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thebrotherswinchester: most of all
Five times Bucky dances with Steve. (In which there are Lindy Hops, waltzes, drunken nights, fake boyfriends, a 21st century gay club, a pair of ridiculously expensive suits, and eventually it all works out.)
fic  avengers  slash  steve/bucky  fivethings  precanon  fakerelationship  <10K  +2015-08  marvel  brokenlink 
may 2017 by spatz
nifra idril: Consider the Lilies of the Goddamned Field
The way Ray sees it, most people go through the whole celibacy thing early in life, when they still have pimples and just their hand to keep them company. Then their sex life evens out when they’re in their thirties and they’re getting it on a regular basis. Except, he’s not like most people, never has been, never will be, ask anyone. Ray’s an original, and when most people where busy jerking off in their rooms to the Sears underwear ads in the Sunday paper, he was making it with Stella in her attic, which was bigger than any of the rooms in his house.

So he’s due for a dry spell. (WB:
fic  duesouth  slash  fraser/rayk  fivethings  <5K  +2006  brokenlink 
october 2016 by spatz
thebrotherswinchester: you were standing there
Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers.

Hits right in the sweet spot of 'Bucky thinks he's worthless' and 'Steve is quietly fucked up' for me. Plus, the writing is vivid and atmospheric without being out of character for Bucky.
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  steve/bucky  au  normallife  h/c  *comfortread  <15K  +2014-06  ptsd&trauma  brokenlink 
march 2016 by spatz
pennyplainknits: A gentleman by his books
Of course, he was a forger. A con man among con men. There was no guarantee that Eames was telling the truth. But, thinking of the way he'd looked fondly at the books and gently handled them, Arthur thought somehow, that he was.

Long, warm, slow-burn story about Arthur, Eames, and books, featuring Eames being hella smart and Arthur being a trifle slow when it comes to emotions.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  precanon  postcanon  fivethings  +2010-10  <10K  brokenlink 
june 2015 by spatz
songbird: A Long March
Marcus goes back to Rome without Esca to help family, and Esca assumes the worst when he hears a rumor that Marcus bought a farm there. This is the kind of story that could be overwrought without a delicate touch, but songbird is excellent at showing Esca's quiet uncertainty about their relationship.
fic  theeagle  slash  marcus/esca  insecurity  postcanon  pining  +2013-06  brokenlink  <10K 
june 2014 by spatz
frackin-sweet: Bottoming Out / One Percenters (1/10)
Bottoming Out is a very hot standalone PWP where Marcus the former undercover cop hooks up with Esca the motocross racer after a race. One Percenters continues the AU with plot and even more blazingly hot porn, in approximately equal amounts. Great transition of canon details into modern day, and I love their relationship.
fic  theeagle  slash  marcus/esca  au  smut  casefile  long  pining  +2011-06  brokenlink 
june 2014 by spatz
martha wells: Trading Lesson
The trading party from Sunset Water arrived late in the evening. Rushing down to the greeting hall and demanding to see everything they had brought immediately was just not done, Jade had told him. They would have a formal presentation late tomorrow morning, when everyone could be dignified and pretend not to be as interested as they actually were.

Moon would have been fine with this, or at most only a little impatient and annoyed, if Chime hadn't come up to the queens' level to tell them how exciting it all was.

[Note: taken down from author's site due to some piracy issues, but available in Stories of the Raksura Vol II]
raksura  gen  humor  brokenlink  +2013-03  <5K 
august 2013 by spatz
meyerlemon: O.S.O.K.
Booth once went down to Guatemala to shoot a man through the heart. Painful but spot-on look at Booth's decision to leave the Army.
fic  bones  gen  precanon  angst  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2013 by spatz
theredfeather: one way of looking at it
They're both freaks with knife collections. Somehow it works out all right anyways. A Stanford AU.
fic  supernatural  au  het  sam/jo  brokenlink  <5K 
june 2013 by spatz
kroki_refur: The Best Imitation of Myself
Three times Sam and Dean had to dress up to get the job done.
fic  supernatural  gen  humor  angst  fakerelationship  <5K  brokenlink 
june 2013 by spatz
twoskeletons: Cas tripping on shrooms (5x04 backstory)
"You couldn't try weed first?" Dean is saying, hands on his hips. "No gateway drug for you, you just roll on through like the freshman that you are and you go straight for the shrooms. An awesome decision."

From somewhere underneath a pile of blankets, Castiel says, "Stop being a dragon."
fic  supernatural  gen  humor  angst  commentfic  brokenlink  <5K 
june 2013 by spatz
recessional: Good Parenting
Iroh poured Zuko his tea, and then had to try incredibly hard not to laugh when Toph said, " . . . I take it back. She's definitely going to be the scariest pregnant lady on the planet."
fic  avatar  atla  gen  humor  friendship  commentfic  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: General Madness
3K-odd of Fire Lady Mai's Earth Kingdom-born secretary, culminating with a visit from the Avatar.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  outsiderpov  au  humor  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Five times Toph left the country
Five times it was expedient for Toph to leave the country in a hurry.

Later, Mai asked, "What was she fighting with her parents about?" in the tone of voice that you could only get from someone who, like they did, took parental idiocy for granted.
"They're overprotective."
There was a pause, and then Mai said, "Have they *met* her?"
fic  avatar  atla  gen  fivethings  epistolary  humor  friendship  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
simmysim: Easel
Steve finds his old easel at a charity auction.
fic  avengers  gen  friendship  marvel  artist!steve  brokenlink  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
dreamwaffles: Calling Down the Lightning
The gift of magic carries a death sentence on Earth, and one so accused can be executed on suspicion, for the simple reason that the destructive power of an angry wizard can lay waste to entire countries. When magic awakens in a person just as they leave their teens, whether it is the untamable power of a wizard or the lesser abilities of a mere magician, life becomes a constant struggle to hide it at all costs.

Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD PhD, is a wizard.
fic  stargate  sga  slash  mckay/sheppard  long  magic  au  teamfic  <75K  brokenlink 
april 2012 by spatz
linabean: Found
A found-poem taken from sgastoryfinders posts. Hysterically funny, and somehow a weirdly accurate cross-section of the fandom at the same time.
fic  stargate  sga  meta  mckay/sheppard  brokenlink  <5K 
april 2012 by spatz
sparky77: On Why Having Half A Brain Isn't Actually Half Bad
Glitch once thought about making a list of all the things that he hated about only having half a brain. He wrote down #1 and then forgot what the list was for. He wrote down instead: 1. Remember why I was making this list.
fic  tinman  slash  glitch/cain  h/c  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
november 2011 by spatz
captanddeastar: The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay (1/2)
All of this drama about her tragic love for Lorne has been distracting Elizabeth from her real priority: The Top Secret, Super Awesome, Ass-Kicking, Name-Taking, Huzzah for the Genius Elizabeth, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever Anniversary Present of Unparalleled Magnificence and Splendor. TSSAAKNTHGEHHAHSRFEAPUMS, for short. Code name: Sackenhassapums. For stealth reasons, Elizabeth calls it "My Anthropology Homework Project." || In which John and Rodney's kid is a hyperactive, soap-opera-obsessed menace. *wheezes with laughter*
fic  stargate  sga  kidfic  futurefic  slash  mckay/sheppard  humor  lorne/parrish  au  brokenlink  <15K 
october 2011 by spatz
toft: Healing Station Argh (1/2)
The one with the Pegasus euphemisms for gay sex, and Ronon as a former soap opera star. Ahahaha, this fandom, I can't believe this insane story works at all but it *does*. And is seriously hot to boot. (AO3:
fic  stargate  sga  het  slash  pegging  kink  crack  smut  threesome  gsf  brokenlink  <15K 
october 2011 by spatz
avanti_90: The Unarmed Truth
After her engagement, Laisa has an unexpected conversation with Count Vorkosigan, and comes to a realization. Intense and thoughtful, with a Laisa who is truly her own person.
fic  vorkosigan  gen  firstmeetings  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
lalejandra: Eleven P.M. in the Pool House of Hot and Sexy
So Chino was cheating on Marissa. With -- not with Anna. Dark, curly hair. Big feet. Hairy legs. || Smoking hot poolhouse voyeurism.
fic  oc  slash  seth/ryan  anna/summer  smut  kink  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
smallacts: The Democracy of Sleep
In which Arthur loves Dom and Mal, despite knowing he will never be a half of their whole. Also in which Eames exhibits admirable patience while waiting for Arthur to realize he has options other than spending his whole life loving two people who can never love him back. (AO3:
fic  inception  slash  het  arthur/eames  cobb/mal  ust  brokenlink  <10K 
august 2011 by spatz
drlense: Spellcheck
Everyone at OSP knew that Sam wrote all the reports.
fic  ncisla  genish  sam/callen  friendship  humor  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
drlense: Fabric Softener
He'd been quiet and still for so long that Sam had worried he'd fallen asleep, but in the last ten minutes Callen had started sniffing. Slowly at first, but increasing in frequency and vehemence until Sam had started to worry about the guy's mental health. “What's that smell?” asked Callen, finally. || Early days in the Sam-Callen partnership. Hee!
fic  ncisla  genish  firstmeetings  precanon  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
medie: Baby Girl
Inappropriate worktime shenanigans. Adorable and hot, with a wicked last line. (AO3:
fic  criminalminds  het  smut  morgan/garcia  commentfic  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2011 by spatz
painted eyes: Moved By Silent Hands (1/20)
Five years ago, the Black Hills were ceded to the Lakota "in perpetuity". Now, forces are moving to challenge that right, for the sake of the gold to be found there. Judge Travis intends to travel there, to investigate these events, and desires the help of the Seven to do so. However, it seems both Vin and Josiah have a past with the Lakota, and Vin is already entangled in the events in another fashion. As events unfold, factions develop among the Seven, with each group trying to determine what is transpiring, without knowing what cards the others hold... (Seriously epic Vin-centric story that gives full attention to the whole gang while exploring some heavy plot; exquisitely written, though the length can drag at times.)
fic  mag7  teamfic  long  het  chris/mary  casefile  angst  h/c  epic  brokenlink  >100K 
august 2011 by spatz
out_there: All the Dishes Rattle In the Cupboards When the Elephants Arrive (1/2)
Five ways Ianto Jones might meet the Doctor, in chronological order. Sweet and bittersweet and very well written. (AO3:
fic  crossover  doctorwho  torchwood  slash  jack/ianto  fivethings  timetravel  firstmeetings  brokenlink  <15K 
july 2011 by spatz
gwyneth: Cold Enough to Snow
Years after the seven go their separate ways, Vin finds Chris in Taos, where he's the sheriff. Absolutely gorgeous - wistful, quiet, and peaceful.
fic  mag7  angst  slash  chris/vin  postcanon  brokenlink  <10K 
may 2011 by spatz
sparky77: An Interlude at the Airport
There had been definite eye communication between the two of them. It had either been, “Hey, let’s annoy Nate by being as stupid as we possibly can,” or “I can kill you all with just the sprinkles on my frozen yogurt.”
fic  leverage  slash  gen  humor  teamfic  eliot/hardison  brokenlink  <5K 
april 2011 by spatz
solvent90: Containment
“I’ve been dosed with something.” Tim was still holding his voice desperately even, but there was a kind of gasp to it now, underneath. “You need to. Kon. You need to –” (Tim gets dosed with sex pollen, and things get awkward)
fic  dcu  teentitans  slash  tim/kon  sexpollen  smut  brokenlink  <5K 
february 2011 by spatz
sister_wolf: Forty Thieves
In which Tim apparently imprinted on Catwoman instead of Batman and is a thief called The Cat. He and Kon are both captured by Ra's al Ghul, and bond. Kind of OOC for Tim, but in a fun way.
fic  dcu  teentitans  au  slash  tim/kon  captive  brokenlink  <5K 
february 2011 by spatz
idyll: In Theory
Buffy is trying a little too hard to have a normal life post-Chosen, and Dawn puts her foot down.
fic  buffy  gen  postcanon  <5K  brokenlink 
december 2010 by spatz
nostalgia: Dig for Victory
During the London Blitz, a Slayer keeps fighting. A fascinating idea, and a character that will haunt you.
fic  buffy  historical  angst  gen  <5K  brokenlink 
december 2010 by spatz
harriet_spy: Cross into the Blue
“Seems like overkill, sending a dragon to McMurdo.” John kept his face blank, even though O’Neill couldn’t see him from behind. He probably didn’t know. “He likes it here. So do I, kinda.” || AU of Rising as a Temeraire fusion, where John flies a dragon instead of a helicopter.
fic  crossover  fusion  stargate  sga  gen  temeraire  brokenlink  <5K 
november 2010 by spatz
ignipes: Quidditch practice drabble
Harry responds to having a touchy-feely friend for the first time in his life.
fic  hp  drabble  gen  brokenlink 
october 2010 by spatz
geekwriter: Judy Garland
In which Seth sucks at being Summer's stereotypical gay best friend, but makes up for it in other ways.
fic  oc  gen  friendship  slash  seth/ryan  humor  brokenlink  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
greensilver: Sam Seaborn and the Ten Plagues of Egypt
Their argument spilled out into the hallway with the sunlight and the dust motes, because that was what happened when Sam left his door open: Toby, arguments, and dust.
fic  westwing  gen  humor  brokenlink  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
jo march: Useful
How Donna got from Wisconsin to New Hampshire.
fic  westwing  gen  precanon  brokenlink  <5K 
october 2010 by spatz
lucylou: Bertie Wooster, Cryptographer
When Jeeves abruptly resigns via letter, Bertie musters all his mental resources (don't laugh!) and gives chase.
fic  fanart  jeevesandwooster  slash  jeeves/wooster  epistolary  fakemedia  humor  brokenlink 
october 2010 by spatz
elismor: Relics
Zoe had a few treasures stashed away in their bunk.
fic  firefly  drabble  gen  brokenlink 
september 2010 by spatz
zee: Gamble
Weevil figured that there were three possibilities: 1) He was completely queer and he should just accept it, 2) He was only queer when he was really fucking smashed, or 3) he was only queer for Logan Echolls.
fic  vmars  slash  logan/weevil  smut  au  <5K  brokenlink 
august 2010 by spatz
fire-and-a-rose: The Made-Up Things
Once upon a time, there were four children, whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. And then all that was left was Susan, who had two daughters. One was named Petunia, and one was named Lily.
fic  crossover  hp  narnia  gen  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2010 by spatz
reni-days: Hand Me Down (1/2)
Brendon is living in San Francisco, barely making ends meet. Spencer and Ryan are living under a bridge. Brendon adopts them. (oh, my hearteyes, let me show you them...)
(post is now locked, also at AO3 here:
fic  bandom  patd  au  normallife  homeless  preslash  brendon/spencer  angst  h/c  gen  pining  *comfortread  brokenlink  <20K 
july 2010 by spatz
reni_days: Opened You Wide Up
In which Brendon and Spencer play Gay Internet Chicken to screw with the fans, much to Zack's dismay. Hilarious and sweet.
fic  bandom  patd  crack  slash  brendon/spencer  humor  <5K  brokenlink 
july 2010 by spatz
mahoni: The Uncharted Sea (1/17)
Jon is a crook who tries using his shady skills to do good things for a change. Gerard is stuck on a pirate ship, looking for a way off. There are: magic, ray guns, magical creatures, robots, and various Dangerous and Evil Things that may stop both Jon and Gerard getting to where they want to be. || Excellent fantasy AU, but warning for extreme violence and gore.
fic  bandom  mcr  patd  au  magic  slash  genish  bob/gerard  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  long  h/c  noncon  torture  telepathy  captive  pirates  >100K  brokenlink 
june 2010 by spatz
cupiscent: The Notorious Sorcerer's Penultimate Work (1/4)
A young gentleman of the city approaches the most famous (or infamous) of the modern alchemists with an unusual request that could change both of their lives forever. (more original work than fanfic, but truly fantastic and heartbreaking)
fic  bandom  cobras  tai  au  magic  steampunk  angst  slash  gabe/william  long  brokenlink  <25K 
june 2010 by spatz
imntsaying: It Depends on Whose Doorway You Walk Through (1/2)
Brendon doesn’t say anything, so Spencer starts reading out loud. “’Auditions are being held this weekend, the 29th and 30th of September, for the student drama society’s production of The History Boys.’ Cool.”
fic  bandom  patd  au  college  pining  slash  gsf  <20K  brokenlink 
june 2010 by spatz
triedunture: Play It Again, Jeeves
“Oh, Bertie!” Ilsa cried, throwing her arms about the Wooster frame. “I can't leave you! Don't do this!” In the offing, a twin-engine was starting its propeller bit, a Nazi was bleeding all over the tarmac, and the mist was rolling in quite dramatically. I mean to say, it was all a bit thick, what? || AHAHAHA. Casablanca retelling with Jeeves & Wooster.
fic  crossover  fusion  jeevesandwooster  casablanca  slash  jeeves/wooster  crack  humor  brokenlink  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
solvent90: Cover (1/3)
Tim goes undercover to investigate Connor Luthor, and gets a little too attached.
fic  dcu  batman  teentitans  au  harlequin  slash  tim/kon  smut  fakerelationship  highschool  undercover  brokenlink  <10K 
june 2010 by spatz
bravecows: Space pirates AU
OURAN SPACE PIRATES AU! Space. pirates. AU. *dies laughing* If you don't follow this link immediately, there is something wrong with you.
fic  ouran  au  crack  humor  drabble  scifi  pirates  brokenlink 
june 2010 by spatz
ignipes: Everything's A-Okay (The Cuckoo's Nest Remix)
Dean remembers having a brother. He remembers it in every way, with every breath, in every bone.
fic  supernatural  amnesia  angst  gen  au  <5K  brokenlink 
june 2010 by spatz
gretazreta: The Accompanist (1/6)
Dean learned to play the piano at his mother’s knee. Now, fifteen years after her death, his talent for music is a secret he keeps from everybody, especially his father. | If you're thinking "WTF, Dean playing piano?!", give this a chance anyway. It's stunning and surprisingly believeable, and just a incredible, haunting, exquisite story.
fic  supernatural  precanon  slash  dean/omc  long  angst  highschool  casefile  au  brokenlink  <50K 
june 2010 by spatz
kroki_refur: Hic Volvo Non Volvet
The Impala gets turned into a woman, and Dean gets turned into.... a Volvo. AHAHAHAHA.
fic  supernatural  gen  humor  crack  transformation  brokenlink  <5K 
june 2010 by spatz
stele3: Knocking Around the Prickly Pear
(sequel to The Year of Living Safely) Frank and Jamia break up, and Gerard catches, then fumbles the rebound. Angst and pining ensues. (AO3:
fic  bandom  mcr  slash  frank/gerard  angst  pining  ust  yearoflivingsafely  brokenlink  <15K 
april 2010 by spatz
traveller: The Beekeeper's Daughter
The beekeeper's daughter didn't really speak English but she didn't really need to; she took his hand and put it under her skirt and Dean's knees buckled at the heat of her. Oh, he said, swallowing hard, and she mimicked him with her lips, O.
fic  supernatural  het  precanon  smut  dean/ofc  brokenlink  <5K 
april 2010 by spatz
traveller: Someday (Never Comes)
Totally jossed but still touching fic about John and Mary falling in love, in which John is a Vietnam vet with issues who takes a job on Mary's family's ranch.
fic  supernatural  john/mary  het  precanon  h/c  firstmeetings  <5K  brokenlink 
april 2010 by spatz
ignipes: Interplanet Janet Does Not Approve
In which Pluto gets downgraded from being a planet, and Dean disapproves.
fic  supernatural  gen  humor  <5K  brokenlink 
march 2010 by spatz
the_birdnest: Could You Be A Little Less
You can tell a lot about a society by what it values. || Scathing examination of gender politics in the Wizarding World, cleverly written as a series of gossip columns by Rita Skeeter. (alt link:
fic  hp  gen  fakemedia  outsiderpov  brokenlink  <5K 
march 2010 by spatz
sparky77: Sir Brad the Dragon Slayer
”So the reason that you feel this compulsion to slay dragons is due to your need to exert some sort of control on a chaotic world that constantly disappoints you. And you need to get laid.”
fic  generationkill  au  crack  humor  slash  brad/nate  fairytale  brokenlink  <5K 
february 2010 by spatz
stealstheashes: Getting Ahead
In which Cappie isn't as good in bed as he thinks he is. | I freaking ADORE Rebecca in this.
fic  greek  het  smut  cappie/rebecca  brokenlink  <5K 
february 2010 by spatz
cottontail: Solo Flight
Holland was not a born pilot and had never wanted to be one. | The beginnings of Sheppard and Holland's friendship at flight school. Brings a lot of depth to a minor character, and a great look at young Sheppard.
fic  stargate  sga  gen  precanon  outsiderpov  brokenlink 
february 2010 by spatz
Hazelayes & Periwinkle: The Paper Trail Affair
A collection of documents from Napoleon and Illya's early partnership. I love the graphics and mix of documents - handwritten notes, memo forms, phone messages - although it's slightly simplistic in terms of banter and characterization, but there are moments of extreme awesome, like the implied events from the mission reports.
fic  manfromuncle  gen  humor  h/c  epistolary  firstmeetings  fakemedia  brokenlink 
december 2009 by spatz
beingothrwrldly: this is me broken down
After Pete's near-suicide, Patrick is angry and they communicate in notes. Difficult, painful but ultimately sweet story about friendship and love and making amends.
fic  bandom  fob  genish  angst  friendship  epistolary  <10K  brokenlink 
september 2009 by spatz
zarah5: Strictly Business (1/9)
"Cruel Intentions meets Romeo & Juliet meets the summary of a Mills & Boon novel. Consider yourself suitably warned and be prepared to suspend your disbelief." || Ryan decides to get revenge on the man who betrayed his father by seducing his son, Brendon Urie.
fic  bandom  patd  au  harlequin  slash  angst  brendon/ryan  long  smut  brokenlink  <75K 
august 2009 by spatz
miss-begonia: Fighting Just to Breathe (1/4)
"This is just your average story of yoga, self-actualization and sexual liberation." || Lovely AU where Brendon is a yoga instructor and Ryan has issues but manages to fall in love despite himself.
fic  bandom  patd  slash  au  angst  brendon/ryan  college  long  normallife  smut  brokenlink  <25K 
august 2009 by spatz
trajictale: The Women of Billy Keikeya
"Despite all this, despite everything, if I knew back then what I know now, I still would've taken the job." || Billy with Laura, Kara, and Dualla.
fic  bsg  gen  het  firstmeetings  dee/billy  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2009 by spatz
liketheroad: Ryan Ross and the Panic at the Disco
Upon joining the band, Jon is informed of three things: 1) magic is real 2) Ryan is a wizard and 3) Ryan and Spencer are dating. Jon's really only upset about the third item.
fic  crossover  bandom  patd  hp  au  magic  ryan/spencer  gsf  slash  brokenlink  <5K 
august 2009 by spatz
emilyray: You'd Even Forgive A Zombie Kitten
Brendon screws up bad, and asks for forgiveness. (also, the fic that led me to emilyray and her endless awesomeness)
fic  bandom  patd  gsf  slash  angst  smut  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2009 by spatz
isiscolo: if you can see where you're going
"If you can see where you're going, you can get there." Franny visits Wilby, and sees some familiar faces.
fic  crossover  wilby  duesouth  het  brokenlink  <10K  +2006 
june 2008 by spatz
spastic_visions: What Comes Around (1/2)
Sam meets Alec. || "He should have left this city the minute he walked into Crash and saw the double of his brother."
fic  crossover  supernatural  darkangel  gen  brokenlink  <35K 
june 2008 by spatz
torchthisnow: Places That You Know
Chloe runs away from Smallville, and ends up with the Cohens. Really subtle job with the three characters.
fic  crossover  smallville  oc  threesome  seth/ryan/chloe  long  het  slash  dcu  brokenlink  <25K 
june 2008 by spatz
kroki-refur: Messing Around With Slim
Dean gets in over his head during an unusual game of pool.
fic  supernatural  gen  precanon  magic  outsiderpov  brokenlink  <5K 
june 2008 by spatz
graculus: Fit to Be Tied
Napoleon has an awkward reaction to being tied up. Illya notices.
fic  manfromuncle  slash  napoleon/illya  kink  bondage  captive  brokenlink  <15K 
may 2008 by spatz
clare chew: Waiting for Mr. Sternmacher
Napoleon uses roleplaying to avoid dealing with his relationship with Illya. Scorchingly sexy and a little painful.
fic  manfromuncle  slash  smut  pining  napoleon/illya  identityporn  brokenlink  <15K 
may 2008 by spatz
keelywolfe: Shelved
"Who's this?" Napoleon picked up the small drawing that had fallen from the book he'd been studying. The paper was creased and yellowed with age, a pretty young woman in ink smiling out at him from the past.
fic  manfromuncle  gen  brokenlink  <5K 
may 2008 by spatz
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