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sholio: Four inventions Sokka never built (and one he did)
Like the title says! 100% in-character with a touch of meta. <3
fic  atla  avatar  gen  het  sokka/suki  humor  fivethings  <5K  +2012-07 
february 2016 by spatz
sqbr: Meanings tied up in dots and lines
In which Toph learns to read, and starts a Braille printing press business. Fantastic characterization, worldbuilding, and OCs.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  fanart  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Five Times Katara Knew Best What To Do With The Babies
Five time Katara knew best what to do with the babies, and one time she didn't. Mostly gen, though it's set in recessional's Mai/Zuko/Katara post-canon AU.
fic  avatar  atla  genish  fivethings  kidfic  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
blackeyedgirl: My Smile is a Thing I Will Not Waste
Mai knows how to be happy. She just doesn't feel the need to share it with the world.
fic  avatar  atla  het  mai/zuko  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
beckyh2112: Assimilation
Mai's father argues to the Firelord that the Water Tribesmen can be educated and made into proper sorts of people. So Azulon sees he gets a boy to prove this on. Creepy story where Mai and Sokka are foster siblings.
fic  avatar  atla  au  angst  gen  dark  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
sholio: Red is the Color of the End of the World
Only a handful of people, their most trusted inner circle, know why Katara hasn't left yet: because she's not finished healing Zuko, because the wounds he sustained saving her life go deeper than even the servants and counselors know.

Lovely post-coronation Katara character study, with Aang and Mai and loads of gentle teasing of Zuko (which is always my favorite).
fic  avatar  atla  gen  friendship  h/c  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
lizbee: The Scribe
On the way out of the Si Wong Desert, Aang and company encounter an itinerant scribe with a secret.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Good Parenting
Iroh poured Zuko his tea, and then had to try incredibly hard not to laugh when Toph said, " . . . I take it back. She's definitely going to be the scariest pregnant lady on the planet."
fic  avatar  atla  gen  humor  friendship  commentfic  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: General Madness
3K-odd of Fire Lady Mai's Earth Kingdom-born secretary, culminating with a visit from the Avatar.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  outsiderpov  au  humor  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Amends
Some things have to be made up for. (In which Zuko repays a few debts.)
fic  avatar  atla  gen  epistolary  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
recessional: Five times Toph left the country
Five times it was expedient for Toph to leave the country in a hurry.

Later, Mai asked, "What was she fighting with her parents about?" in the tone of voice that you could only get from someone who, like they did, took parental idiocy for granted.
"They're overprotective."
There was a pause, and then Mai said, "Have they *met* her?"
fic  avatar  atla  gen  fivethings  epistolary  humor  friendship  postcanon  brokenlink  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
peripeteia: Disclosure
Sex, Zuko had discovered, was a very troublesome thing. This is so in-character and facepalm-funny and plausible that it *hurts*.
fic  avatar  atla  het  mai/zuko  marriage  insecurity  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
qwi-xux: Guide Me Home (1/32)
Long, sweet Ursa/Hakoda story that parallels the events of the show. A bit roughly written in places, but the romance and all the OCs are lovely.
fic  avatar  atla  het  ursa/hakoda  long  ensemble  >100K 
july 2012 by spatz
inlovewithnight: Rites of Spring
Spring, and a young Fire Lord's thoughts turn to frogs. *dies laughing*
fic  avatar  atla  gen  humor  crack  postcanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
artemisrae: Eclipse
Five ladies named Joo Dee. Creepy look at who they were before Dai Li got their hands on them, and at life in Ba Sing Se.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  fivethings  dystopian  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
mekosuchinae: Hunter's Moon
"Miss Hama has much to do." *shudders* Bloodbending = forever the creepiest.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  precanon  <5K 
july 2012 by spatz
big rocky eye: Avatar Aang - An Annotated Bibliography
A Reprint of Part 314 (Avatar Aang) of the Annotated Bibliography of the Avatar, 20th ed. Clever, funny academia-nerd presentation of the events post-series via excerpts from memoirs and bios.
fic  avatar  atla  gen  fakemedia  futurefic  <25K 
may 2012 by spatz
mekosuchinae: Turnabout
This most recent growth spurt had been very kind to Aang.
fic  avatar  atla  het  aang/katara  humor  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
mekosuchinae: Her Healing Embrace
"Did the big, bad Avatar take a pounding?" Aang laughed, then broke off laughing to groan, the sound of it rising from low in his gut. He flattened his hands across his ribs as if to hold them down. "The big, bad Avatar got his butt whupped," he said.

Warm, lazy flirting between an older Aang and Katara after a rough sparring session, with vivid descriptions.
fic  avatar  het  aang/katara  postcanon  atla  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
mekosuchinae: Game On
In which Zuko plays pai sho with Uncle Iroh badly, and Mai gets impatient. Heeeeee.
fic  avatar  het  mai/zuko  humor  atla  postcanon  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
shadow wasserson: Spiral's Beginning
Every spiral has a beginning. The story of the first Avatar, told as a lovely myth.
fic  avatar  gen  precanon  mythology  atla  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
mekosuchinae: Four times Sokka and Toph drank irresponsibly
Four times Sokka and Toph drank irresponsibly. Toph/bar brawls OTP!
fic  avatar  gen  friendship  humor  angst  fivethings  atla  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
sophiap: Take this job and shove it
The cabbage merchant starts over. Awesome.
fic  avatar  gen  atla  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
ali_wildgoose: Male Bonding
As much as she intensely dislikes it, Katara understands why Zuko had to join them. What she doesn't understand is why he and Sokka have to spend every waking moment in each other's company. (Technically jossed by The Boiling Rock, but there can never be enough of Sokka baiting Zuko and the boys giving each other shit.)
fic  avatar  gen  friendship  humor  atla  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
ladylisse: Lessons in Thin Air
A series of precise, insightful scenes about Zuko at the Western Air Temple.
fic  avatar  gen  teamfic  friendship  atla  tagscene  <5K 
may 2012 by spatz
sholio: Five Ways Water Looks At Fire
Katara's thoughts on Zuko at five points in the series. Beautifully written, and as subtly revealing of the ways Katara changes over the series as the ways that Zuko does.
fic  avatar  gen  fivethings  friendship  atla  <5K 
september 2010 by spatz
alloy: Cycle and Circuit
Zohn is a Fire Nation deserter, Mer is a waterbender who hates the cold, and they meet at an isolated monastery and find some peace. Lovely fusion that plays with the Avatar world in an interesting way.
fic  fusion  stargate  sga  avatar  slash  mckay/sheppard  crossover  atla  *comfortread  <10K 
september 2009 by spatz
icybright: Eight Easy Steps
Eight moments from Sokka's life, as he grows into himself. Short, vivid, and occasionally funny, with well-chosen scenes that get at the myriad aspects of Sokka.
fic  avatar  gen  sokka/suki  atla  insecurity  <5K 
september 2009 by spatz
lordessrenegade: Four Birthdays Zuko Remembers, and One He Doesn't
For Zuko's fourth birthday, he asked for a dragon, so it could teach him to firebend.
fic  avatar  gen  angst  fivethings  friendship  precanon  atla  <5K 
september 2009 by spatz
glamaphonic: The Flying Hours
Mai visits Suki after Zuko's departure. Fascinating and nonlinear.
fic  avatar  gen  atla  <5K 
january 2008 by spatz
inmyriadbits: Healing
"Some scars can heal." Zuko and Katara, post-war.
fic  avatar  gen  atla  postcanon  <5K 
december 2007 by spatz
helium lost: Perceiver
A series of sense ficlets about Toph. Fantastic Toph voice and imagery; some Toph/Sokka UST.
fic  avatar  gen  toph/sokka  ust  atla  <10K 
december 2007 by spatz
sophiap: The Long Game
King Bumi often liked to speak of 'thinking outside the box.' What most people never realized was that getting outside the box was just the start.
fic  avatar  gen  firstmeetings  atla  <5K 
december 2007 by spatz
muffytaj: The Wages of Temptation
"You should always beware a cornered woman." Hilarious, creative little drabble.
fic  avatar  gen  atla  humor  <5K 
december 2007 by spatz
sophiap: Still Flying
Momo ficlet. "He does not think of himself of the last of his kind."
fic  avatar  gen  precanon  atla  <5K 
december 2007 by spatz
amber_leaves: Price of Laughter
Sokka drabble - short and insightful.
fic  avatar  gen  drabble  precanon  atla 
december 2007 by spatz
therienne: A Thousand Miles
Zuko and Iroh start their journey. Painful, understated, and very well written. In my head, this is canon.
fic  avatar  gen  precanon  yuletide  atla  *favorite  _podfic  <5K 
june 2007 by spatz

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