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Info Tech of Ancient Democracy
kleterion for selecting candidates is pretty cool
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november 2017 by spaetz
Innovation: Organization & Management
Run by Empirial College, formerly Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice
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march 2017 by spaetz
IFA 2015: Der Vater der OLED hält eine Kurzvorlesung | heise online
Zufällige Entdeckung

Interessant war Tangs Erklärung, wie es zur Entdeckung des Leuchteffekts organischer Schichten kam: Er habe eigentlich an Solarzellen geforscht und sei dabei rein zufällig auf die Leuchteigenschaften des organischen Materials gestoßen. Möglicherweise haben die Entwickler seinerzeit versehentlich Strom in die Solarzelle geleitet statt aus ihr heraus und dabei ein ungewöhnliches Glimmen entdeckt.
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september 2015 by spaetz
Enjoy On-Demand Delivery To Your On-Demand Taxi - PSFK
Delivery Service WunWun brings stuff to breakfast to coffee to your Gett Taxi.
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april 2014 by spaetz
Retail Insider: Innovative Retailers - IKEA
And supermarket trolley manufacturers helped them with sofa frames
ikea  innovation 
july 2012 by spaetz
Interdependence theories
Interdependence theory:
That theory is that of modularity and interdependence. One of Professor Christensen’s less known theories, the theory of interdependence argues that when a nascent technology is not good enough for the average consumer at a specific task, it’s better for one company to integrate around a solution. For example, the iPhone is an “interdependent” system where Apple controls the UI, the application marketplace, the hardware, etc. When Smartphones weren’t quite good enough, this sort of interdependent architecture proved an excellent way to control the experience and make sure that the ultimate output is as seamless as possible. Now, it’s arguable that Smartphone capabilities have surpassed most people’s needs. In this scenario, Professor Christensen argues that modular architectures or ones where people can choose from various components will win out.
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january 2012 by spaetz
Steve Jobs’s Real Genius : The New Yorker
In the nineteen-eighties, Jobs reacted the same way when Microsoft came out with Windows. It used the same graphical user interface—icons and mouse—as the Macintosh. Jobs was outraged and summoned Gates from Seattle to Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters. “They met in Jobs’s conference room, where Gates found himself surrounded by ten Apple employees who were eager to watch their boss assail him,” Isaacson writes. “Jobs didn’t disappoint his troops. ‘You’re ripping us off!’ he shouted. ‘I trusted you, and now you’re stealing from us!’ ”

Gates looked back at Jobs calmly. Everyone knew where the windows and the icons came from. “Well, Steve,” Gates responded. “I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

Jobs was someone who took other people’s ideas and changed them.
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december 2011 by spaetz
Let's user design and customize somehting that they make.
masscustomization  userinnovation  innovation  crowdsourcing 
december 2011 by spaetz
quirky | social product development
Users design something via crowdsourcing and decide what quirky produces.
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december 2011 by spaetz
The Optimistic Thought Experiment | Hoover Institution
How globalization is an age-old concept. Longish essay sprinkled with nice bible quotes.
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september 2010 by spaetz
How Edison, Patron Saint Of Patent Holders, Copied Others' Works ...
Edison's light bulb was really a progressive minor tweak of existing inventions
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january 2010 by spaetz
The Accidental Innovator — HBS Q&A with Robert D. Austin
- Alexander Fleming's discovery of the antibiotic properties of penicillin.

- Daguerre invented photography, put an exposed plate into a cabinet in which a thermometer had earlier shattered; mercury vapors from the broken thermometer developed the photographic

- looking for a new ulcer drug and discover instead a new artificial sweetener (this is how Aspartame, a.k.a. "NutraSweet," was invented)image unexpectedly.

- Here are just a few: anesthesia, cellophane, cholesterol lowering drugs, cornflakes, dynamite, the ice cream soda, Ivory soap, NutraSweet (and several other artificial sweeteners), nylon, penicillin, photography, rayon, PVC, smallpox vaccine, stainless steel, Teflon. The list is a lot longer, but this gives you an idea.

Who makes use of those accidents?: Pasteur called it the "prepared mind."
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december 2009 by spaetz

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