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A framework author's case against frameworks, by Adrian Holovaty
Adrian cowrote Django, a prominent server-side framework, yet he has come to believe that front-end frameworks are unnecessary for his own projects. Here's his impassioned argument for avoiding JavaScript frameworks on the front end.
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july 2019 by spaceninja
Core vanilla JS concepts to learn if you eventually want to learn a framework like React, Vue, or Angular
The other day, a reader asked me, "What core vanilla JS concepts should you learn if you eventually want to learn React?" As someone who doesn’t personally enjoy or use frameworks, I decided to ask my students who had made that transition what they found most helpful. Here’s what they told me.
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july 2019 by spaceninja
Front-end development is not a problem to be solved
The sentiment is that front-end development is a problem to be solved: “if we just have the _right_ tools and frameworks, then we might _never_ have to write another line of HTML or CSS ever again!” And oh boy what a dream that would be, right? …_We should see front-end development as a unique skillset that is critical to the success of any project._
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december 2018 by spaceninja

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