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A Simple and Effective Productivity Hack From Google's Early Days |
employees receive a weekly email asking them to write down what they did last week and what they plan to do in the upcoming week. Replies get compiled in a public space and distributed automatically the following day by email."

Today, the process under different names has spread to other elite Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, Square, and engineering firm Palantir. Why has something that seems so simple proved so popular with the area's top companies? "The process forces employees to reflect and to jot out a forward-looking plan for getting stuff done, all while requiring a minimal disruption in the employee's actual work,"
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january 2019 by sparkey
The Deliberate Awfulness of Social Media | The New Yorker
To be alive and online in our time is to feel at once incensed and stultified by the onrush of information, helpless against the rising tide of bad news and worse opinions. Nobody understands anything: not the global economy governed by the unknowable whims of algorithms, not our increasingly volatile and fragile political systems, not the implications of the impending climate catastrophe that forms the backdrop of it all. We have created a world that defies our capacity to understand it—though not, of course, the capacity of a small number of people to profit from it. Deleting your social-media accounts might be a means of making it more bearable, and even of maintaining your sanity. But one way or another, the world being what it is, we are going to have to learn to live in it.
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november 2018 by sparkey
The All Blacks' secret? Never stand still or you get overtaken | Liam Napier | Sport | The Guardian
“If you watch rugby now everyone is basically doing the same thing but within that similar blueprint you’ve got to have the imagination and willingness to fail or be criticised for not performing to the level you want to. Then you can find something. You’re never going to get answers if you don’t test them.”

The criticism Hansen notes came during the 2015 World Cup pool games, after which the All Blacks claimed their third Webb Ellis crown and second in succession. In the group stages they battled past Argentina and were underwhelming against Tonga, Georgia and Namibia. Given previous World Cup jitters, and a certain quarter-final looming against France in Cardiff, those on the ground and at home grew twitchy, forcing Hansen to stress they were holding something back.

There are areas to be innovative and no one knows what you're doing if you keep it to yourself
In fact, Hansen and his management instigated heavy training workloads to the point the team played fatigued. Why? To taper like a marathon runner for the knockout stage. “What we did in that tournament was reasonably innovative in how we prepared. When we needed to we went to the model that would work for us. That only happened because of what we did before.”

All professional rugby teams have heightened paranoia. How much do you show; against whom and when? Let the genie out of the bottle – see the blindside scrum switch between Beauden Barrett and Rieko Ioane in the final Bledisloe Cup Test for example – and it may not work again.

“Do you get to keep it for long?” Hansen says. “No, because everyone else will see it and find ways to stop it or copy it. But there are many other ways to be innovative in how you train, set up your week, lead your people, how you expect your people to lead back and that isn’t analysed. Those are areas you can be innovative and no one knows what you’re doing if you keep it to yourself.”

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Never switch off, never get comfortable, never stop innovating. The last part is, after all, inspired by legacy and heritage. “If you think you’ve arrived you probably have and it’ll be the end of the destination. If you keep striving to be better then you’re going to search for ways to do that.”
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november 2018 by sparkey
Podcasts that Explore Leadership and Technology – Tim Sparke – Medium
Here are some favourites (and the best episodes) on technology, work and culture.
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october 2018 by sparkey
Agile at Scale - Enterprise Agile Transformation
Most enterprises are stuck in old ways of operating, and that can negatively affect a company’s speed and adaptability to change. To be competitive in the digital age, businesses need to achieve agility at scale.
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october 2018 by sparkey
Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency – Learning By Shipping
In the course of building a company the most important tool you have to create a culture of shared values is communication and meetings are critical to communication.
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july 2018 by sparkey
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