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leupagus: tic-tac-toe
“How do you practice that sort of thing, anyway?” Gaby asked, drawing a circle on the broad sheet of Solo’s back with her thumbnail, digging in just hard enough to leave the curve of reddened skin. Across from her, on the other side of where Solo was making vaguely disapproving (although not discomfited) noises, Ilya squinted at her.
fic  manfromuncle  MFUmovie  het  slash  threesome  napoleon/illya/gaby  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-08 
23 days ago by spatz
teaberryblue & allofthefeelings: Strays
Laura Barton isn’t a field agent for SHIELD. She’s a staff veterinarian, whose main job is treating the animals in their K9 units, but occasionally, she gets some weirder cases, like that time SHIELD stopped a wildcat trafficking ring.

But then, there was this one guy.
fic  avengers  marvel  het  clint/laura  precanon  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-08 
23 days ago by spatz
vera: When the Screws Fall Out
In which Brian and Bender have an accidental ten year reunion at the strip club where Bender works. Lovely, long, and snarkily domestic.
fic  breakfastclub  slash  bender/brian  postcanon  smut  kink  angst  <15K  +2015-08 
july 2018 by spatz
kathar: Washed Ashore
Phil Coulson has been the Keeper of North Bar, and about half hermit, for fifteen years by the time he finds the wounded man lying on the beach in the wake of a storm. (Actually-- it was the dog that found him; blame the dog.)

Clint Barton has been a circus act, a mercenary, a spy, and a superhero-- now he’s a wanted man, and a half-drowned one to boot.

When they start trying to clear Clint's name, events spiral out of control in ways they can't imagine. Their lives will never be the same -- and neither will the Avengers, SHIELD, and the entirety of Long Beach Island, NJ.
fic  avengers  hawkeye  youngavengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  kate/america  au  h/c  espionage  casefile  action/adventure  ensemble  presumeddead  >100K  +2015-08 
february 2018 by spatz
ltlj: Intersections
"If you think it's the Ancient symbol for extreme danger, then yes. Linguistics thought it meant 'hazardous waste' at first but as usual it seems to have a broader meaning--" Rodney stopped abruptly, staring out the viewport. "Oh. Okay, uh. This is different."
John turned to look.
There was a guy crouched on the jumper's nose, just on the other side of the viewport.

I mean, who isn't a fan of Stone being a terrifying and murderous good Samaritan?
fic  crossover  stargate  sga  raksura  gen  action/adventure  captive  <10K  +2015-08 
november 2017 by spatz
earlgreytea68: The One Where They're Stars on HGTV
Have you ever seen "Love It or List It"? In which Arthur is the real estate agent and Eames is the designer.

As reliable and cozy as a reality show with excellent banter, this is a personal favorite comfort-read. The 9K origin story is a cute stand-alone AU with pining and serves as a good litmus test to decide if you want to dive into the 280K sequel, wherein Arthur & Eames do a run as celebrity judges on a design show and shenanigans ensue.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  au  normallife  humor  *comfortread  >100K  +2015-08  *summerreading 
september 2017 by spatz
thebrotherswinchester: most of all
Five times Bucky dances with Steve. (In which there are Lindy Hops, waltzes, drunken nights, fake boyfriends, a 21st century gay club, a pair of ridiculously expensive suits, and eventually it all works out.)
fic  avengers  slash  steve/bucky  fivethings  precanon  fakerelationship  <10K  +2015-08  marvel  brokenlink 
may 2017 by spatz
sholio: Run On
Rodney gets a migraine and Teyla helps. Short and sweet.
fic  stargate  sga  gen  h/c  friendship  *comfortread  <5K  +2015-08 
november 2016 by spatz
kiarasayre: bet these memories follow you around
"My name is James Tiberius Kirk, of the Federation starship Enterprise. I was apprehended for inciting a riot against the Ullursva Regnant, a riot in which I evidently sustained head trauma, accounting for my amnesia."

Clever and excellent to re-read.
fic  startrek  aos  gen  amnesia  captive  h/c  <5K  +2015-08 
july 2016 by spatz
bydaybreak: places to land
She thinks she knows what Hardison means when he looks at her with his eyes all soft; thinks she knows what Eliot means when he bites out “dammit, Hardison”; thinks she knows what either of them means when, after a job, Hardison tells them that he’s ordered dinner, or Eliot comes back to the loft and starts chopping things in the kitchen.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  postcanon  <10K  +2015-08 
june 2016 by spatz
copperbadge: The Soldier And The Hurricane
When the Winter Soldier fails to kill Howard and Maria Stark and is taken prisoner in the summer of 1967, his salvation comes in the unlikely form of a Russian-speaking, father-disobeying, endlessly-tinkering seventeen-year-old: Tony Stark.

Fun AU that draws on both the MCU and 616 Silver Age canon in a gleeful plotty mishmash. First story is gen, sequels are slashy.
fic  avengers  marvel  gen  friendship  slash  tony/bucky  action/adventure  au  historical  ptsd&trauma  h/c  <100K  +2015-08  *summerreading 
may 2016 by spatz
astolat: Victory Lane
“Hey,” Dom said, coming back out into the pit. “Leon, look here, will you? I can’t see, what the hell is it?”

Leon came over and said, “Holy shit, Dom, it’s a name,” and the crew all turned around from the car.
fic  fast&furious  slash  brian/dom  au  soulmates&bonding  <15K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
astolat: Let Toretto Be Toretto
It was a joke between him and Letty when Brian first got assigned to the campaign: they’d met the Secret Service team together and it had been all Dom could do not to look over at her as Han said, “Governor, this is Agent Brian O’Conner, he’ll be the head of your personal detail.”

This is an absurd, delightful confection of an AU in which Dom runs for president.
fic  fast&furious  slash  het  threesome  marriage  brian/dom/letty  au  normallife  presumeddead  <10K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
asidian: A Lot To Unlearn
Matt has a whole pile of issues. Foggy puts a few to rest just by being himself.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  friendship  trustissues  h/c  precanon  *favorite  <20K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
monanotlisa: Than Our Gentle Sin
Narcotics are going missing at Metro General just as a wave of designer drugs hits the street, and Claire can't leave things alone.

I was a little tentative about reading Matt/Claire post-S1, because her reasoning for staying away from Matt is sane and healthy, but this is a very convincing take on the pairing and how she gets drawn back in. Bound to get Jossed tomorrow, but oh well.
fic  daredevil  marvel  het  matt/claire  smut  <5K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
kay_cricketed: as good as blessed
Matt thinks he's going to be okay until they break out the ice cubes.

Unf, sensory porn. Now *that's* how you use kink as characterization.
fic  daredevil  marvel  het  slash  threesome  matt/karen/foggy  smut  kink  <10K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
pathera: Teasing
Sometimes, Matt wishes his senses were a little less sharp. It would make it so much easier to ignore what's going on between Foggy and Karen if they were. As it is, he's fairly sure he's going to lose his mind.
fic  daredevil  marvel  het  slash  threesome  matt/karen/foggy  smut  kink  <5K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
patster223: We Mean It, But I Promise We're Not Mean
In which Karen convinces Matt to teach her boxing because she wants proof he's Daredevil.

I love how well this story *gets* Karen: how angry and curious she is, the way she pushes and pushes and can't stop until she gets answers.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  friendship  <10K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
marmolita: After Hours
"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize anyone was here." From the air displacement Matt figures he's six feet tall, muscular; he smells like soap and shaving cream, and leather -- a jacket, which he's taking off. Just another fighter, coming to practice. Matt relaxes and turns back to the bag. The guy is wrapping his hands when he says, "Do you always work out with the lights off?"
fic  crossover  daredevil  avengers  marvel  slash  steve/matt  smut  identityporn  <5K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
lady_ragnell & knight_tracer: We Just Lost the Beat
Matt hears a lot in the city at night, sirens and crime--and the late-night radio show Foggy With a Chance, which sometimes runs a Daredevil Watch if he's been particularly active, but which mostly plays music. He probably shouldn't call in and request a song, but he does it anyway.
fic  daredevil  marvel  slash  matt/foggy  au  identityporn  h/c  *comfortread  <20K  +2015-08  phone&radio 
march 2016 by spatz
igrockspock: Marci Stahl, Avocado at Law
Fisk's indictment is good news for everyone -- except the members of his legal team. When no one else will hire Marci, she's forced to take a job at Nelson & Murdock. To make matters worse, she's starting to develop actual feelings for her dorky, no-strings-attached friend with benefits, Foggy Nelson.

IGS's Marci is the BEST: unapologetic and complex and competent, and 0% tolerant of whatever the fuck Matt's up to that might be endangering Foggy.
fic  daredevil  marvel  het  marci/foggy  casefile  friendship  teamfic  <30K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
kat_c_lyon: Bedtime Stories
“What the hell do you mean, ‘It’s not available yet?’ It’s a compulsory course! You can’t force people to take courses and then not have textbooks for them!”

Matt has trouble getting accessible course materials. Foggy has a solution, i.e. reading the textbook to him. This is adorable.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  friendship  precanon  school  <5K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
anonymous: Click Click Click (Goes The Sound of Matt's Life Falling Apart)
Karen has just returned from her lunch break and Matt is contemplating taking his, when Foggy suddenly barks a laugh and says, “Dude, Matt! The internet thinks you're fucking Daredevil!”

Matt freezes, fingers stilling over the case file he's been reviewing, his blood running cold. “They think I'm what?” he manages, aiming for bewildered. It comes out a bit strangled. He's going to kill Foggy for doing this in front of Karen.

“When I say fucking Daredevil,” Foggy clarifies, “I mean *fucking* Daredevil.”
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  crack  humor  meta  <5K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
latbfan: Getting to Know You
Missing first stop on Foggy and Karen's bar-crawl in 1x02, or Foggy decides how to much to share and doesn't end up telling her quite a bit, including what it's like to go apartment hunting with Matt.

Cute and bantery, but with a nicely observant Foggy POV regarding both Karen and Matt.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  humor  friendship  tagscene  <10K  +2015-08 
march 2016 by spatz
lady_ragnell: Five times a date turned into a job
Like the title says. Henceforth, this is how every episode of the Leverage OT3 spinoff that lives in my head begins. Perfect.
fic  leverage  het  slash  threesome  parker/hardison/eliot  postcanon  fivethings  humor  tumblrfic  <5K  +2015-08 
december 2015 by spatz
poisonivory: Something Dumb to Do
If Matt and Foggy get married, Foggy will never be forced to testify against Daredevil. It doesn't mean anything has to change, right?

Hilariously, this trope actually makes sense for them, bless their dumb hearts. Adorable.
fic  daredevil  marvel  slash  matt/foggy  fakerelationship  marriage  h/c  <35K  +2015-08 
november 2015 by spatz
peevee: The Other Top Drawer
She’s rinsing off her hands when he comes back with it, so she doesn’t notice at first. He hands her the kit silently, she glances up, and then it’s impossible to miss that he’s absolutely bright pink, and suddenly she remembers that there are two sets of drawers in her bedroom, and oh God.

Pegging PWP. Wow, a story this short should not manage to be so damn *hot*.
fic  daredevil  marvel  het  matt/claire  smut  <5K  +2015-08 
september 2015 by spatz
poisonivory: Just Our Hands Clasped So Tight
If there's one thing Foggy Nelson knows about Matt Murdock, it's how tactile he is.
fic  daredevil  marvel  slash  matt/foggy  friendship  h/c  <10K  +2015-08 
september 2015 by spatz
werewolvesarereal: Invisible Distances
Foggy has been treating Matt differently since the revelation of his vigilante-activities.

Full of feels and great characterization on both sides of their friendship.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  angst  insecurity  friendship  <5K  +2015-08 
september 2015 by spatz
anonymous: a baker's mile in your shoes
Matt and Brett get bodyswapped. I've read a couple of these, but I really like the sensory detail and emotional fallout of Matt suddenly seeing again in this one.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  bodyswap  angst  friendship  <15K  +2015-08 
september 2015 by spatz
ulthar: I can throw things at you now
“You have no idea,” Foggy told him, grinning like an idiot, “how long I have wanted to do that. All this time, you across the room, me with this baseball, always thinking ‘we could play a little catch, just to chill, dispel some of the tension caused by of our soul-crushing choice of profession’ and then realizing how stupid I was, but Matt. I can throw things at you now.”

Lord, this is such a Foggy thing to do. Hee.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  humor  <5K  +2015-08 
september 2015 by spatz
igrockspock: Any Little Thing That Makes Us Feel Better
Matt knows better than to give a name to anything he can't keep, even if it's just a mangy cat who keeps showing up on his fire escape to beg for leftover tuna.

Sharp, sweet little story about Matt and Karen and coping. And of course, an injured stray cat who Matt can't help feeding.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  friendship  <5K  +2015-08 
september 2015 by spatz
werewolvesarereal: I Am Not Your Jim Gordon
Daredevil has been directing criminals to confess to Sergeant Brett Mahoney specifically. Brett would like an explanation for this, and the cops of Hell's Kitchen speculate.

Completely delightful post-S1 story. I just want to apologize to Brett for Matt's...everything.
fic  daredevil  marvel  gen  outsiderpov  humor  action/adventure  <5K  +2015-08 
september 2015 by spatz

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