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emeraldbirdcollector: If Harry had gotten a less conventional adoptive family
Dear Minerva,

Thank you so much for your kind letter of the 17th. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I do appreciate your waiving the rules about familiars to allow Wednesday to bring little Homer - she dotes on that spider, and I don’t think she could consider Hogwarts home without his company.
fic  crossover  hp  addamsfamily  gen  epistolary  <5K  +2018-01 
8 weeks ago by spatz
frostfire: new phone who dis
Wolfe: This keyboard is too small.
me: Your fingers are too big.
Wolfe: The problem remains. Use the house phone from now on.
me: You better not be putting that phone back in the drawer.
fic  nerowolfe  gen  epistolary  humor  au  yuletide  <5K  +2018-01 
december 2018 by spatz
rageprufrock: User Since
To: PC (
From: Buck (
Subject: Report!
Date: May 10, 2012
Phil — where the hell are you, man? Let us know if you're all right, or if there's anything we can do to help. HQ's freaking the fuck out.

Years later, I am still mad about how much this story made me cry. (first story is gen, sequel is C/C and salves the pain...eventually)
fic  avengers  marvel  genish  epistolary  clint/coulson  angst  presumeddead  pining  au  <35K  +2013-10 
july 2018 by spatz
thedeadparrot: Cryptography For Beginners
A few years after the depositions, Mark sends Eduardo an e-mail. Now Eduardo just needs to figure out what it says.
fic  socialnetwork  slash  mark/eduardo  postcanon  epistolary  <20K  +2012-07 
june 2018 by spatz
pm_lo: For Science!
Selected transcripts and supporting materials from Dr. Castiel Williams and Dean Winchester’s seminal study on physiological and psychological sexual response by gender designation.
fic  supernatural  slash  dean/castiel  au  normallife  a/b/o  epistolary  fakemedia  smut  humor  <25K  +2014-11 
february 2018 by spatz
mongoose_bite: The Beneficent Gentleman
An act of heroism sees an unusual offer made to one Eggsy Unwin; if he can get accepted he can go to Oxford, all expenses paid. All he has to do in return is pass his classes, and keep his mysterious benefactor informed as to his educational progress via the old-fashioned medium of the handwritten letter.

An AU loosely based on Daddy Long-Legs.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  harlequin  college  epistolary  friendship  <50K  +2016-10 
september 2017 by spatz
anonymous: Conferencing
If Marcus is going to call it - this thing he has for E.C. MacCunoval - anything at all, then he'll call it an academic crush. A really small academic crush.

I always somehow forget how adorable and funny this is until I come around to re-read it again, and then I grin the whole way through. <3
fic  theeagle  slash  marcus/esca  au  college  identityporn  humor  epistolary  *comfortread  <10K  +2014-07 
may 2017 by spatz
minutia_r: Five Strays Elizabeth Naismith took in (and One That Got Away)
Dear Cordelia,

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that Miles is a charming and intelligent young man; I've been enjoying his company immensely. He's made plenty of friends, and taken to the social opportunities at school with a great deal of verve. (For more details, please see the attached disciplinary reports from Principal Hatter.)
fic  vorkosigan  gen  epistolary  fivethings  <5K  +2012-07 
january 2017 by spatz
bryrosea: 10 Things I Hate About Reunions
In which Bianca fails to trick Kat into going to her ten-year reunion, but things turn out well anyway. Told partially in text message format, but there's a clean text version if needed (hence the inflated word count).
fic  10thingsihateaboutyou  het  kat/patrick  postcanon  epistolary  humor  yuletide  <10K  +2016-12 
december 2016 by spatz
lalaietha: Getting to Know You
Two unusual girls end up sharing a dorm room at college.

In which Edith and Bacon are roommates. Adorable.
fic  crossover  calvin&hobbes  despicableme  gen  humor  college  epistolary  yuletide  <5K  +2013-12 
november 2016 by spatz
norah: Where I Myself Can Not
"To this end we are sending to you, with much sadnesse for the loss of her fair presence, our handmaiden Lady Anne Ashley, whom we desire you should set to the Longwinge egg which even now hardens at the Covert."

Fantastic story based on the throwaway canon line about Elizabeth I, featuring political deviousness and female friendship.
fic  temeraire  gen  precanon  epistolary  friendship  historical  <5K  +2011-06 
september 2016 by spatz
gyzym: What I Need I Just Don't Have
If you want this choice position, have a cheery disposition. (Or: Tony needs an assistant. Rhodey needs a break.)

Whip-sharp email banter between Tony and Rhodey followed by Pepper pwning Tony at their first encounter. What's more to love?
fic  ironman  marvel  genish  tony/rhodey  precanon  firstmeetings  epistolary  humor  <5K  +2012-11 
june 2016 by spatz
lady_ragnell: But It's a Good Refrain
Arthur doesn't care much about the popular radio program Dragon's Lonely Hearts until his ex-girlfriend calls in to slag him off and get advice. When he calls in and has an on-air argument with the host, it starts off more than he expected, including meddling friends, overinvolved fans, and maybe love.
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  au  normallife  epistolary  ensemble  friendship  <25K  +2012-03  phone&radio 
june 2016 by spatz
rosepetalfall & inmyriadbits: this ocean is yours, and mine
It’s a new year, a new semester. Looking out across the classroom, taking in the bright-eyed students in their winter gear, the crowded desks, the aisles choked with backpacks and bags, Luke can’t help but feel that it’s going to be a good year.

“Welcome to Transformative Journeys: Pilgrimage and Practice in Global Buddhisms,” he says, with a smile. “I’m Professor Amidala-Lars."

THIS STORY. It's a really lovely academia AU, lyrical and romantic but also funny and full to the brim with Luke's family and friendships and passion for his work. Highly recommended, especially if you have anything to do with academia and/or love footnotes.
fic  starwars  slash  luke/poe  au  college  smut  friendship  epistolary  *comfortread  <75K  +2016-05 
may 2016 by spatz
fayhe: fighting vainly the old ennui
In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.

Amazing Jack voice, and I 100% believe that Phryne might wander into flamboyant for-great-justice jewel theft if she hadn't wandered into detecting first. (the podfic version by Subsequent is also excellent, if that's your fancy, but it's not linked on AO3 for some reason:
fic  missfisher  het  jack/phryne  au  casefile  capers&cons  identityporn  epistolary  yuletide  <15K  +2015-01 
april 2016 by spatz
zarah5: Time to Grow
Charles writes his next move on another article, just a short blurb that announces the introduction of women’s suffrage in Iran. ‘Pawn to C5,’ and below, in smaller letters, ‘Thank you. If the doctors are to be trusted, I wouldn’t have walked again if I’d arrived at the hospital any later.’
fic  x-men  xmfc  marvel  slash  erik/charles  au  epistolary  pining  *favorite  <25K  +2011-07 
august 2015 by spatz
gyzym: Crash Landers
In which Stiles learns to Stalk That Stalk. (Or, how to accidentally woo your unfriendly neighborhood alpha in roughly five hundred handwritten steps.)
fic  teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  au  futurefic  college  humor  epistolary  <35K  +2012-10 
july 2015 by spatz
yahtzee: Father Charles series
It's still the early 1960s. Charles grew up devoutly religious, went to seminary and took orders. And then he meets Erik Lehnsherr, the devout Jew and Holocaust survivor who runs a charity, who is so fiercely protective of his charges that it moves Charles' heart -- and the first time their eyes meet, Charles has to confront the greatest temptation he'll ever know, and the church's teachings about what love is.

I'm not religious at all, but I still loved this series. Very thoughtful and in-character and sprawling, and the way their powers play out differently in this AU is fascinating.
fic  x-men  xmfc  marvel  au  historical  kidfic  angst  epistolary  ensemble  epic  +2012-01  <100K 
january 2015 by spatz
jeyhawk: The Giraffe Notes
In which Jesse wrote Andrew a bunch of anonymous notes in high school featuring himself as a mouse and Andrew as a giraffe, and they reconnect years later. So adorably sappy it might be illegal.

Most of the additional art and snippets are included in Ch. 2 on AO3, but there's a couple that aren't:
The First Note:
And The Winner Is:
fic  socialnetwork  rpf  au  slash  jesse/andrew  epistolary  highschool  *comfortread  +2013-12  fanart  <20K 
september 2014 by spatz
enemyofperfect: ERROR: TOO MANY FEELS
Sent: February 14, 2013 12:03 AM
Subject: Re: You have a Poem from a Secret Admirer!
Sweetheart, while I certainly appreciate the thought, we've talked before about what Tumblr does to your natural language production. The site abounds with nonstandard usage. How are you weighting your corpora?

Sooo cracky, but I adore Reese and the Machine ganging up on Finch with sarcasm.
fic  personofinterest  crack  slash  finch/reese  humor  epistolary  <5K 
september 2013 by spatz
relia: A Sequel -- Well, Maybe More of an Anecdote
Rolling into another stretch of hills, he decided to start a letter to Alexandria in his head. He'd set it down to paper later, when there was some at hand.
fic  thefall  gen  epistolary  angst  fairytale  fanart  yuletide  postcanon  <10K 
july 2013 by spatz
clio: Caviar Sandwiches and Beer
They'd started out as friends taking care of each other - war and separation couldn't change that.
fic  philadelphiastory  het  tracy/dexter  connor/liz  marriage  epistolary  yuletide  fakemedia  friendship  *cortue  postcanon  <5K 
june 2013 by spatz
leupagus: why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute
In which they decide to make Harold Wren and John Warren friends for cover reasons, and their assistants get the wrong (or maybe right?) idea. *dies laughing*
fic  personofinterest  slash  finch/reese  outsiderpov  humor  fakerelationship  undercover  epistolary 
april 2013 by spatz
sivib: Redacted for HIPAA Compliance
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 9:35 AM
Subject: New Admit, IV, Midtown

42yr old male, s/p gsw abd. IV Rocephin q24hrs. has caregiver, can be taught. Can u take?

[I love the realism in this, and there's a hilarious Machine cameo]
fic  personofinterest  genish  outsiderpov  h/c  epistolary 
april 2013 by spatz
falling_voices: The Theory of Narrative Causality (1/7)
Sherlock and John are BNFs in Sherlock Holmes fandom. Together, they fight crime. (Always.) And write porn, incidentally.
fic  sherlockholmes  sherlock  au  normallife  slash  holmes/watson  long  epistolary  humor  meta 
march 2013 by spatz
closer: 5U175
Harvey sometimes moonlights as a Star Trek BNF. Mike might have an attitude problem on the internet. TiberiusGhost is strangely compelling, for a recluse who never goes to meetups, and Harvey's finding this kid Photohead vaguely familiar...

Best secretly-fannish fic I've come across in any fandom, and a lovely piece of meta while still being true to the characters's story.
fic  suits  slash  harvey/mike  identityporn  epistolary  meta 
august 2012 by spatz
matchsticks_p: Ars Dictaminis
Trevor sends Harvey an unsolicited email from Montana every few weeks, and Harvey can't figure out why.
fic  suits  genish  harvey/mike  epistolary 
august 2012 by spatz
katemonkey: email archive #300-08-B
Jensen keeps in touch with his sister.
fic  losers  gen  epistolary  presumeddead  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Amends
Some things have to be made up for. (In which Zuko repays a few debts.)
fic  avatar  atla  gen  epistolary  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Five times Toph left the country
Five times it was expedient for Toph to leave the country in a hurry.

Later, Mai asked, "What was she fighting with her parents about?" in the tone of voice that you could only get from someone who, like they did, took parental idiocy for granted.
"They're overprotective."
There was a pause, and then Mai said, "Have they *met* her?"
fic  avatar  atla  gen  fivethings  epistolary  humor  friendship  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
fanplankton: sound of love notes
Frank and Gerard have offices across the street from each other, and start talking via signs. Adorkable. (AO3:
fic  bandom  au  normallife  slash  frank/gerard  epistolary  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
jadesfire2808 & greyias: Board Wars
A complete list of board games that the team is no longer allowed to play. Hee! Fun multimedia story.
fic  stargate  sga  teamfic  fanart  humor  fakemedia  epistolary  <10K 
october 2011 by spatz
takadainmate: The History of Two Conversations (On Paper)
In which Merlin annotates his book of magic, Gaius is exasperated, and Arthur finds out.
fic  merlin  slash  merlin/arthur  epistolary  humor  <15K 
september 2011 by spatz
nancybrown: Daily Brief
Justice League General Notices 2/14/05: The League is not a dating service. Please do not treat it as such. If your name has a color in it, this means you.
fic  dcu  jlu  gen  humor  drabble  epistolary 
february 2011 by spatz
The residents of Sunnydale and L.A. join forces to research prophecies, fight demons, defeat evil... and tackle Cordelia's dry cleaning. Fun (albeit somewhat dated) casefile told in emails, set during AtS S1.
fic  buffy  angel  humor  epistolary  casefile  ensemble  <10K 
december 2010 by spatz
copperbadge: Owl Post
Remus and Harry communicate best through letters.
fic  hp  gen  epistolary  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
lucylou: Bertie Wooster, Cryptographer
When Jeeves abruptly resigns via letter, Bertie musters all his mental resources (don't laugh!) and gives chase.
fic  fanart  jeevesandwooster  slash  jeeves/wooster  epistolary  fakemedia  humor  brokenlink 
october 2010 by spatz
kielle: Nine Men And A Little Lady
Once upon a time a mysterious girl joined the Fellowship...damn her! Sick of annoying Mary Sues? Actually READ Tolkien? This may cheer you up.
fic  lotr  gen  humor  epistolary  meta  <5K 
september 2010 by spatz
kass: Correspondences
Peter writes emails to his mother from the road. A heartbreaking look at pre-series Peter, spanning thirteen years.
fic  fringe  gen  epistolary  precanon  yuletide  <5K 
august 2010 by spatz
Andy Bryan: Indiana Jones Checks His Mail
Back from yet another globetrotting adventure, Indiana Jones checks his mail and discovers that his bid for tenure has been denied.
fic  indianajones  gen  humor  epistolary  meta  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
hradzka: Killing Elvis
In which the scientists of Weyland-Yutani try to figure out how to best kill their prize alien specimen, Elvis, and suffer from supremely idiotic bureaucrats. Hysterically funny, while still managing to be a little terrifying.
fic  aliens  gen  epistolary  humor  outsiderpov  scifi  yuletide  *favorite  *cortue  <10K 
july 2010 by spatz
arsenicjade & untappedbeauty: Like the Tide (1/12)
Ryan and Spencer meet as children in the foster care system. Despite instances of separation, somehow they always seem to find their way back to each other. Long, indulgent (in a good way), and poignant - good read for a rainy day.
fic  bandom  patd  au  school  fostercare  slash  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  angst  epistolary  h/c  highschool  friendship  long  *comfortread  >100K 
july 2010 by spatz
arsenicjade: Discipline and Punish
Epic prison!AU of hurt/comfort *gold*. Arsenic has a talent for taking OTT premises and writing them with humanity and empathy, and this is a perfect example.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  fob  multiband  au  long  slash  bob/gerard  frank/mikey  angst  captive  h/c  noncon  D/s  smut  epistolary  homeless  >100K 
june 2010 by spatz
ladyjaida & dorkorific: Shoebox Project
Epic collection of letters, notes, diary entries, photos, pictures and narration about the Marauders at Hogwarts and beyond. (PDF version of the series, since the original LJ was hacked)
fic  fanart  hp  slash  remus/sirius  het  james/lily  humor  long  fakemedia  school  friendship  precanon  epistolary  >100K 
june 2010 by spatz
prof_pangaea: Sub Rosa
Holmes and Mycroft correspond in telegrams after his 'death' at Reichenbach Falls. Excellent epistolary fic loaded with subtext, and the telegrams are like little works of art.
fic  sherlockholmes  epistolary  gen  presumeddead  fanart  fakemedia  doyle  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
fenna_girl: Letters
Malarkey's friendship with Skip, traced through memories of letters.
fic  bandofbrothers  gen  friendship  epistolary  angst  yuletide  <5K 
march 2010 by spatz
zelempa: Rock Paper (No Scissors)
John and Rodney pass notes in an offworld prison. The notes are hilarious and revealing and so them, and John's POV hits just the right note of offbeat/nerdy and pragmatic/sincere.
fic  stargate  sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  epistolary  h/c  captive  <20K 
february 2010 by spatz
pentapus: An Insane New, Improved Computer (Earthside Remix)
On Earth after The Return, Radek keeps getting emails from Rodney. Sweet little story.
fic  stargate  sga  gen  epistolary  humor  friendship  <5K 
february 2010 by spatz
Hazelayes & Periwinkle: The Paper Trail Affair
A collection of documents from Napoleon and Illya's early partnership. I love the graphics and mix of documents - handwritten notes, memo forms, phone messages - although it's slightly simplistic in terms of banter and characterization, but there are moments of extreme awesome, like the implied events from the mission reports.
fic  manfromuncle  gen  humor  h/c  epistolary  firstmeetings  fakemedia  brokenlink 
december 2009 by spatz
beingothrwrldly: this is me broken down
After Pete's near-suicide, Patrick is angry and they communicate in notes. Difficult, painful but ultimately sweet story about friendship and love and making amends.
fic  bandom  fob  genish  angst  friendship  epistolary  <10K  brokenlink 
september 2009 by spatz
etben: crazy mad for him
"It's not like Gerard's stalking Hot Train Guy or anything. He doesn't know his address, or what he does, or whether or not he's single, or his name, or anything really, except that he takes the 7:45 train from Hoboken to the WTC, loves the Times crossword, has at least one tattoo, and is really, really hot." || Gerard and Frank are train buddies. So adorable.
fic  bandom  mcr  au  slash  frank/gerard  ust  normallife  epistolary  <10K 
august 2009 by spatz
jjtaylor: Buy Handmade (1/2)
"He knows something else is going to happen; his life isn't always going to be this. He just doesn't know what has to happen for that change to come, for him to wake up and become an artist with an Etsy page and a home studio, and to never have to see a cubicle again." || Hopeful and sweet.
fic  bandom  mcr  au  slash  frank/gerard  normallife  epistolary  smut  bakeries&baristas  *cortue  *comfortread  <20K 
august 2009 by spatz
usually_a_witch: Five Rumors About Tony Stark That Aren’t (Entirely) True
Ahahaha, just like the title says. Playful mix of gossipy news articles, prose from several POVs, and a hysterical email exchange.
fic  crossover  ironman  batman  dcu  x-men  fivethings  slash  gen  humor  multifandom  fakemedia  epistolary  het  marvel  <5K 
september 2008 by spatz
dolomir-k: Notes I Never Sent
Set during Faith. Dean's in the hospital. Sam has torn the Impala trunk apart looking for anything that might help him save his brother. He finds an envelope of unsent postcards. (all graphics)
fic  fanart  supernatural  gen  epistolary  <5K 
january 2008 by spatz
dispatches: untitled telegram fic
fic  jeevesandwooster  humor  slash  ust  jeeves/wooster  epistolary  <5K 
january 2008 by spatz
thehoyden: Letters from the Northern Continent
It just figured that the first time Julian Bashir set foot on Cardassia after the war, it would be halfway around the world from Elim Garak.
fic  ds9  slash  smut  ust  garak/bashir  epistolary  startrek  *favorite  *cortue  <10K 
june 2007 by spatz
dsudis: Classified
Charlie is recruited in the Stargate program, and writes to his brother.
fic  crossover  stargate  sga  numb3rs  gen  epistolary  <10K 
may 2007 by spatz
mimesere: Air Force Ones
The things you'll do for a college education. Wallace-centric.
fic  crossover  gen  vmars  stargate  sga  au  epistolary  <5K 
may 2007 by spatz

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