  futurefic  <10K  +2015-03 
october 2015 by spatz
gyzym: Crash Landers
In which Stiles learns to Stalk That Stalk. (Or, how to accidentally woo your unfriendly neighborhood alpha in roughly five hundred handwritten steps.)
fic  teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  futurefic  college  humor  epistolary  <35K  +2012-10 
july 2015 by spatz
kellifer_fic: you have to go to them sometimes
"Well, you're a werewolf," Stiles says.

Kevin has always had a pretty good poker face, but Stiles takes him completely by surprise, enough that there's a tell-tale pause that lasts a beat too long for the, "No I'm not," to be believed.
fic  teenwolf  gen  au  futurefic  outsiderpov  college  <5K  +2014-09 
april 2015 by spatz
anonymous: Step to Step, Hand in Hand
Toot-Toot and the Za-Lord's Guard watch over Maggie post-Changes. Quietly happy ending for Maggie, in which she lives a normal(ish) life.
fic  dresdenfiles  au  futurefic  gen  highschool  college  commentfic  +2011-06  <5K 
october 2014 by spatz
helenish: Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property
Lucius breaks Draco's arm in two places when he catches him kissing Matthew in the barn over Christmas break in fifth year.

In which Lucius is an abusive bastard who blackmails Neville into marrying Draco, based on their relationship before leaving school. It's one of those premises that sounds ridiculous, but Helenish makes work with her usual magic and an interesting pseudo-fifties conservative take on wizarding culture and marriage. (AO3:
fic  hp  slash  draco/neville  futurefic  marriage  harlequin  au  bakeries&baristas  magic  fakerelationship  long  pining  *comfortread  +2010-06  <25K 
july 2014 by spatz
jaune_chat: Draw You As You Truly Are
In a far-forgotten attic at the Xavier School for the Gifted, two young mutants come across a very unexpected find - drawings of all the original Avengers by one of their teammates. In the nude. When one of the mutants uses her power to look into the past, both can see what the Avengers meant to each other.

This is really really sweet and insightful -- a great execution of a cool idea.
fic  avengers  x-men  marvel  gen  friendship  artist!steve  het  bruce/betty  tony/pepper  futurefic  fivethings  teamfic  fakemedia  +2012-07  <10K 
june 2014 by spatz
lightgetsin: Third Date
Peter wants to wait until the tracker comes off, so Neal and El get a head start on the dating. Unf. The closing scene is particularly great.
fic  whitecollar  het  threesome  neal/peter/elizabeth  futurefic  <5K 
october 2013 by spatz
tigs: Provenance
After Neal's anklet comes off, he disappears, to Peter and El's distress -- but then a lot of stolen art starts getting returned to the former owners.
fic  whitecollar  gen  futurefic  <5K 
october 2013 by spatz
lilthehunger: Frost and the Stolen Consorts
All grown up, Frost decides that the next best thing to having Moon as a consort will be having one of Moon's sons. She doesn't stand a chance. *laughs* Frost is such a perfect terror in this.
fic  het  futurefic  threesome  humor  raksura  <10K 
august 2013 by spatz
bluflamingo: Down The Rabbit Hole
They’re on their way out of the hotel, having found their witness not there, like he’s been not there at the last five places they’ve tried, when Colby catches sight of something – someone – moving at the far side of the lobby. When he turns, the man’s just going through a door marked ‘Staff Only,’ slowly enough for Colby to see brown hair and glasses. And there must be hundreds of men in LA with brown hair and glasses, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking, “Daniel.”
fic  crossover  numb3rs  sg1  sga  stargate  slash  colby/lorne  casefile  futurefic  <15K 
july 2013 by spatz
liviapenn: And anyone who's ever had a heart
Before seeing the picture, she'd just slotted Neal Caffrey in as one more thing Peter's brain couldn't let go of, and amusing yourself while your spouse hunted down the greatest international art thief of the age was certainly classier than being a football widow.
fic  whitecollar  precanon  firstmeetings  het  slash  neal/peter/elizabeth  yuletide  futurefic  <10K 
june 2013 by spatz
lyra_wing: Dust in the Wind
Highways shifted, changed, disappeared altogether. Alternative fuel vehicles cropped up everywhere. Everything around them was changing, but they weren't. They weren't getting any older. Not in appearance, anyway. Sam didn't look a day over twenty-six, and Dean still had yet to see any gray hair.
fic  crossover  supernatural  americangods  gen  epic  au  futurefic  <5K 
june 2013 by spatz
limlaith: Twilight
Chris and Buck take a train to San Francisco to see Ezra for Maude's funeral. Peaceful and bittersweet story, with a sharp Chris voice and vivid sense of place and history.
fic  mag7  futurefic  slash  chris/buck  teamfic  postcanon 
march 2013 by spatz
jedibuttercup: on admin error {execute contingency plan}
//Greetings, Detective Carter,// it began. //If you're reading this message....// Joss closed her eyes and sat for a long moment in silence before continuing.

In which Carter is Reese's contingency plan. Bittersweet and well-thought-out futurefic.
fic  personofinterest  gen  futurefic  angst  yuletide 
february 2013 by spatz
daniel-gudman: Accounting no Jutsu
Lots of people have postulated that Naruto's good at financial planning. Let's follow that thought a little farther into the future.
fic  naruto  gen  crack  futurefic  humor  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
big rocky eye: Avatar Aang - An Annotated Bibliography
A Reprint of Part 314 (Avatar Aang) of the Annotated Bibliography of the Avatar, 20th ed. Clever, funny academia-nerd presentation of the events post-series via excerpts from memoirs and bios.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  fakemedia  futurefic  <25K 
may 2012 by spatz
captanddeastar: The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay (1/2)
All of this drama about her tragic love for Lorne has been distracting Elizabeth from her real priority: The Top Secret, Super Awesome, Ass-Kicking, Name-Taking, Huzzah for the Genius Elizabeth, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever Anniversary Present of Unparalleled Magnificence and Splendor. TSSAAKNTHGEHHAHSRFEAPUMS, for short. Code name: Sackenhassapums. For stealth reasons, Elizabeth calls it "My Anthropology Homework Project." || In which John and Rodney's kid is a hyperactive, soap-opera-obsessed menace. *wheezes with laughter*
fic  stargate  sga  kidfic  futurefic  slash  mckay/sheppard  humor  lorne/parrish  au  brokenlink  <15K 
october 2011 by spatz
wistful-fever: Cowardly Acts (1/4)
“Because I stare at you,” Ryan said sharply. The streaks Seth had noticed under his eyes while he was sleeping were more apparent in the stove light. “I’ve always stared at you. And you’ve never been staring back.” (last part, links to previous chapters)
fic  oc  slash  seth/ryan  au  futurefic  angst  long  <35K 
august 2011 by spatz
shoshanna: Penguins Do It, Too
"Well, yes. Ryan and I are like polar bears. They mate for life. As do penguins. And preying mantises. You don't want to get involved in a love triangle with those guys."
fic  oc  slash  seth/ryan  futurefic  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
lady chal: The Day of the Dead
On the eve of a world at war, seven families gather for an annual holiday tradition, and an elderly J.D. Dunne tells them how it all began. A happy sort of tearjerker, this gets me every time.
fic  mag7  futurefic  gen  angst  kidfic  afterlife  *favorite  holiday  <10K 
august 2011 by spatz
ajhall: Lust Over Pendle
Post-war mystery in the style of the Golden Age mystery-thriller (esp. Dorothy Sayers). Stands up remarkably well considering it was started post-PoA: Neville is made of awesome, Draco is wonderfully snarky, and the whole series is rife with secondary characters getting to be the heroes, colorful OCs, lots of Britishness, and a rollicking plot. I have major issues with her portrayal of Harry, but he's not a prominent character.
fic  hp  slash  draco/neville  long  casefile  futurefic  au  lopverse  postcanon  >100K 
july 2011 by spatz
synecdochic: Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose
After John dies and they lose Atlantis, Rodney takes a job as a professor on Earth and learns how to go on. Heartbreaking but amazing.
fic  stargate  sga  slash  au  mckay/sheppard  angst  genish  futurefic  long  <20K 
july 2011 by spatz
siegeofangels: First, the News
Five things edited out of Rodney McKay's Fresh Air interview. || *dies laughing* Hilarious, succinct, and sweet.
fic  stargate  sga  gen  fivethings  fakemedia  humor  futurefic  <5K 
june 2011 by spatz
nwhepcat: Beside Still Waters
Companion piece/sequel to Prism (The Fallen Feather Extended Jam).
fic  crossover  supernatural  firefly  gen  futurefic  afterlife  <10K 
may 2011 by spatz
yahtzee63: Phoenix Burning
Buffy is resurrected 350 years after she dives off the tower, along with several other Slayers, into a very different world. Entrancing AU rich with plot and fantastic original characters, and my very favorite Buffy characterization ever. This one's a classic for a very good reason. (AO3:
fic  buffy  au  futurefic  postapocalypse  angst  dystopian  afterlife  het  buffy/angel  long  *summerreading  epic  *favorite  <100K 
december 2010 by spatz
liviapenn: Just Pie
AU where Lex never went to Smallville, and he meets Clark in Metropolis under unusual circumstances. Cracktastic comedy GOLD, in an adorable sort of way. | Lex liked to think he was quick to pick up on even complicated concepts, and this one was dawning, albeit slowly. "You're a... college student." "Yeah," Clark insisted. "You have a couple of jobs." Lex repeated. Clark nodded energetically. "Including being a *pimp*?" Lex said, and Clark's eyes went huge, and he nearly dropped his tray. "*Shhh*!"
fic  smallville  au  futurefic  ust  clark/lex  slash  crack  dcu  *cortue  <5K 
december 2010 by spatz
julad: Marble
In which Clark and Lex play chess with the truth. This is the sort of hynoptically good AU you wish had been canon.
fic  smallville  au  futurefic  slash  clark/lex  dcu  <5K 
december 2010 by spatz
rageprufrock: Initial Public Offering
In which Clark has to analyze LexCorp's IPO for his journalism class, and misses Lex like crazy. Study session shenanigans, the wrath of Lois via text, and reconciliation.
fic  smallville  au  futurefic  humor  friendship  clark/lex  genish  college  dcu  <5K 
december 2010 by spatz
resonant: Transfigurations
Five years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts. Epic and richly detailed and made of awesome.
fic  hp  au  futurefic  slash  harry/draco  long  angst  smut  magic  school  epic  <75K 
october 2010 by spatz
lyras: Alternative Therapy
After the war, Harry is a recluse and Neville lures him out by fixing up his garden. || Somehow, this story manages to be warm and melancholy and hopeful at the same time, and I love that.
fic  hp  gen  au  futurefic  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
ignipes: Faces in Stone
A photograph in an old book sends Hermione on a quest to find the surviving works of the mysterious sculptor who created the Fountain of Magical Brethren at the Ministry of Magic. Atmospheric and beautiful, with a fantastic Hermione.
fic  hp  gen  futurefic  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
amalin: Still Life
Life as a portrait. Eerie, dark AU where Harry and Draco are dead, but their portraits hang on the wall next to each other.
fic  hp  au  angst  slash  harry/draco  futurefic  afterlife  magic  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
misscam: Rose Tyler's History of Sex
At eight, Rose Tyler learns about sex. It all sounds very peculiar.
fic  doctorwho  au  het  doctor/rose  rose/mickey  angst  precanon  futurefic  <5K 
september 2010 by spatz
bktheirregular: Cry Havoc
Five years after the series, a new war is beginning. AU for the movie, but still gives me goosebumps.
fic  firefly  gen  au  teamfic  futurefic  captive  <5K 
september 2010 by spatz
astolat: A Beautiful Lifetime Event
In which John and Rodney touch an Ancient device, end up with an accidental child, and then fall in love in the most backwards way imaginable. Hilarious and wonderful.
fic  stargate  sga  au  long  kidfic  slash  mckay/sheppard  mpreg  futurefic  marriage  *summerreading  *comfortread  <30K 
august 2010 by spatz
minnow1212: Seven Ways John Sheppard Goes Home
Like the title says. This was written mid-S1, and six years later, I'm impressed at how well it holds up, and Minnow's almost prescient characterization of John. (updated link:
fic  stargate  sga  fivethings  futurefic  gen  angst  au  <10K 
august 2010 by spatz
dsudis: Dean-Donna ficlet
Dean and Sam arrive at the motel where all the deaths have been reported just in time to see this red-haired woman open her car door for something that is obviously not right. They run toward her, screaming at her to get away from that thing, and she smiles, waves, and starts the car--and then all the windows go opaque with hideous green-black splat. || Donna is *totally* Dean's type, don't argue. The schmoopy curtainfic/life of adventure that Donna deserves, with a healthy dose of crack for good measure.
fic  crossover  supernatural  doctorwho  het  dean/donna  crack  futurefic  au  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
minnow1212: Weevil/Teyla ficlet
After declassification, the competition for even menial jobs in the Atlantis colony is huge, and Weevil mostly fills out the application for a custodial position on a whim. It’s not like he’s got a chance.
fic  crossover  vmars  stargate  sga  het  weevil/teyla  futurefic  commentfic  *comfortread  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
themoononastick: I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere (1/2)
Ryan doesn't believe in love, and lives his life like that. Lovely writing, and Ryan and his issues are intricately drawn.
fic  bandom  patd  angst  futurefic  slash  ryan/spencer  ryan/alex  jon/ryan  het  ryan/z  <20K 
july 2010 by spatz
ink_like_blood: But you can't be missed (1/3)
"No, I mean. It's like you haven't aged a single day." Ryan steals another glance, and Brendon looks uncomfortably out the window. The back streets of Vegas look a lot like he remembers them. The cars in the driveways aren't really different, people are still dressed the same, dragging their trash to the sidewalk in their pajamas. No one's in some sort of space-age suit or wearing a video visor, or walking a robotic dog. If Brendon was going to be dropped unceremoniously into the future without his consent, there could at least be robotic dogs. (Flight of the Navigator AU, whee!)
fic  bandom  patd  au  angst  slash  timetravel  brendon/spencer  futurefic  long  <25K 
june 2010 by spatz
entangled_now: An Eye For An Eye
Sequel to My Eyes Are An Ocean. Dean needs a little time to deal.
fic  supernatural  au  futurefic  slash  dean/castiel  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
nwhepcat: Prism (Fallen Feather Extended Jam)
The angel Castiel has been sent to recruit a soldier for a new struggle to save humanity -- this time, it's a veteran of the battle of Serenity Valley, who has little use for God and His plans. Castiel discovers Serenity is like a prism, each soul it carries reflecting a facet of Dean Winchester.
fic  crossover  firefly  supernatural  futurefic  gen  afterlife  friendship  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
dotfic: The only light we'll see
In the summer of 1998, two brothers set out to find to find a dead body. (basically Stand By Me, Winchester style - nostalgic and bittersweet and heart-breaking)
fic  supernatural  gen  precanon  futurefic  casefile  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
musesfool: The Dover Test
Risa's life is a series of befores and afters--she's not the same woman she was before her fiancé's eyes turned black and he tried to choke the life out of her without ever lifting a finger. That Risa didn't know how to handle a gun, how to chant an exorcism, how to draw a devil's trap. But she'd still take that life over what she's got now. (dark, exquisite coda for 5x04)
fic  supernatural  het  dean/risa  futurefic  angst  dystopian  smut  tagscene  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
roque_clasique: Life Used to Be So Hard
In which Sam getting turned into a werewolf is the beginning of their bizarre but happy ending. Oh, *Winchesters*.
fic  supernatural  gen  humor  au  futurefic  transformation  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
trinityofone: A Yellow Wood
In which two roads converge at an tear in the fabric of the universe. Haunting and original.
fic  supernatural  au  slash  dean/castiel  futurefic  angst  fallenangel  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
trinityofone: Good Things Do Happen (1/2)
Best zombie Christmas ever! Or, A Winchester Family Christmas, 2010. Happy ending comfort fic in which everyone lives (*literally* everyone), but in a gloriously human, awkward, hilarious way.
fic  supernatural  au  futurefic  gen  het  slash  sam/jess  dean/castiel  john/mary  humor  postapocalypse  *cortue  holiday  <15K 
june 2010 by spatz
ariadnes_string: Nothing Between Us and the New World
An old army buddy convinces Holmes and Watson to investigate a series of robberies at his inn on the Cornish coast. Watson is sure Holmes has only agreed to cheer him up after Mary's death, but there may be more going on under the surface. Breathtaking futurefic set in the movie-verse.
fic  sherlockholmes  slash  holmes/watson  futurefic  casefile  sh2009  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
janissa11: Time and Light
Written for sevenfists' Weight and Motion series - Sam's side of the story.
fic  supernatural  gen  futurefic  angst  weightmotion  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
apocalypsos: Unfinished Business
There's the official meeting when you join up at the hospital, a stupid little meet-and-greet and a boring tour that would put a person to sleep if it weren't for all the walking, and then there's the unofficial meeting. Some doctor or bored janitor or cafeteria worker leans towards you in the elevator or over the top of the nurses' station and says, "Hey, have you seen the ghost yet?"

Alternate ending to In My Time of Dying. Ouch.
fic  supernatural  gen  au  angst  futurefic  outsiderpov  <5K 
april 2010 by spatz
ignipes: Cartography in Empty Spaces
Dean has been gone for two years. On Christmas Day, an old friend brings him back to Sam's doorstep. (recommended reading order for series: Cartography in Empty Spaces, then Go Down You Blood Red Roses, then the sequels)
fic  supernatural  au  gen  angst  h/c  futurefic  amnesia  long  presumeddead  captive  torture  <20K 
april 2010 by spatz
sweetestdrain: Peach, Plum, Pear (1/2)
How in his tenth year of rule King Arthur chose a man to take the role of Court's Magician, and how Arthur made his decision. (AO3:
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  gwen/lancelot  futurefic  magic  pining  undercover  marriage  <15K 
april 2010 by spatz
astolat: Onfindan
Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic. Once they get over the initial awkwardness, they experiment with it in the most mature way possible: adventures and slaying monsters. Delightful mix of epic and humor.
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  long  magic  futurefic  <20K 
april 2010 by spatz
greensilver: The Last Word
"You can't go on like this forever, sire," Lancelot says, his voice low, for Arthur's ears alone. "If you keep throwing your lives away for one another, one day it will take." Arthur forces a smile. "And when that day comes," he says, the words wheezed out of lungs that won't fill, "you will discover, Lancelot -- I always get the last word." || Five near-deaths, and one reunion. Simply gorgeous.
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  angst  futurefic  yuletide  <5K 
april 2010 by spatz
adelagia: Fools of Us All (1/2)
Merlin accidentally makes everybody in Camelot fall in love with him. Everybody except Arthur, that is. || Endearing take on the love potion cliche, with plenty of shenanigans and some quality pining on Arthur's part.
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  pining  futurefic  smut  humor  magic  sexpollen  <15K 
april 2010 by spatz
cupiscent: Don't Look Back
Seri, the girl from 1x09 Home, gets involved in a ghost hunt years after meeting the Winchesters.
fic  supernatural  gen  casefile  futurefic  het  outsiderpov  <10K 
march 2010 by spatz
astolat: The Beltane Cycle
(Beltane, Coming of Age, That Shall Achieve the Sword, An Exile in Albion) Fantastic series that starts with the source of Merlin's powers, and follows through Merlin being revealed as a sorcerer and the consequences. Balances the humor and friendship of the show with the epic promise of the characters.
fic  merlin  au  merlin/arthur  h/c  long  futurefic  friendship  yuletide  <30K 
february 2010 by spatz
fools-game: Rehearsals (1/4)
When Ryan convinces Chad to dance in the Fall Musicale, things change between them. Featuring: Scheming, singing, dancing, cunning plans, wacky misunderstandings, small girls in leotards, one thousand elephants, boykissing, banter, musical reconciliation, and something resembling a plot.
fic  hsm  slash  chad/ryan  futurefic  long  au  *summerreading  <20K 
february 2010 by spatz
parrotfic: Interpreted Languages
In which Micah joins the SGC, and goes to Atlantis. Gorgeous descriptions of the city and the people in it, and an engaging grown-up Micah who hasn't lost his sense of wonder.
fic  crossover  stargate  sga  heroes  gen  futurefic  <5K 
february 2010 by spatz
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