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What's in a Database Table Name? -
[Poll] Are database table names supposed to be singular or plural?
databases  singular  plural  names  standards  vuex  redux  naming 
18 days ago by spaceninja
6 things I wish I knew about state management when I started writing React apps
The frontend “knows” a lot of things, and these things interact with each other in non-trivial ways. So in my view, state management is the core problem when developing a UI. Here are some things I wish I knew about state management earlier.
fridayfrontend  javascript  react  state  redux  flux  vuex 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja
Apollo state management in Vue application
Now imagine an application fetching data from a GraphQL endpoint with Apollo client. By default, Apollo will store this data to Apollo cache. But what if we have some local application state, stored in Vuex? If we copy data from Apollo cache to Vuex, we're doubling our data. If we leave data from the API in Apollo and local data in Vuex, there will be two sources of truth. What would be a good way to store local data?
javascript  vue  vuex  apollo  graphql  caching 
december 2019 by spaceninja
Building an Interactive and Distraction-Free Form with Vue
No one enjoys filling out a form. But there are ways we can build forms that are more interactive, promote engagement, and are less burdensome for the user. In this Vue Mastery article, we’re going to build an interactive and distraction-free form using advanced concepts of the Vue.js framework and other supporting libraries for form validation and animations.
javascript  vue  forms  vuex  progressive 
december 2019 by spaceninja
An (almost) comprehensive guide on using Storybook with Nuxt.js
Using Storybook with plain Vue.js is no hassle but it’s another story with Nuxt as it doesn’t work straight out the box. The info out there is disperse and I had to dig around other people’s repos and examples to have it working with Nuxt, including with how I usually make use of the Store.
javascript  vue  storybook  nuxt  vuex  axios  tailwind 
december 2019 by spaceninja
Build a Server Side Nuxt.js App With Vuetify, Axios and Vuex part 1
Nuxt.js is a server side rendered (SSR) application with Vue.js. In this video I show you a tutorial on how to use Vue.js with Nuxtjs to create a simple iTunes search engine. We'll use axios, Vuex and Vuetify to make things easier for ourselves. In this video I'll describe how to install Nuxt, how to use plugins and how to run the app.
javascript  vue  nuxt  vuetify  axios  vuex  api  howto  tutorials  projects 
december 2019 by spaceninja
Build a state management system with vanilla JavaScript
How do these libraries work though? What would it take to write one ourselves? Turns out, it’s pretty straightforward and there’s an opportunity to learn some really common patterns and also learn about some useful modern APIs that are available to us.
javascript  vanilla  redux  vuex  state  mobx  howto  tutorials  buildyourown 
december 2019 by spaceninja
Enable two-way data binding for form fields saved in a Vuex store
vue  vuex  binding  forms  javascript 
october 2019 by spaceninja
Make your Vuex State Flat: State Normalization with Vuex
The second rule is to keep your global state tree flat. This means that you should not have nested entities like article data with the corresponding author information as nested objects in your state. Instead, lists of articles and authors should be separated.
javascript  vue  vuex  state  react  redux 
september 2019 by spaceninja
Structuring Vuex Modules for Relationships, Speed and Flexibility
You can use Vuex modules in many ways, primarily representing single or multiple records. When using the latter it can add a lot of complexity, I wanted a solution that fit the following requirements:

Easy lookup by ID
Relatable to other records (only when required)
Responsive to changes
I benchmarked a bunch of solutions but I found them pretty slow, so I used a more vanilla approach. This article assumes you are able to transpile code with Webpack for multiple browser support.
vue  vuex  javascript 
may 2019 by spaceninja

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