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malfaisant: wear you out
Tharkay volunteers to teach Laurence how to fight with a knife, which is probably his first mistake.
fic  temeraire  slash  laurence/tharkay  tagscene  smut  <5K  +2016-10 
december 2018 by spatz
jelenedra: And The Law Is Not Mocked
Two years after Peach Trees, Judge Anderson gets her very first rookie.
fic  dredd  gen  postcanon  humor  <5K  +2016-10 
september 2018 by spatz
nonymos: We Who Wander
This isn't the first time Poe crashes onto a strange planet with no hopes of rescue, but this time he wants it known that this is all Han Solo's fault. At least he's not alone: BB-8's there to help. And also that confused, wary man over there, who seems to be hearing voices.

Ahhh, I love this. Post-MMFR, pre-TFA.
fic  crossover  madmax  starwars  slash  poe/max  dubcon  prostitution  captive  h/c  smut  precanon  postcanon  <20K  +2016-10 
january 2018 by spatz
mongoose_bite: The Beneficent Gentleman
An act of heroism sees an unusual offer made to one Eggsy Unwin; if he can get accepted he can go to Oxford, all expenses paid. All he has to do in return is pass his classes, and keep his mysterious benefactor informed as to his educational progress via the old-fashioned medium of the handwritten letter.

An AU loosely based on Daddy Long-Legs.
fic  kingsman  slash  harry/eggsy  au  harlequin  college  epistolary  friendship  <50K  +2016-10 
september 2017 by spatz
jediseagull: for sins and false alarms
In which Eugenides picks a fight with a powerful priest of the new gods, to his attendants' (and Costis's) general dismay.
fic  thief  genish  slash  hilarion/philologos  outsiderpov  yuletide  capers&cons  <10K  +2016-10 
may 2017 by spatz
anndy: E Manu Capere
It turns out it's not enough to say 'You are free'.

In which Roman customs and names are ridiculous, but Marcus means well.
fic  theeagle  gen  humor  postcanon  yuletide  <5K  +2016-10 
may 2017 by spatz
canon_is_relative: By Righteousness Alone
In which an attempt to do the right thing earns Costis a night in jail and a lifelong friend in Aris.
fic  thief  gen  precanon  firstmeetings  captive  humor  <5K  +2016-10 
may 2017 by spatz
northland: Midsummer Masque
In which Kade's somewhat impetuous actions have repercussions in Fayre politics, and she receives an invitation.

Omg, Kade and Thomas versus a Seelie Court ball is perfect. (and yes, it's definitely *versus*)
fic  elementoffire  ile-rien  het  kade/thomas  postcanon  yuletide  <5K  +2016-10 
january 2017 by spatz
snarkydame: Rumors of Wolves
A young Kade watches as the Court reacts to Captain Boniface's misadventure.
fic  elementoffire  ile-rien  gen  precanon  presumeddead  yuletide  <5K  +2016-10 
january 2017 by spatz

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