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galaxysoup: Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Invisibling Thing
or Four Times Jack Carter Met The Doctor And One Time He Didn’t.

Eureka is a town full of geniuses. Naturally, the Doctor must poke it with a stick.
fic  crossover  eureka  doctorwho  gen  fivethings  humor  angst  <5K  +2017-01 
17 days ago by spatz
copperbadge: It's A Very Distinctive Family Resemblance
Eliot Spencer comes from a long line of knife-wielding, long-haired troublemakers.
fic  crossover  leverage  avengers  marvel  gen  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2018-04 
17 days ago by spatz
hansbekhart: The Holy Relic Job
A man walks into a bar, only it's not a bar - it's the newest base of operations for the Leverage crew.

And it's not just any man - he's the Winter Soldier. He's looking for something, but he doesn't know what it is.

He's not leaving until he gets it.
fic  crossover  leverage  avengers  marvel  gen  angst  <10K  +2018-02 
17 days ago by spatz
thingswithwings: we've got some work to do
Parker interviews candidates for Leverage International.
fic  crossover  leverage  oceans8  slash  debbie/lou  postcanon  <5K  +2018-08 
17 days ago by spatz
tassos: Chicago and Change
The NCIS team tracks a national security threat to Chicago's 27th precinct, but Harding Welsh doesn't have a hand to spare. Fortunately Fraser and Ray are in town for a visit.
fic  crossover  duesouth  ncis  gen  fraser/rayk  casefile  humor  postcanon  <15K  +2013-02 
17 days ago by spatz
alessandriana: homesick at space camp
When the producers of The Watney Report had contacted her about doing a final wrap-up show on the one-year anniversary of the Ares 3 mission's return, Annie'd nearly thrown herself off a bridge. She'd thought she was done with this shit.

Or, seven times they lied to the press.
fic  themartian  gen  het  beck/johanssen  mark/mindy  humor  angst  h/c  fivethings  yuletide  <15K  +2017-07 
24 days ago by spatz
tricatular: You Know You Have a Permanent Piece of My Medium-Sized American Heart
“Hey Hermes!” The ambient suspicion level in the Rec ratcheted up significantly. Kapoor was disturbingly cheerful. “We’ve sent you some mission updates in the data dump, but Mitch and I wanted to personally let you know—” Mitch visibly rolled his eyes in the background. “—That thanks to some…strong suggestions from the White House, and on Annie and Director Sanders’ recommendation, we’ve started releasing Watney’s Mars logs to the public.”
fic  themartian  gen  postcanon  fakemedia  yuletide  ptsd&trauma  <10K  +2016-01 
25 days ago by spatz
otter: Numquam te tradam
Some of Beck's methods for social healing are not peer-reviewed, and Johanssen is a terrible enabler. And still a nerd.
fic  themartian  het  slash  threesome  mark/beck/johanssen  h/c  ptsd&trauma  dreams&nightmares  postcanon  <10K  +2017-03 
25 days ago by spatz
lannamichaels: Interstitial
Excellent post-canon series dealing with the medical fallout from Mark's time on Mars, plus "The great love story of Chris Beck and Beth Johanssen, as told by Mark Watney, who they are trying to get into bed." Nerds. <3
fic  themartian  slash  het  threesome  mark/beck/johanssen  postcanon  h/c  ptsd&trauma  <10K  +2015-10 
25 days ago by spatz
otter: Finding Space Mountain
Anyway, when I say, "Do you think Beyoncé would win if she ran for president? Beck? Beck, wake up. We need to talk about this," it's mostly because I don't have any self-control left. I used it all up on rationing food while I slowly starved to death.
fic  themartian  slash  het  mark/beck/johanssen  smut  postcanon  <10K  +2016-10 
25 days ago by spatz
melrows: #BringHimHome
Mark Watney will need to buy a lot of people beers.

A collection of in-world oneshots cataloging the world's reactions. From the news to social media and from regular people to NASA rover techs.
fic  themartian  gen  humor  fakemedia  outsiderpov  <15K  +2015-11 
25 days ago by spatz
coffeewithconsequences: The Craving for Salt
The trouble with a long-term lie, or even a long-term omission, is that if you can’t make it true to yourself, you will eventually forget to make it true to someone else. Lying and omission were Daniel’s bread and butter, but when he was with Archie, he wasn’t at work (mostly). And so, eventually, he forgot.

After hiding it from Archie for months, Daniel finally comes clean about something he's been hiding.
fic  thinkofengland  slash  daniel/archie  postcanon  smut  <5K  +2018-09 
4 weeks ago by spatz
handhellbasket: You Win Some, You Lose Some
Archie loses a bet, and his virginity. He doesn't much mind though.
fic  thinkofengland  slash  daniel/archie  smut  postcanon  yuletide  <5K  +2018-12 
4 weeks ago by spatz
pendrecarc: Harder for You, of Course
New Year's Eve, 1899--Patricia Merton attends a shooting party, experiences fireworks (literal and figurative), and learns what one can get away with in society.

Oh, and then there's the murder.

Just wanted to bookmark this lovely murder-mystery/get-together fic before KJ Charles's version gets released tomorrow!
fic  thinkofengland  slash  pat/fen  precanon  casefile  <20K  +2018-09 
5 weeks ago by spatz
rassaku: Enemy Mine
Harry gets invited on a date by everyone’s favorite mob boss, and *then* things get weird.
fic  dresdenfiles  slash  harry/marcone  casefile  magic  >100K  +2017-01 
7 weeks ago by spatz
northernsparrow: Flight
Sequel to Forgotten, featuring Dean's dumb ass eventually figuring out he's in love after several hundred thousand words, even more Cas whump, and the author's delightfully intricate angel wing headcanon.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  action/adventure  h/c  captive  torture  epic  presumeddead  wingfic  >100K  +2018-04 
march 2019 by spatz
northernsparrow: Forgotten
Sam and Dean are working a case in Wyoming, but are distracted by news of a dangerous angel called "Castiel" who they can't remember ever having heard of before. The name seems a little bit familiar, but neither of the boys is sure why.

AU from mid-S9. Excellent casefile that blossoms into some cool epic worldbuilding (continuing in the sequel), with heaping helpings of whump and TFW feels, and a perfectly agonizing amnesia mystery.
fic  supernatural  gen  casefile  h/c  amnesia  torture  friendship  angst  dreams&nightmares  homeless  >100K  +2018-04 
march 2019 by spatz
forestgreen: For a Price
"I can't go around being a pseudo-virgin forever. With my luck, word will spread, and every warlock wannabe is gonna come to Chicago seeking the missing ingredient for their virgin sacrifice. I'd rather get rid of the problem on my terms."
fic  dresdenfiles  het  harry/marcone  au  genderswap  bdsm  smut  ptsd&trauma  <25K  +2017-12 
march 2019 by spatz
Annie D: Not Part of the Plan
Castiel's spent most of his adult life keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. This is a deliberate choice on his part, because as a cousin of the King, he'd rather stay unimportant and forgotten. This changes abruptly when King Michael decides that he has a better use for Castiel: he is to be wed to a noble member of the neighboring Republic, as part of an agreement between their two nations. Castiel knows he has to obey, but that doesn't mean he won't rebel in what small ways he can. Unexpectedly, his actions end up having far-reaching consequences.

In which Cas has a one night stand with Dean to lose his virginity before his arranged marriage, then discovers he's engaged to Sam (oops), then Sam runs away so Cas marries Dean to avoid a scandal... and THEN things get complicated! Gorgeous slow burn romance with plenty of plot and even more tropes.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  au  marriage  fakerelationship  pining  phone&radio  angst  captive  undercover  smut  kink  >100K  +2018-02 
february 2019 by spatz
galaxysoup: Redemption Arc
Castiel awakens in a forest with an empty feeling in his chest and a deep sense of dread.

Post-S8 AU that hit me right in the feels.
fic  supernatural  gen  au  friendship  angst  amnesia  h/c  epic  <25K  +2018-02 
february 2019 by spatz
komodobits: Cuckoo And Nest
For a long time, Castiel thought that every earthly possession other than the immediately necessary was excess to requirement. But Dean – Dean who named his car, who keeps a photograph of his mother in his wallet, some thirty-plus years after her death, who still has the crumpled ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign with a sleeping pelican emblazoned on it from the Microtel outside of Roanoke where he first kissed Castiel, clumsy and unsure, under the unsteady fluorescence of an exhausted bathroom bulb – is sentimental.

It puzzles Castiel, where Dean draws the line between what is meaningful and what it is worthless.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  insecurity  <15K  +2018-02 
february 2019 by spatz
orange_crushed: Fearson's floating cigarette
"That son of a bitch," Dean says. He strangles the handful of french fries he’s been holding, and one by one their warm, helpless, potato-y insides crumble over the tops of his fingers. He feels a brief burst of irrational, almost homicidal rage. "That floppy bow-tie wearing son of a bitch.” Dean is gonna kill Jimmy Wonderman. He’s gonna shove a never-ending string of scarves down his throat. He’s gonna make him eat balloon animals until he floats off into space.

So the summary for this stage magicians AU is misleading as hell - the antagonism lasts for about 20 seconds against Dean's hearteyes, and it's mostly a really tender, fluffy romance.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  au  normallife  <15K  +2018-08 
february 2019 by spatz
galaxysoup: Hail Mary
Take one newly human ex-angel on the run from Heaven. Combine with one mysteriously resurrected and increasingly pissed off Mary Winchester. Add overtones of Apocalypse. Shake well.

S9 AU. I still can't believe this got Kripke'd, but that's SPN fandom for you. This one definitely wins my heart on the basis of Mary and Cas's beautiful friendship.
fic  supernatural  gen  au  friendship  apocalypse  h/c  action/adventure  >100K  +2013-10 
february 2019 by spatz
bendingsignpost: Get a Whiff of This
When no good deed goes unpunished, Dean ends up sentenced to community service for physically defending another Omega at his job. That is, at his former job. It's all a steaming pile of shit, and that's exactly what he has to clean up at the joint animal shelter and clinic he's been assigned to.

With a face full of allergies and a horrific mood, all Dean has to do is get through six weeks of this sinus-assaulting torture. That's not so easy with a smartass Alpha receptionist, but at least the weird Beta vet might just end up being kinda cool.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  au  normallife  a/b/o  pining  trustissues  soulmates&bonding  smut  <30K  +2018-05 
february 2019 by spatz
mishcollin: a turn of the earth
Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  au  timetravel  angst  h/c  casefile  pining  precanon  <100K  +2018-03 
february 2019 by spatz
bendingsignpost: Cinderwings
Under the cover of a masquerade ball, Castiel has five nights to recover the key to his people's freedom. The world has changed greatly in the six centuries since their banishment into the void, but the task isn't impossible. Unfortunately for Castiel, this is going to involve talking to people - especially the Knight Prince who has taken an interest in Castiel and his "costume" wings.

For a love story that kicks off over five nights, this sure has the *feeling* of a slow burn. Fantastic, creative, and plotty Cinderella AU.
fic  supernatural  slash  au  fairytale  magic  undercover  ust  wingfic  action/adventure  >100K  +2018-03  h/c  dean/castiel 
february 2019 by spatz
owlship: Out Of The Bag
Furiosa wakes up as a cat. Things progress from there.

Bonkers premise, wonderfully realistic execution.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  postcanon  magic  transformation  <75K  +2018-01 
february 2019 by spatz
fadagaski: Max-Cheedo bodyswap
Incomplete but well-written, with cool ideas about Max's dysphoria both physically and in combat, and his lack of ghosts.
fic  madmax  gen  bodyswap  action/adventure  incomplete  <10K  +2015-10 
february 2019 by spatz
battle_cat: Red, Purple, White
Imperator Toast is out on her first supply run to the Bullet Farm in the new rig, and a distress flare has just gone up.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  action/adventure  postcanon  <5K  +2016-01 
february 2019 by spatz
splinter: Guarded
Max dreams about hands. This is a familiar nightmare: being held and trapped by many grasping fingers. It’s suffocating, as if each touch on his skin was smothering. He wakes in panic from those dreams, fear of contact tangled up with blood and the accusing faces of the dead.

Very rarely, he has a different kind of dream. Sprog holding his hand, or tugging at Max’s trouser leg as if he could climb up him, smiling when he’s lifted and held. Jessie’s hands, ruffling his hair or pinching his bum, precise and steady when she played her saxophone or signed. He dreams of her fingers, stroking idly down his arm, cupping his face or working at knotted muscles in his back.

Gorgeous character study about touch-starvation, with awkward cuddling. *heartclutch*
fic  madmax  gen  postcanon  h/c  friendship  ptsd&trauma  <5K  +2018-01 
february 2019 by spatz
lafiametta: The Crux
Another night at Citadel Rock Climbing and Furiosa's just about had it. She's had it with her pervy boss and her weirdo co-workers. She's had it with the depressing realization that, because of the accident, she may never climb again. And then a stranger shows up... and the night becomes a little more interesting.

Incomplete, but the first chapter works as a standalone (as I think it was originally intended to be a oneshot).
fic  madmax  genish  het  max/furiosa  au  normallife  <15K  +2015-07 
february 2019 by spatz
ssstrychnine: Sweetness and Light
Wives are spun out of sweetness and light; that's what they are told, that's what they must be.

Heavily stylized backstory for the five sisters.
fic  madmax  gen  precanon  <5K  +2015-06 
february 2019 by spatz
primarybufferpanel & bonehandledknife: After The Fire
He folded her fingers around the seeds.

“I’d forgotten but, when there’s a fire, the seeds crack." He shifted, and looked down, and stepped back.

“That’s a bad thing?”

“I’d thought.” Max shook his head, “No, the cracks… it’s easier for water to get in.”

“Easier for them to green," Furiosa said quietly.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  smut  postcanon  <10K  +2015-07 
january 2019 by spatz
battle_cat: Test Drive
Max and Furiosa test-drive the rebuilt Interceptor...sexily.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  smut  <5K  +2016-03 
january 2019 by spatz
owlship: A Sure Thing
“That won't do at all,” the gatekeeper says. He tsks loudly, then turns to the scribe besides him, and the two of them have some sort of rapid conversation in what might be code or might be a language Max doesn't speak. When he's finished he faces Max again and smiles, all teeth. “A day's work in the brothel is good for a day in the city.”
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  smut  prostitution  au  firstmeetings  dubcon  <10K  +2018-04 
january 2019 by spatz
screechthemighty: Get Out Alive
He wakes up by the powder lakes.

Groundhog Day fic!
fic  madmax  gen  timetravel  angst  <10K  +2015-09 
january 2019 by spatz
So I Heard You Like Timeloops - the Groundhog Day AU tumblrfic/headcanon collection
Messy but fascinating multi-author collection of snippets from Tumblr about timeloops.
fic  madmax  gen  timetravel  <10K  +2015-09 
january 2019 by spatz
heliosalpha: Wasteland Legends
The stories of Citadel are following him, and he finds it infuriating.

I like the worldbuilding here - the trade fires, the storytelling - and this portrayal of Max was really interesting to see: a little more of the asshole snarker we see in the earlier movies, good and violent and crazy all at once.
fic  madmax  gen  postcanon  <5K  +2015-07 
january 2019 by spatz
conceptofzero: Circumnavigate
While Furiosa and the other women run the Citadel, Max helps in his own particular way.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  postcanon  <5K  +2015-09 
january 2019 by spatz
battle_cat: Ssh
They’ve been teasing each other all afternoon.

It had started with looks: her gaze catching his as she bent low into the tangle of an engine, holding just long enough to see him flush before going on with her work. It had only escalated from there, as the garage emptied out in the limpid heat of late afternoon: her fingers trailing under his shirt along the waistband of his pants, his hot breath on her neck as he leaned in closer than was strictly necessary to lend a hand on a stubborn bolt, a silent guerrilla war of blistering touches in which both of them were too stubborn to admit defeat.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  smut  postcanon  kink  <5K  +2018-04 
january 2019 by spatz
battle_cat: Christening
They make their way over to the Interceptor, which in the morning light is quite unmistakably covered with smears of dried fluids that can only be the result of one thing. The dust that always blows in has been rubbed into…very suggestive patterns on the hood.

On the gritty windshield, someone has used a finger to write WITNAS.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  humor  postcanon  <5K  +2016-04 
january 2019 by spatz
bluebeholder: Ásynjur
As the Immortan’s favored wife, the Splendid Angharad must serve him when he goes before the people to show his immense power and deific majesty. She serves him a cup of aqua cola, with the appropriate amount of bowing and kneeling. But her duties do not end with service at a feast. It is her task to foretell the outcome of the Immortan’s raids.

Part of a series of shorts, but I liked Angharad's best.
fic  madmax  gen  precanon  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-09 
january 2019 by spatz
cygnaut: He Just Wouldn't Stay Away
Max comes back in a busted old van with an even more busted leg. It’s not a social call—there’s a new threat out in the wasteland making its way toward the Citadel.

Fun action romp in which Max and Furiosa go out undercover to sabotage a new enemy’s army, and continue to be the most drift-compatible ever while also figuring out how their friendship works when they’re (mostly) not in imminent peril.
fic  madmax  gen  action/adventure  friendship  undercover  postcanon  <50K  +2018-01 
january 2019 by spatz
owlship: Go The Long Way Around
Max and Furiosa receive a reminder that in the wasteland, gunshots and car chases aren't the only dangers. (aka the one where Furiosa gets bitten by a snake)
fic  madmax  genish  het  max/furiosa  h/c  <15K  +2018-01 
january 2019 by spatz
battle_cat: Her Reputation Precedes Her
Furiosa must negotiate a trade deal under less-than-ideal conditions. Max has a role to play.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  action/adventure  smut  <10K  +2018-03 
january 2019 by spatz
owlship: Giving and Receiving
The exchanges started with a metal rasp, and then a kill-switch sequence, moved to guns and tactics and a steady shoulder, a sling full of ammunition, barreled onwards to a loaded motorbike, a way home, blood flowing from one body to another, a name. It might have ended there, with something like redemption, but whenever Max visits he never does so empty handed- and so it continues.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  tumblrfic  postcanon  <5K  +2016-01 
january 2019 by spatz
felonazcorp: I Can Be The Answer
Max's hands are huge and hard, his fingers square and blunt and callused, his skin rough and warm, and while there is a part of her — a scared, fourteen year old part of her — that wants to shy away from his touch, the rest of her, the hardened Road Warrior rest of her, pushes into his hands as if to prove to herself that she can do this, she is just as capable as anyone else.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  smut  trustissues  <5K  +2015-05 
january 2019 by spatz
owlship: Greenstick
The Dag is done with men.

Written for a prompt: "If it please you, consider the Dag giving birth to a healthy baby girl and Max -- visiting the Citadel for the first time in nearly a year -- being the first man allowed to hold her."
fic  madmax  gen  postcanon  tumblrfic  trustissues  <5K  +2016-01 
january 2019 by spatz
tyellas: Big Guy
Rictus suffers for his father’s ambitions - and with the Organic Mechanic in the way, there’s not much that Corpus can do.
fic  madmax  gen  precanon  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-07 
january 2019 by spatz
tyellas: Ladies of the Road
The Keeper of the Seeds and Miss Giddy meet on the edge of the Wasteland.
fic  madmax  genish  tumblrfic  precanon  <5K  +2015-07 
january 2019 by spatz
proprioception: Salad Days
Fresh produce is a welcome luxury after months and months of bean bars and hard, dry cakes, but *dear god*, Max thinks, at what cost.

*cackles* In which the women of the Citadel have far too much fun making innuendos, to the dismay of Max and Furiosa. Adorable and hilarious.
fic  madmax  het  max/furiosa  humor  <5K  +2018-02 
january 2019 by spatz
ssstrychnine: petrichor
It does still rain on the ashes of the world. Sometimes it is acid and waves, and the Wretched are burned, and their bones splinter, and their skin peels. Sometimes it is as dangerous as the sand storms that strike lightning to the earth. But sometimes, very rarely, with years between, there will be a true rain.

Written for me!
fic  madmax  gen  tumblrfic  postcanon  <5K  +2015-06 
january 2019 by spatz
kaasknot: Feels Like Hope
"Nux," Slit says as they sit on the edge of the West Tower, their feet dangling out over nothing, "We've gotta be strong, yeah? Bein' a War Boy ain't for the weak ones. The Immortan only takes the very strongest and bravest. You'n me? We're the very strongest, the very bravest." He throws his arm over Nux's shoulder and takes a swallow of the rotgut liquor they stole from the Organic Mechanic's still.

Great set of snapshots about life as a Warboy.
fic  madmax  gen  precanon  angst  <5K  +2015-05 
january 2019 by spatz
leupagus: tic-tac-toe
“How do you practice that sort of thing, anyway?” Gaby asked, drawing a circle on the broad sheet of Solo’s back with her thumbnail, digging in just hard enough to leave the curve of reddened skin. Across from her, on the other side of where Solo was making vaguely disapproving (although not discomfited) noises, Ilya squinted at her.
fic  manfromuncle  MFUmovie  het  slash  threesome  napoleon/illya/gaby  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-08 
january 2019 by spatz
ash818: a hundred and twelve
The island didn’t teach Oliver to jump a motorcycle over a flight of stairs. Two wrecked Yamahas and a Ducati taught Ollie that. No one – not his parents, not law enforcement, not even Thea frightened and crying when he put himself in the hospital – could teach him to stop.
fic  arrow  het  oliver/felicity  ust  action/adventure  tumblrfic  <5K  +2014-03 
january 2019 by spatz
emeraldbirdcollector: If Harry had gotten a less conventional adoptive family
Dear Minerva,

Thank you so much for your kind letter of the 17th. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I do appreciate your waiving the rules about familiars to allow Wednesday to bring little Homer - she dotes on that spider, and I don’t think she could consider Hogwarts home without his company.
fic  crossover  hp  addamsfamily  gen  epistolary  <5K  +2018-01 
january 2019 by spatz
teaberryblue & allofthefeelings: Strays
Laura Barton isn’t a field agent for SHIELD. She’s a staff veterinarian, whose main job is treating the animals in their K9 units, but occasionally, she gets some weirder cases, like that time SHIELD stopped a wildcat trafficking ring.

But then, there was this one guy.
fic  avengers  marvel  het  clint/laura  precanon  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-08 
january 2019 by spatz
paginationline: The Awesomeness Protocol
“How long has he been playing, Jarvis?” asks the Captain, cutting Sir off.

“Three minutes and forty-two seconds, Captain.” Jarvis adds apologetically, “He appears to have run afoul of illegal weapons testing at the lake, and is currently on the run from an anti-government militia group.”
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2014-10 
january 2019 by spatz
imaginebucky: babysitting trolls
Imagine Bucky and Natasha babysitting Steve's kid.
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-09 
january 2019 by spatz
orbingarrow: Peter's Got A Gift For Gifts
Tony figures a birthday gift from Peter is inevitable. Few people bother to give Tony anything, because let’s face it– he really is the guy who has everything– but some do, and Peter’s going to be one of them. Thoughtfulness is in the kid’s DNA.
fic  avengers  spiderman  marvel  holiday  tumblrfic  <5K  +2018-05 
january 2019 by spatz
imagine-hawkeye: MCU & comics Clints swap places
One minute, he’s sitting in his kitchen in his underwear, kinda hoping that staring at the coffee pot will magically make it fill up with caffeine even if though he drank the last of it yesterday and had forgotten to buy more.

The next minute, he’s suddenly glowing. His hair stands on end, and he can see Lucky barking in alarm, but all he can do is shout a dismayed, “Aw, magic, no!” before there’s a bright flash and his kitchen disappears.
fic  crossover  avengers  hawkeye  marvel  gen  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-06 
january 2019 by spatz
dopemixtape & typhoidmeri & kisleth: Steve rickrolls the team
Steve discovers Roll Rolling one night while working through the list of music recommendations Sam and Natasha had given him. At first he thinks it’s a random ad popping up in the middle of the music video. Then he reads the comments. Nearly every one involves swearing and the term ‘Rick Roll’d.’ Google, as always, is unbelievably helpful and Steve laughs out loud to himself upon reading the Wiki page.

Sam is first.
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  teamfic  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2014-05 
january 2019 by spatz
wintersoldierfell: painting Bucky's arm
A girl gets on the bus and pauses at the front to rummage in her purse for a token. She’s got brightly colored clips in her hair, a denim vest studded with shining buttons, and short shorts that reveal a muscular brown thigh and calf. But that’s not why Bucky suddenly finds himself staring.

He’s looking at the other leg.

The bottom section looks like a piston, one thin metal bar sliding into a mechanism whose workings seem to be mostly hidden where the prosthetic disappears into the girl’s boot. The top is larger, and above the knee joint, there’s a large cylindrical casing almost the volume of the girl’s other thigh. The casing is painted, covered entirely with an astonishingly vivid range of blues, violets, turquoises, sea-greens, creams, and golds. Somewhere in the back of his mind, his memory spits out the name Claude Monet, and water lilies, and an image of a blond-haired boy standing beside him, mouth open in wonder.
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  tumblrfic  <5K  +2014-05 
january 2019 by spatz
orionsnacks: little girl recognizes Bucky at the Smithsonian
“You should tie your hair back,” a little girl with pitch-black hair says to the Winter Soldier. He stares down at her, silent, but she continues undeterred. “Mommy says that we need to have our hair tied back or we’ll trip over things because we can’t see. She makes me wear these–” She displays her wrist, which is encircled by a rainbow of different hair bands. “–because mine keep falling out. You can’t fight evil if you can’t see it. I want to be a police officer when I grow up. Are you a…”

She trails off, her eyes steadily getting bigger.
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  tumblrfic  tagscene  <5K  +2014-04 
january 2019 by spatz
phae: Elevator Meeting (with a twist)
Phil regarded the dog bemusedly for the rest of the short ride to the 11th floor. When the elevator came to a smooth halt and the doors parted, Phil stepped forward, but the dog made no move.

“Not your floor, buddy?” Phil asked. The dog yipped and kept his seat. Chuckling, Phil stepped past and patted the dog’s head. He held his hand out in front of the door to keep it from closing, then systematically began pushing floor buttons until the full panel was lit. He exited the elevator, calling back, “Good luck!” The doors closed a moment later, the dog’s tail beating against the floor happily.
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2014-05 
january 2019 by spatz
rageprufrock: Presque Vu
Or, "on the tip of the tongue." Arthur meets Mal first. He inherits Dom, after. Everything else is on him.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  precanon  postcanon  <75K  +2010-09 
january 2019 by spatz
starlingthefool: Skin Deep
A story that starts with a spiral, ends with a fire, and is stained with ink and blood in the middle.

(In other words, a tattoo shop AU that totally took on a mind of its own.)
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  au  normallife  smut  <20K  +2015-07 
january 2019 by spatz
tequiladeas: The Fabulist
Sometimes Eames tells himself lies like he’s setting himself a dare, like how he tells himself he’s in love with Arthur, how he’s desperate to have Arthur love him back. That’s a good one.

A fantastic character study, but *ouch*.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  ust  angst  pining  <5K  +2016-06 
january 2019 by spatz
sofia_gigante: Under the Skin
When Arthur gets curious about something, he gets downright obsessed…especially if that something has to do with sex, dream-share, and Eames.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  smut  genderqueer  dreams&nightmares  <10K  +2015-10 
january 2019 by spatz
VIII_XIII: Seaweed Song
Eames moves to a tropical island and decides to retire. Arthur is afraid of the ocean.

A very peaceful sort of romance.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  smut  postcanon  <25K  +2015-10 
january 2019 by spatz
witling: Release Mechanism
“The theory,” Eames says, “is that you can use the PASIV to get into a man’s mind, just like in a dream. But a regular kick doesn’t work, because a coma’s so much deeper than ordinary sleep. You need a bigger kick. A bigger shock to the system.”

“Yeah,” Arthur says. “You let me know when you figure out what’s a bigger shock than getting shot in the head.”

“Believe me,” says Eames. “You’ll be the first to know.”
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  ust  dreams&nightmares  <15K  +2015-07 
january 2019 by spatz
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